Physical health lecture hall into the community

Physical health lecture hall into the community

Edition: A21Source: Crystal News & NBSP;       March 26, 2018

Physical health lecture hall into the community news picture1Zhang

Volunteers from shenzhen Race Rescue Team demonstrate how to perform CAinto1成员RDIopulmonary resuscitathallion

Jing Daily News (reporter Gao Zhiming chealthy的比较级orresponlecture是什么意思dent Liacommunity是什么意思o Hongbin/artihealthierclcommunity是什么意思e, picture) yesterday, Futian District Park Ling street Great Wall community park was filled winto怎么读ith people, the community elderly people have gathered togethephysical什么意思中文r, not only can learn cardiopulmonarhallways怎么读y resuscitation on the spot, but also can carry out the national physicainto是什么意思l fitneshallway的意思s measurement, listen to sports health lectures. This is one of the actiphysical education怎么读vities of Shenzhen Sports aninto1d Health Lecture Hall to send warmth and charity to the community.

In order to better spread the scientific fitness concinto1ept and promote the mass fitness craze in thinto1超话社区e cohealth2下载mmunity, Shenzhen Sports Center and Shenzhen Lions Club held the first phase of 2018 Send Warmth, Send Hhallealth into the community charity activity in the Great Wall Cominto1小跟班munity, Yuanling Street, Futian District. This year's Shenzhen Sports and Health Lecture Hall not onlycommunity service has sports and health lectures, but also the national physical fitness measurementhallways怎么读 and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other charitable activities. Startcommunity怎么读音inglecture和speech的区别 yesterday morning ainto1小跟班nd continuing into tphysical怎么读he evening, the CPR booth was full of people going out to practice CPR on dummies. The volunteers from shenzhen Field rescue volunteer team patiently inlecture的名词structed evehall怎么读ryone to lphysicalearn again and againhealth.

The measurement of nahealthy是什么意思tional physique has alwayinto1成员s been the key project of shenzhen Culture, Sports and Thallmarkourism Bureau, but they usually set up stations in fixed areas to measure the physique of ordinalecture是什么意思ry people. This time, the association of Sports Instruintonationctors in The Group Sporthealthy是什么意思s Depcommunity复数artment cooperated with the municipal Sports Center and became one of the fixed contents ofcommunity翻译 shenhall什么意思zhen Sports and health Lecture hall in the community, providing intimate anlecture的名词d reliable services for the community residents. In the Great Wall community, there are endless residents who come to take the physical teinto1st, up to the elderly in their 70s and 80s, down to the chhallwayildren of seven or eight years old, are interested in coming to line up for the testinto1小跟班.

The last activity of the afternoon was the sporthealth2下载s and health lecture hall. Professor Tao Lin, formerinto怎么读 vice president of Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, was invited by the organizer to give a lecture on "Health lies in balance of body and mind" to the old people who came to listen to the lecturecommunity翻译. The audience enthusiastically asked questions and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. After all the activities, the organizers also showed a free movie in the Grhealtheat Wall community in thphysical翻译e evening, called The Leader 1935, which was well received by the audience.

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