Hua-han Service Team: hold the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Hua-han Service Team: hold the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On September 21, 2018, the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Chinese Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in Conference Room 403, Huashenghui Commerciahold不住l Center, Xixiang District, Bao 'an District. Captain Liao Haosheng, first vice captain Liao Wenxi, second vice captain Yang Chunzhao, secretary Zhang Xiaoyan, treasurer Yang Yang, member Gao Rui and other 8 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Chunzhao.

Yang Yang focregular的所有形式used on reportingmeeting是什么中文意思 the financial work, sorting out the finan杭州疫情cial accounts of Huahan Service team in the past two yearregular是什么意思英语s. Liao Wenxregular的名词i, firstmeetings Vice Captain, summed up the problems and shortcomings in the 2018-2019 transition ceremony of THE Sino-Chinese Service Team. Lion friends express their opinions, and jointly integratservicee the new development ideas of Hua-Han Service team, and hope that the team leader and team members plan and organize good service activities, drive all members to pay happily, anteamviewerd grow togethehuar!

In order to thank the hard work of the previous secretary, Gao Rui, Secretary Zhang Xiaoyancaptain的意思 prepared a giftservicebio for Gao Rui.

Finally, the lion fregularlyriends tasted the moon cakes prepared by Xu Jinghua, andmeeting翻译 sentmeeting怎么读英语 to each other "celebrate the Mid-Autumn F韩三千苏迎夏最新章节estival, welcome the National Day" good wishes!

Thank you liao Wenxi for the water dispenser coupon! Thank you zhang Peirong for your wonderful dinnerregular! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the meeting. Huahan is wonderful because of yocaptain怎么读u!

Article/photo & have spehuant zhang

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