The inaugural ceremony and charity dinner of the 2018-2019 joint leadership change was held successfully

The inaugural ceremony and charity dinner of the 2018-2019 joint leadership change was heldjoint sleadership需要具备哪些能力uccessfully

Years of gold, autumn dye fruit. On August 25, 2018, the 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony and charity dinner of Shenzhen Lions Club Xinan and Bentge Service Team was held in the banquet hinauguraladdress课件pptall on the 3rd floor of Jingji Jingdu Hotel, Honglinleadership英文解释g South Road, Luohu District. Shenzhen lions club Presiinauguraldent of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last Pleadership翻译resiceremonydent of tian wang, ainaugural翻译 former President of jin-liang wang, vice supervisor long Zhang Hochangesngxiang, secretary-general Zeng Shi, long picket Peng Daojian, deputy secretary-general Zheng Hehua, chairman of the zone Liao Ronghui, scene MiaoJun, partition chairman Tan Fei, lily, RuChunXu, Li Chunchang, li xiang, the wit andpinauguraladdress课件pptassion, Cui Weiying, ming-xiceremony的音标a sun, Cai Min, yun-charity怎么读peng zhao, Moreinaugural address翻译 than 410 people嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射 attended the ceremony,change什么意思 includin嫦娥g Chen Zong, Gao Ling, He Xleadership需要具备哪些能力inru and other supervleadership英语作文isors. The ceremony was chaired by Wu Zhijian and Yang嫦娥古诗 Qiuju, and presided ovejointsr by Li Jun and Gao Chenhan.

Before thdinner翻译e ceremony, all the lion friends from Xininaugural address ‘an and Pudinner翻译nch service tjoint造句eam walked into thedinner怎么读 venue hand in hand, perfectly demonstrating the deep friendship between the lion friends.

Prjointsesident Ma Mileadership是什么意思n prjointedaised thdinner翻译e joint elecjointstion of the New Service teams as a positive response to the call of the federation tinauguralo “run a frugal society” and said that other service teams should learn from it. At the same time, she highly praised the contribution of the two service teams to the public welfare cause, andjointly hoped that everyone would join hands aleadership是什么意思英语nd make persistent efforts. President Ma Min’s speech made lion frdinner同义词iendinner的中文意思ds feel warm and happy.

The last president of Tianwang encouraged the lio嫦娥奔月的读音n friends to start a new service journey after thchange什么意思e change of leadercharity形容词ship, promotceremony造句e the steady development of the service team, and go further and better on the road oceremony造句f public welfare!

In the wiinauguraltness of tleadership是什么意思英语he leaders lion friends, The nleadership需要具备哪些能力ew service tdinneream Zhao Yunpeng wiinauguraladdress课件pptll captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Wu Jinzhi; Bingzhidinnerbone ser嫦娥古诗vice team Huang Yongsheng will captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Yang Bin. In the charity auctceremony同义词ion segmcharity音标ent, Cao Yan and Gao Chen Han jointly presided over the auction segment. Lion friends are enthusiastic, almost every lot of auleadership的定义ction prices are more than ten thousand. With the support of caring people and lion friends, a total of 267,600 yuan was嫦娥奔月 raised at the scene.

Captain Wu Kam-chi of the new Securitycharity宽容的爱 Service team gave a spe嫦娥奔月的读音ech, thanking the leaderleadership的中文意思s of the district council, the caring people and all the lion friends for their support. “Charity is an endless journey,” she said. “Because of love, I will do charity work. Because public welfare, will be at ease; Because peace of mind, will be at home. I hope yoleadership英语作文u will always keep your passion for public welfare and stay true to your original aspiration.

By Liu Juntu/Chen Yongming

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