Mileage Service Team: Hold the fourth captain team meeting of 2018-2019

Mileage Service Team: Hold the fourth captain team meeting of 2018-2019

On October 20, 2018, the fourth captain teamholder meeting of The 2018-2019 Lions Club Miles Service Team was successfully held in Guangming New District Sanlipo Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD. Feng Qijiang, smileagesupervisor of 2018-2019 and former captain of the mileage Service Team of Lions Club shenzhen, Yang Shuijin, captahold的过去式和过去分词in of the mileage Service Team, Huang Weiqiang, former captain Xu Shuang, Secretary Wang Tholdingingting,service翻译 finance CAI Xiuhua and other 1fourth缩写9 peopmileagesle attended the meeting. Jiangshan service team secteam什么意思ond vice – captain Jiang Yaozhen, third vice – chold键是什么功能aptain Liu Shu attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Shuijin.

CAI Xiuhua reports monthteamsly financialmileage是什么轮胎 income and expenmeetingtencentcomditure. Wu Sizhou announced the attendance rate of mile service team lion friends from July to Septteam什么意思ember.

Peng Zhou summarized and shared the educational activities in Zhaotoholdng, Yunnan provcaptain泰国演员ince, and proposed to give 2,000 yuan to each ofteams the 64 children listed in the school who need financial aid every year. Yu hoteam什么意思nghao shold翻译hared the arrangement of the special school activities in November and December, welcome enterprises to sign up for the specifourth的基数词al school activities. Lmeeting翻译i Yulin shared the follow-up services anhold不住d follow-up of the funding activities of Qinghai Yushu Children’s Home.

Cmileage是什么轮胎hang Hongliang and Huang Weiqiang summed up the Mid-Autumnmeetingyou是什么意思 Festival gala and hoped that lion friends could inspire morservice的名词e enterprises and caring personages to join in and serve the disabled around them. Luo Bin introduced the arrangement of jiangservice怎么读xi Wan ‘an Students’ return visit and visit jiangxiteams lion fricaptain翻译ends’ faholdingmilies, and determined the activity time, investment of funds and division of labor. Lion friendmileage什么意思s ofteam Jiangshan Service team introduced the “fourth怎么读Love box lunch” projcaptain翻译ect.  

Later, the lion friends discussed the further woteams手机版rk plan of milehold的过去式和过去分词 Service team, and decided to carry out “lion love sunshine, build dream green love foomileage翻译tbalcaptainl field”, “Save by your side” and join huatian Service team to go to Yushumileage是什么牌子轮胎 for education and other activitifourth是什么意思es.

Yang Shuijin shared the experience of taking part in the “Lion Love Journey gteamsobi Journey” and hiking 101 kilometers in the desert. She sighedservicebio that it was a jmileage是什么牌子轮胎ourney of waking up with life ancaptain什么意思中文d practicing the lion spteamworkirit by walking. She thanked the lion friends for thmeeting的音标eir attention andhold的过去式和过去分词 encouragement to the desert hiking.

Former president Feng Qijiang and Xu Shuang shared their views respectively,hold过去式 highly affirmed Yang Shuijin’s willpower, thanked the lion friends forfourth造句 their warm company on the public welfare road, and hoped that tservice和serve的区别hemeetingtencentcom lion fmeeting腾讯会议riends would cherish the days of walking together in the mileage service team, happy service and continuous growth.

The smocaptain缩写oth progress of the meeting depends on the serious and rigorous attitude of lion friends. After the meeting, wecaptain什么意思中文 gave our best wishes to tmeeting翻译he lion friend who had a birthday in Octobmeetingser. We enjoyed the delicious birthday cakemeeting是什么中文意思 together.

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