Service Sharing and Progress - The 57th Lions International Convention for the Far East and Southeast Asia steering Committee meeting was successfully held

Progress in service sharing

-- The 57th Lions International Convention for the Far East and Southeast Asia steering Committee meeting was successfully held

On March 22, 2018, the Steering Commitsharing英语作文tee meeting of the 57th Lionsprogress什么意思 Club International Far East and Southeasservice的名词t Asia Annual Conference was held in Haikou, Hainan Prfarovince with the theme of "Serve, Share and Progress". Lions clubs international meeting governor, southeast Asia, international director and former director of regional director, first deputy director, composite speaker, compound first deputy speaker, domestic lion federation leadership, domestic lion federation representative agency chief representative in hainan, domestic lion federation member unsharing英语作文its, representative offices of leading lions, friends and so on more thfartheran 200 peopservice是什么故障灯le attended the meeting. The meeting was presided oeaster是什么意思英语verinternationalcupid by Liu Xiaogang, director of Liointernationalns International, Fbdsharingei Wei, executivlion是什么意思中文翻译e vice president of Lions Association in China and executive chairman of the organizing committee.

Participants listened to the report on tlion是什么意思中文翻译he preparation of the 57th Far East and Southeast Asia Annconvention的用法ual Conference, adopted the procedures of the conference, discusseeast数据d the constitution of the conference, and putconventions forward innovative suggestions on the content of the conference.

For the first time in mainland China, the Lions Club International Convention in Southeast Asia was held, marking tconventionshe first time fsharing是什么手机卡or a domestic civlions英语怎么读il society organization to hoeaster英语怎么读st a large-scale international conference. At that time, the federation will mobilize more than 46,000 lion friends fromservice 14 regions and more than 1300 service teams to hold a colorful and unique evelions读音nteaster with domestic characteristics, and present a "domestic image" to lion friends ffarerom tservicemanhe Far East and Southeast Asia.

Su Zeran, supervisor of Dconventional反义词omestic Lions Association 2017-2018 and chairman of fundraising Commiservice是什么意思中文翻译ttee of 57th Soufarmtheast Asia Annual Meeteast怎么读ingservicebio, Tian Wangxing, President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018progress可数吗, Ma Min, Vice President of Sheeast数据nzhen Lions Club 2017-2018, Weng Hua, vice presideprogress翻译nt of Shenzhen Lions Ceastlub 2017-2018, Sun Yun, Zheng Degang, secretary General Zeng Shiyang and other 7 Shenzhen lions club members were invited to attend the steering Committee meeting.
Llions是什么意思in Zlions的音标iyu, Chair of the Organifarzing Committee; Zeng Shiyang, Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat; Zhou Ting, Assistant Chservice是什么意思中文翻译airman of the Organizing Committee; Zhang Li, Secretary-General; Zhang Jian, Chief Financial Officer; Li Feng, Zheng Guoping, Dai Ji法人hong, Lei Koping; Li Yuehua, Fineaster什么意思ance Officer of the Fundrconvention形容词aising Cosharing怎么读的mmittee; Zhou Xiaoyang, Deputy Secretary-general; More than 40 members, including Nie Xiangdong,serviceman Du Peng and Wen Yaoli, participated in the preparatory work of this conference,lions的音标 responsible for reception, translation, venuefarther layout and palionsrty control, etc.

Tourist city ten thousand home

Haikou, where the conferenlionsgatece was held, is not only a coastal city with natural beautiful seaside scenery, but also an important city of "One Belt and One Road" in China. April 2018 will mark the 30th anniversary of the estthoughablishment of Hainan province and the 30th anniversary of thfarmere esservice是什么意思中文翻译tablishment of hainan Specservice是什么意思ial Economic Zone. It integrates diverse cultural backgrounds and welcomes visitors from all over the world with an open and inclusiveeastmoney东方财富网股 mprogress翻译ind.

The maiserviceablen venue of this conference is located inservice Haikou Wuyuan River Culture and Sports Center. The center is a world-class city consisting of eight pavilconventional是什么意思ions and seven centers for sports events, cultural and spoconventional是什么意思rts industries, international commerce, star hotels, business offices, top educatinternationally歌曲ion, ecological recuperation and noble living. It will be the only large-scale sports stadium in Hainan province after completion. Among theservice翻译m, 60,000 squfarewellare meters will be used as the main venue for the annprogressive是什么意思ual conference, which can accommoprogress进度条app下载dateservicebio 50,000 people.

Wonderful annual help servfar是什么意思ice

At the steering Committee meeting, the preparatory Group reporteservicebiod on the preparations for the 57th Far East and Southeast Asia Anfarnual Conference. Members of the preparatory groeaster英语怎么读up introeaster是什么意思英语duced that, on the basis of inheriting the essence of previous annual meetings, this annual meeting will inject dserviceableomesteastmoney东方财富网股ic characteristics, introduce the concept of Olympic torch relay, hold torch relay activities, reflect the solemnity and sacred sense of the annual meeting; Simultaneous interpretation will be provided at each venue to overcome language barriers between lions from deasterifferent couthntries. Carnival activities with domestic characteristics will be held to enrich the itineraries of lions from all over the world and enhance thfarm是什么意思e attraction of the annual meeting.

Theinternational是什么意思 preparation group同花顺 proposes that lion friends from the Far East and Southeast Asia will produce their own national food at the scene of the annual meeting for lion friends to taste free of charge. At the same time, lion friends from different countries and regions are suggconvention什么意思ested to perforprogressdrawablem in the opening oconventional什么意思中文r closing ceremonies to show their unique cultural charm.

The preparatory group announced that part of the seast数据urplus funds of the annual conference will be invested in hainan public service, used for planting lion forest, setting up lion monument, etc., to cbdsharingreate hainan characteristic scenic spots, for the 57lions英语怎么读th Far East and Southeast Asia Annual conference held ineast怎么读 Haieastmoney东方财富网股naneast数据 to leave a landmark, attract lion friends from all over the world to hainan tourism.

The former president of Lions Club International, international directors, former intlions翻译中文ernational directors and lion club members from southeast Asia affirmed the achievements made by lions Club International since its establishment, had high hopes for the successfuprogress可数吗l holding of tsharing中文谐音怎么读he annual conference, and made suggestions and suggestions on how to better serve the lion club participants.

On the evening of the same day, lsharing是什么手机卡ifarewellon friends from the members of the national liolions怎么读n association, leaders of representative organizations and lion friendslions from the Far East and Southeast Asia gathered together to discuss lionprogressive翻译 affairs. Lion club representatives from Japan, South Korea,同花顺 the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and olion是什么意思中文翻译ther countries and regions said they would actively mobilize lioneast friends to participate in the annfareual conference.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin
[Photo] Su Zhuangbin
[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen
[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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