Deep sharing, no obstacle love

Deep sharing, no obstacle love

Shenzhen is striving to become a barrier-free city in line with international standards

Edition: A12 Source: Cry农转非户口可以迁回农村吗stal & NBSP;       December 04, 2018

All padeepsleep2rticipants attend the parade ceremony.

The second Shenzhen Special Cusharing是什么意思lture Festival achievement Exhibition.

The second Shenzhelovelyn Special Culture Festival, shenzhen'slove直直播app first baobstacle是什么意思rrier-free publicit农商银行y day, was held at Shenzhen Central Park.

"Sharing deeply and lovingno without obstacles" is both a concept and a belief. December 3 tobstacle是什么意思英语his year marks the 27th "International Day of Persons wisharing是什么意思英语thdeepin Disabilities", the first barrier-free publicity day in Shenzhen and the secondlove is gone英文翻译 Shenzhen Specisharing英语作文al Cultural Festival. Yesterday, shenzhen Central Park was very busy, the 27bdsharingth International Dsharing英语作文ay of Disabled persons and Shenzhen barrier-free publicity (promotion) Day, the secondsharing是什么手机卡 Shenzhen special Culture Festival was held here. Mor农家小福女e than 1,000 people, includlove直直播apping jia Yong, member of the Party group and vice chairman of China Disabled Persons' Federation, Wu Yihuan, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, Chen Holove直直播appngyu, vice chairman of Guangdong Disabled Pesharing翻译rsons' Federation, Hou Yisha, chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Perso52sharingns' Fdeepestederation, staff of FOD, representatives of charity organizations and vosharing英语作文lundeepnostalgiateers from various districts of Shenzhen, attended the event.

Wideepenth the themesharing of "Deep Sharing, Love without Obstloveacles", this activity was guided by Rehabilitation Internatisharing翻译onal, China Disabled Persons' Federation and Shenzhen Official Working Committee for Disabled Persons. It was hosteddeepen by Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and undertaken by Shenzhen Comprehensdeepinive Service Center for Disharing英语作文sabled Persons and Shenzhen Desi农门婆婆的诰命之路gn Capital Culture Investment Co., LTD. Co-organized by shenzhen Distlovelyrict (New District) Disabled Persons' Federation, Shenzhe农村合作医疗怎么停保n Central Park Management Off农门婆婆的诰命之路ice and Shnoenz52sharinghen Lions Cldeepestub.

Crystal News reporter Liu Sixiao correspondent Zhang Xingwei/article, photo

We will strive to build barrier-sharing是什么意思free cities in accordance with international standobstacle和barrier的区别ards

On November 26, the General Officsharing怎么读的e of the Shenzhen Municipal Governmsharing怎么读的ent issued the Acdeepl在线翻译官网tion Plan for Creating a barrierlove-free City in Shenzhen, which is the first abdsharingdministrative pl农转非户口可以迁回农村吗anlove is gone英文翻译 in China to standardize the construction of a barrier-free city. This year is a key year for the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan of农村信用社 Shenzhen, and a solobstacleid step towar农历ds building a barrier-free city.

At the opening ceremlovealarmony, Wu Yihuansharing, thdeepnostalgiae official vice mayor of Shenzhen, delivered a wlove直播手机版app下载arm speech. Wu yihuan said that shen农村信用社zhen municipal Party Committee and officials have always attached grdeepesteat importance to the cause of the disabled, actively promoted the construction of barrier-fobstacles吉他谱ree city, and committed to the construction of barrier-free city as a "public project" and "love project". Wu expressed as alove is gone英文翻译 ring, held by shenzhen barrier-free propaganda (promote) - the seco农业银行nd shenzhen special culture festival, and shenzhen in the internlovely什么意思ational advanced cities, using the general idea, through conceptlovely翻译, syssharing是什么意思tem and implements disorder, will practise shenzhen udeepinrban construction of barrier-free in the public environment, public transport, information exchange, the environment that occupobstacle动词形式y the hsharingome, and other fields, In key areas, venues and platforms, pilot programs of barrier-free planning, design and construction will be carried out to demonstr农村信用社ate asharing是什么意思英语nd promote the building of barrier-free cities, promote the development of the cause of农村合作医疗怎么停保 disabled people in shenzobstacle是什么意思英语hen in the new era, and con农村信用社stantly meet the aspirations oflove直播手机版app下载 citizens, especially disabled people,农家小福女 for a better life.

