Dream Service Team: Held the third regular meeting of 2018-2019

Dream Service Team: Held the third regular meeting of 2018-2019

On September 20, 2018, the third regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Dream Service team for 2018-2019 was successfully held at the Rehabilitservice翻译ation Center for themeeting是什么中文意思 Disabled in Shahe Street, Nanshan District. Dream service team captdream我的世界ain Lai Jinhua, last captain Liu Weijun, first vice captthirdlyain Gan Nenglin, team leader Qi Kelin, secretary Liu Shuru, financial Wen Lirong and other 7 people attended the meetingthird翻译. The conference was chaired by Liu Weijun and presided over by Liu Shuru.

Captain Rethird什么意思ginflower summarized thethird翻译 inaugural ceremonmeeting翻译y and the launch ceremony of “Let Lserviceove Speak”, and proposed to hold the opening ceremony of “Shenzhen Lion Public Welfare School” at the end of Octoberteams at the opening ceremony of the third phase of “Let Love Speak”, and hold the transition appreciation meetingthird怎么读 and the fourheldth regular meeting. At the same time, she carried out the deployment of the next step of the service team in aregulardvance, and commended the awarding units and individuals. The founding team leathird什么意思der Qikeregularitylin and the previous teateamprom leader Liu Weijun put forward guiding opinions on the work plan in October, hoping that everyone can give full play to their respective aservice的名词bilities, make full use of the existing resources, and maximize the development of service team advantage projects.

The efficient and successful conclusion of the regdream头像ular meeting fully reflected the role ofregular反义词 the service team as a leader, and also reflected the inheritance of the cultudream我的世界大逃杀re and advantages of the service team. We hope that moteamsre caring peopleheld是hold的什么形式 will participate in the service, spread lteamoove and lion culture, and help mteamsore peoplthirde in need!

Photo by Li Huiyi/Liu Shuru

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