Bonding and love in Spring -- The 2017-2018 Annual District 6 Spring Reunion and joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

Meet spring & NBSP; Coagulation hearts meet love

-- The 2017-2018 Spring Reunion and joint melovealarmeting of The Sixth District of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On March 16th, the New Year's Reunion and joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club for district 6 of 2017-2018 was successfully held in Furong Hotel of Luohu District. 120 people attended the meeloveting, including Ma Min, the first vice President of 2017-2018, Zeng Shiyang, the secretary General, Peng Daojian, the Director general, Guo Yongyonglove,jointed the chairman of the second zone, Wu Yuqiong, the chairman ofreunions the sixth Zone, Zhang Hongxiang, tjoint venturehe supervisor, and representatives of the lion friends of the service teams of the sixth zone. The meeting wasspring面试题 chaired by Wu Yuqiong and presided over by Guo Liang and Zhao Annie.

"It is my lucky to meet you in thereunion中文翻译 boundless sea of peoreunion英语ple."joint翻译 The meeting began in the recitation of "Gratitude for support and companionship" by the captains of each service team in the sixth division. Zhao Anni, leader of huatidistrict和region区别anreunion英语 Service Team, wrote a touching memoir for Presidejoint venturent Wu Yuqiong. Familiar photos tell the wonderful story of President Wu yuqionspring面试题g's participation in various lion work activities and the growth of all the lion friends in section 6. The prolonged applause is the best appreciation for president Wu Yuqiong's hard work. For treunion英语怎么读音he liannual怎么读on frienjoint的用法ds, president Wu yuqiong's sincere smile, like the gentle breeze in spring, is warm and bright.

President Wu yuqiong thanked the nine team leaders and lion friends for their sspringupport and dedication. She was grateful and willing to espring框架ncourage each other all the wjoint ventureay to thspring面试题e public welfare. She hoped that thspringboote lion friends of district 6 would stay true to their original aspiration and go handbonding工艺 inlove hanbonding驱动一共几种工作模式d to the futurspringe. Ibondingn recannualizedognition of thespring serlove最新版官方下载vice team leaders' efforts, President Wu Yuqiong presented each leader with a certificate of appreciation and tlove最新版官方下载he Shenzhen Lions Club annual badge suit.

Chairman Kwok Wing-reunion翻译yong spoke highly of the achievements made by district 6 in various lion affairs activities this year, especially in the areas of membership devjointlyelopment and retention and donatiloveon of Chinese lion Awards. Thanks to the solidarity and gannual怎么读reat love of distrlovely什么意思ict 6 lion friends, district 2 has made brilliant achievements. He breunion怎么读elieved that theannual怎么读 lion friendjointeds ijointheclub是谁n the road with ldistrict缩写是什么ove, will goannual造句 further and further.

Ma Min, the fspring漏洞irst viannual翻译ce president, gave an emotional speech, affirming the achievements of the sixth division and thanking tbonding怎么读he "family members" for their great llove直播软件安卓下载ove. Slove直播手机版app下载he said that the servijoint effortce teams of thbonding怎么读e sixth District adistrict的中文意思ctively responded to the call of the district Council,bonding工艺 based on the local and rooted in community service activities, and dedicated themselves to creareunion汉化版游戏下载ting this year's brand project of Shenzhen Lions Club -- "The Most Beautiful Sanitatbonding驱动一共几种工作模式ion Worker" care for sanitation workers, committed to making Shenzhen more beautiful; God bless students to realize the dream of learning, open a different life; Eight consecutive "Domesticreunions Dream"love直播破解版 motivational speech with more than 1,000 people for disabled people's Thanksgiving moved countless people to tears, encouragilove直播破解版ng disabled friends to strive for self-improvement and perseverance. She hlovely什么意思opes that the lion friends of the sixth divisreunion怎么读idistrictingon will join hands tspringbooto spread grebonding怎么读at love and bring more warmth to the world.

The captdistrictingains of dispring是什么意思vision 6annual造句 expressed their best wishes to all the lions with a sonannual怎么读g of "Grateful Heart". Grace service chorus "Unity is Strength", the crowd was excited, blood boiling.

We always believe that wherlove直直播appe there are liondistrict词根 friends, there will bespring是什么意思 sunshijointne andspringboot rain.

We always believe that threunion英语怎么读音ere are lion friends, therannual同义词e is joy and tolerance.

We alwspring框架ays believe that there are lreunion是哪个国家ion friends, there are happy tospring漏洞 pay.

We always believeannual that where there are lion friends, therjointe is selfless dedication.

Every achievement of Shenzhen Lions Club Distspringmvc的工作原理rict 6 in 2017-2018 cannospring面试题t be achieved without the support and company of every lion friend. Thank you for walking together on the public welfare road!

[Text] Wang Jiapspringeng

[Photo] Wang Jiapeng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Ldistrict是什么意思英语in Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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