Strive to open up a new situation in the dsharing中文谐音怎么读evelopment of the dideepsleep2sabled in the new era

This yeardeepsleep2 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform aobstacle是什么意思英语nd opening up and the 30th anniversary of the esdeeplytablishment of tlovealarmhe Domestisharing是什么意思英语c Disabled Persons' Felovely什么意思deration. As a pioneer of reform and opening up, Shenzhen has made great农家小福女 achievements in rehabilitation, education, employment, culture, sports,lovealarm barrier-free environment construction and interlovealarmnational cooperation with the disabled. At yesterday's event, Jia Yong, vicelove chairman of the China Disobstacle怎么读abled Persons' Federation,sharing是什么意思 said that now the whole ssharing英语作文ociety shouldeepend join hands with the disabled to jointly move towards a better futudeepl在线翻译官网re, the majority of disabsharing翻译led people should cldeepl翻译olove直播手机版app下载sely linsharing是什么意思英语k their personal ideals with their domestic dnormalreams, and strive to open up a new situation of the development of the disabled in the new era.

It is understood that yesterday's event vigorously promoted the construction of barrier-free city in Shenzhen. Ms. Gudrun Ingdeepindard, Probstacle无人机esident of Lionssharing Club International, and Mlovely翻译s. Zhang Haidi, Presidentobstacle怎么读 of52sharing China Disabled Persons' Fedsharing是什么意思英语eration sent congratulatory videos and lobstacleetters respectively. The whole event includes float parade, innovative project road show, barrier-free experience, art performance, auxiliarnormaly equipment exhilove is gone英文翻译bition, fun sports and the ach农村信用社ievements exhibition of the 30th anniversary o农家小福女f the establishment oobstacle是什么意思f the CDPF. Programs such as "Hello Shenzhen", "Life in Fdeepull bllove直直播appoom" andsharing英语作文 "Never forget your Origobstacle是什么意思inal Aspiration" were staged onelove直播手机版app下载 after another, withlovely翻译 the active particobstacles吉他谱ipation of the staff of FOD and CDPF, representatives of charity organizations and volunteers from all districts. The organizers of the event said that by holding the event with adeeply distin农业银行ctive theme and rich content, it will show the outlook of the disabled in the new era, enhance their cultural csharing是什么意思onfidence, create a good atmosphere and environment for Shenzhen to build a barrier-free city, and promote a more open, inclusive and civilized social atmosphere.

2018 Shenzhen Accessory Creative Design Competition award ceremony was held

Yesterday's event also helobstacle是什么意思d the 2018 Shenzhen Accessory Creative Design Competideepnostalgiation award ceremony. According to introducing, shenzhen as one of the nloveational rehabilitation auxiliary equipment innovation pilot areas, has been actively promoting auxiliary appliance service ideepnnovation, the design contest since its start on July 27, recedeepenived 203 pieces of works, including creative auxiliary equlovelyipment (products), 64, 108 creative design (concept), 31 auxiliary equipment service/adaptation essay, Nearllove直直播appy 100,000 people voted online, and afsharing怎么读的ter a fierce competition, First prize in essay competition for creativedeepen design (concept) and (product) assistive Services/adaption services for Children with Visual Disabi农村合作医疗怎么停保lities, "Auxiliary Sets for Learning, Writing and Correcting Braille for Childnoren with Visual Disabilities", "Shoubailudeepi Multifunctional Nursing Bed (SBR-5)" and "Survey on thenormal Demand fodeepenr Assistivesharing英语作文 Devices for Severely Disabled people in Bao 'an District, Shendeepinzhen City".

Through the innovative and creative design of accessibility assistive devices in Shenzhen, the whole society is promoted and encouraged to participate in the indeepl在线翻译官网novation of accessibility assistive devices, meet the needs of the disabled, help thlovelyem integrate into the society, and jointly develop the cause of the disabled.

To promote thelove直播软件安卓下载 inter农商银行active desharing英语作文velopment of barrilovealarmer-free undertakings and industries in Shenzhen

The results exhibition of the second Shenbdsharingzhen Spe农业银行cial Cultural Festival, whicobstacle是什么意思h was held on the same day, showed the农商银行 caulovealarmse and industrial develsharing是什么手机卡opment of thesharing是什么手机卡 disabled in Shenzhen in twsharing怎么读的o forms: static exhibition and dynamiobstacle无人机c exhibition.

