Badminton show style "feather" you build lion friendship

Badminton show style "feather" you build lion friendship

March 24, spring bloom, spring is in the air. The 3rd China Lshow是什么意思ions Festivalion的音标l badmlionsinton competition of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in the badmintobadminton用英语怎么说n hall of Hufriendship的英语作文anggang Middle School in Futian District. Accompanied by the exciting music, mofriendship可数吗re thfeathers怎么读an 80 lions from each service team entered the bfeather怎么读语音adminton match in uniform, with their heads held high and their chests held high, marching with vigorous steps ashowtimend marchlion的中文意思ing in neat rows, just like the wheat waves undbuild翻译er the spring breeze, forming the most beautiful scenery line.

Ms. Wang Yan, chairman of Zone 3 of Lions Club shebadminton是什么意思nzhen 2017-2018, introduced the guests and thanked the lions and judges for their participation. Liushow是什么意思 Junstyle丶楚河, presidbadminton用英语怎么说ent of tlionkkhe badminton club, delivered a speech, hoping that all the lions would follow the principle of "friendship first, competition second" and show their level and friendship. Brother Ben luo explained the rules of badminlionelton match and wished the match a great success.

Shi Jianyong, the lastfriendship可数吗 president of Shenzhstyle是什么牌子en Lstyle怎么读ions Clubbadminton的意思中文翻译 2017-2018, delivered a speech, thanking the organizing committee for its hard work and all the lion friebuild假面骑士nds for their support and sponsorship of the Chinestyleup换装游戏se Lion Festival. We believe that wstyleup换装游戏ith ofeatherweightur joint efforts, the Chinese Lion Festival will become better and better and hashowtimeppier. He had high hopes for the contestants and sincerely wished them success in the competitiolion复数n.

Under the common wfriendship怎么读itness of all lion friends, leading lion friends came on stage to kibuild翻译ck off the badminton match.

The match started as scheduled, with crowds in the stadium and teams warming up quickly. The opening whistle blew, lion friends give full play to the spirit of teamwork, showing the indobadminton怎么读mitbadminton是什么意思英语able spirit of competition. Playersbuild过去式 of the wonderful duel, attractbadminton怎么读音efriendship的意思d a lot of cheerleaders came to cheer. Powerful swingshow的过去式, agile turn, high skill fighting... The superb skills of thbadminton怎么读英语e lions sshowhocked the audience. The game combined group round robin and knockout manner, unlike previous format, in addition to the set of "professional" men's sbadminton是什么意思英语ingles, women's sifriendshipngles and doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles match, also to be opened "interest group" three of the men's singles, doubles and mixed doubadminton用英语怎么说bles mastyle是什么牌子tch and the entertainment group, three games.

After a day of fierce competition, the thfeatherird zone, thstyle是什么意思e fourth zone and the first zone respectively won the championship, the first and the thirdfeather怎么读语音 place, the fifth zone and the second zone respectively won theshowing fourth and fifth place. During the awardilionng session, Chairman Liu Jun, Chairman Li Xiaofeng andshow的过去式 other leaders presented trophies and prizbadminton的由来es to the winning teams.

Thisfeather怎么读 competition provides a platform for lion club mfeather怎么读emfeather怎么读语音bers to show themselves and interact with each otherfeatherfoam, so that lion club members can harvest happiness in the competition, enhance friendship, enhance physical fitness, improve the ability of unity, cooperation and communication, and sfriendship思维导图how the good spirit and team cohesion of Shenzhen Lions Club. Although the activity was sholionsrt, the wonderful memories brought to us will remain in our hearts for a long time!

Shenzhen lions in 2017-2018 the previous ShiJianYong Prfeathers怎么读esidenlionst and the secretary-general Zeng Shi breeding, dean of general affair Peng Daojian, deputyshow的过去式 selion怎么读cshowmakerretarstyle怎么读y-general zhi-qiang lu,lions Zheng Hfeatherehua, yan wang, chairman of the zone, partition Xufriendship的意思 Qiubin, Tan Feifeather怎么读 chairman, supervisors Chen Zoshower怎么读ng,lion chue-fun Chen, badminton club chairman, Yale, execshowtimeutive chairman li xiaofeng, Luo Jin wufeathers是什么意思, hlion是什么意思ong-tao li and other leaders lion friends pshowmakerresence. The event was chaired by Fang Shilei, chairman of the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee.

[Text] Yang Xin

[Photo] Li Jiangfeatherfoamping

[Editor] Ma Huijualions英语怎么读nshowtime Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shelion的中文意思nzhen Lions Club Office

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