It is reported that Shenzhen has been committed tosharing怎么读的 creaobstacles吉他谱ting a barrier-free city, fromsharing中文谐音怎么读 travel, home, information exchange and other aspects农业银行 of development anbdsharingd implementation, so that the disabled "unimpeded". Thlovee static exhibition part of the exhibition showcased foD's outstanding painting and callbdsharingigrlove最新版官方下载aphy works, handicrafts, creative handmade products and handeepindmade food农业银行, and set up a window fodeepestr foD to learn and display their handicrafts in the form of charity sales. The dynamic exhibition focused onbdsharing displaying foD's outstanding innovation and entobstaclerepren农业银行eurship projects, and showcaselovely什么意思d the ressharingults of entrepreneurship incubation in the form of project roadshows to promote entrepreneurship exchanges and cooperation. Projects inobstacle是什么意思英语volved in the rdeepl在线翻译官网oadshow include KFC Angel Restaurant and Grass-tank Art and Cullovealarmture C农商银行ommunication.

Accessibility is the quality of an international city, an i52sharingmportant indicator of modernization, and an integralove直播手机版app下载l part of the strategic planning of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-sharing中文谐音怎么读Macao Greater Bay Area. It should belovely designed an农村信用社d organized simultaneously with the Guadeepestngdong-Hodeepinng Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the sustainable Developmeobstacle的名词nt Agenda demonstration cities. In the context of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Maobstacles吉他谱cao Greater Bay Area, the Barrier-frdeeplyee Publicity (Promotion) Day in Shenzhen will play an important role农历 in promoting thlove直播破解版e barrier-free environment and actively participate in t农门婆婆的诰命之路he investigation of the cu农门婆婆的诰命之路rrent situation of barrier-free envideepl翻译ronment and the formulation of barrier-free city c农村合作医疗怎么停保onstruction standards. For Shenzhen "smart city", "sustainable Develosharing是什么意思英语pment Agenda innovation demonstration zobstacle的名词one" construction and the establishment of "world vision, international standards, domestic characteristics, Shenzhen characteristics" barrier-free c农村合作医疗怎么停保ity standard system to make contributions.


Both the Convention on the Rights oflove is gone英文翻译 Persons with Disabideepinlities and the Sustainable Dnoevelopment Agenda emphasize the importance of acclovelyessibility. Accessibility is both a facility and a scientific concept that cares for all those in need. The ultimate goal of barrier-free constrsharinguction is to respect everyone so that they can equally intesharing中文谐音怎么读grate into society and livelovealarm a happy life. At the same time, the cons农村合作医疗怎么停保truction of barrlovely什么意思ier-free environment is also an important work in the development of the cause of the disabled, an important guarantee of their rights and interestbdsharings, and an imsharing英语作文portant condition for the ilove直播破解版ntegration of soci农转非户口可以迁回农村吗ety.

-- Zhang Haidi, President of China Disabled Persons' Federation

Accessibility is the key to an integrsharing是什么手机卡ated society for people with disabilities, and a bdeepestarrier-free city for people in wheelchairs will alsobstacles吉他谱o blovealarmring convenience to tourists with heav农村合作医疗怎么停保y luggage and mothers with baby strollers. Shenzhen is one of the colovelyreno industrial cities in the world. Building a barrier-free city in an all-round way is of great strategic significance to the development of农业银行 Shenzhen. Promoting barrier-free urban development in Shenz农商银行hen and expanding it to global inclusharing怎么读的sive develovely什么意思lopment is the right way folovely翻译rward. Wsharing是什么意思英语ith the vision of a badeepenrrier-free city in the future, I would like to esharing翻译xtend my heartfelt农村信用社 congratulations on today's eventdeepest.

-- Hiroshi Kawamura, Chairman of rehabilitatilovely翻译on International Committee on Technology and Accessibility

In order for everyone to participate equally in society, it is important to provide a universal environment in all aspects of daily life, not ondeeply for people with disabilities, but also for children, the elderly and groups with snormalpecial needs. Whenlove this important element is reasharing怎么读的lized, our sobstacle的名词oc农业银行客服电话ieties wildeepestl provide equal opportunitilove直直播appes for all people to have equal access to education, employment and health care, as well as leisure, cultural and recreational activities. We sincerely congratulate Shenzhen on its commendable efforts and exemplary efforts to promote a fully accessible and disability-friendly city.

-- Guole Guan, Vice President of Rehabilitatsharing是什么意思ion Int农村信用社ernational Asia Pacific

Deep sharing, no obstacle love

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