Sunshine Talents Build a Dream for the Future — The third phase of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Project of Shenzhen Lions Club has been successfully launched

Sunshine talent & NBSP; Dream the future

— The third phase of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Program ofbuild假面骑士 Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully launched

Cool autumn wind, osmeducation是什么意思anthus fragrance. On September 29th, shenzhen Lions Club held a grand launching ceremony for the third phase of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education program in Guilin No. 18 Middle School. The event was organized by The Lions Club odream我的世界大逃杀f Shenzhen, The Education Bureau of Gufuture bassilin ctalents是什么意思中文ity, the Student Financial Aid Center of Guilin City, the four service teams of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, Dathirdlytotalents是什么意思中文ng, charity Collection and the 18th Middle School of Guilin City. Shenzhen Lions Club student Service Committee, public relations and Publicity Committee, classiphasec, Blue Sky, Huatian, Tiande, United, Fu桂林天气ai, Huanggbuild翻译ang and other 1sunshine英语8 service teams and Guilin 13th Mphase-downiddream图片dle School, 17th Middle Schooltalent show, 18th Middthird-partyle School alumni association. More than 600 people atttalent什么时候可数ended the launch cethird翻译remony.building是什么意思

At 9:30 a.m., the launch ceremony was officially held in the auditorium of No. 18 Middle School in Guilin. Chen Nianjin, deputy director of education Bureau of Guilin city, Zhan Yi, printhird怎么读英语cipal of No. 18 Middle School of Guilin City, and Jiang Tsunamis, diresunshine歌曲英文歌词ctor of Student financiasunshine翻译中文l Aid Center of Guilin citsunshine翻译y, came to the stage to ex龟苓膏press their gratitthird-partyude to Shenzhendreamboat Lions Club great Love for students, and warmeducationly welcome the “Sunshine talents” project to be established in No. 18 Middle School.

The “Sunshine Talents” program aims to help students from poor single-parent families who are excellent in character and learning in cities and towns, to help them in both material and spiritual aspects, so that they can haveeducation是什么意思 a sunphaser是什么牌子ny attitude, have good quality and become useful talphase翻译ents桂林天气 to the society. Financial aid programs incbuild过去式lude summer camp in Shenzhen, youth coaching skills training, psychologitalent是可数名词还是不可数名词cal counseling, financial aid, and life subsidy. Through experience, students canthird是什么意思英语 improve their empathythirdly, confidence and comprephaserhensive quality. The project has been carried out in Guilin for two years, with a total intalent showvestment of more than 230,000 yuathirdn in service funds for 12 students each year. This year is the third period, and the chphase-downoice of Guilin 18th middle school as a student point, fdream我的世界大逃杀adream我的世界大逃杀r-reaching sfuture糖果ignificance. In this period, I helped 10 poor high school students of the school, together with 17 students frsunshine翻译中文om otherthirdly schools funded by the first and second phases, with service funds of 230,000 yuan.

Mr. Liao Ronghui, chairmandreaming of The first Zone of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the latest situation of Shenzhen Lions Club in his speech, thankbuildinged the education departmetalent是可数名词还是不可数名词nt of Guilin for their support and expressed high expectations for the studtalents翻译ents. He was especially pleased to hear that zhang, a sophomore student at Huazhong University of Sciencedream我的世界 and Technology, parttalent是什么意思icipated in public welfare teaching activitieducationes aphase-downnd gave back to the soeducation的形容词ciety duringeducational the summer vacation. Mr. Nie Xiangdong, chairman of the second zone桂林医学院, explained the logo of “Sunshine talents” and shared his experience of studying in Japan. He hoped the students would grow up happily and become useful people for the country and nation under the sunshine of lions Club.

Tasunshine的情侣名称ng Haozhbuildingi, cdream是什么意思hairman of publi桂林c Relations and Publicity Committedream是什么意思e of Shenzhen Lions Club and general coordinator of “Sfutureunshine Talents” prosunshine翻译gram, introduced the content of the third phase of student aid program, especially the new summer camp program, and announced th桂林理工大学南宁分校e list of partial funding and the amount of fundithirdng for 2018-2019. In order to make the “Sunshine T桂林电子科技大学研究生院alenteducational是什么意思s” projectphase什么意思 achieve better results, he dbuild假面骑士esigned psychphaseological interventiodream头像n and gubuild翻译idance, introduced youth quality training, set up a standard template for students, and paid attention to the psychological health and sunshine mentality of the students.

Zhang Jiaru, the leader of diwang Seeducation是什么意思英语rviceducation怎么读英语e team, on behalf of all the hosting and co-organizing service teams, came to the stage to share vividly. Through what she saw and heardtalents翻译 in the Middle Esunshine英语ast countries all the year rothird什么意思und,sunshine歌曲英文歌词 she guidefuture糖果d the students to cherish the current peaceful environment, ssunshine翻译eize the present, study hard and make progress every day. The representtalents是什么意思atives of the former sponsored students also came to the stage to express their heartfelt thanks tophase the “Sunshine Talents” project of The Lions Club of Sthird怎么读英语henzhen. They were determined to study hdream是什么意思ard and live up to the love and expectation of the aunts and uncles of the Lions Club.

Later, the leaders of guilin Education Bureau and teachers and students of Guilin No. 18 Middle School witnessed thedream我的世界大逃杀 check donation ceremony. 22 servifuture是什么意思ce桂林天气 teams of Shenzhen Lions Club diking, Datong, Charity Collection, Classical, Blue Skdream怎么读y, Huatian, Tithirdlyande, United, Fuai and Huanggang donated educa桂林理工大学研究生院tional funds to thebuilding “Sunshine Talenteducation的形容词s” Guilin project. Guilin Education Bureau and Guilin No. 18 Middle School reciprocated by presenting the banner “Sunshine t桂林天气alents bring out love and build a drfuture是什么意思eam of a warm and cold future”. The lion friends awarded “good news”, “grants” and “meeting gifts” to some of the students, wishdream我的世界ing them good health, hard study and better results in the third桂林电子科技大学 year.

While participating in the launching ceremony of the third phase of “Sunshine Talents”, the four servicedreamboat什么意思 teams of Shenzhen Lions, including ground King, Charity Coll桂林理工大学研究生院ection and Union, also visited No. 13 Middle School and No. 17 Middle School of Guilin, met with school leaders and art teachers, and actively promobuild的名词ted the “Peace Poster” contest. So far, four middle schools in Guilin (including No. 16 Middle School asunshine歌词nfuture糖果d No. 18 Middle Schoeducationolsunshine的情侣名称) have expressed their willingnessthird-party to participate in the 2018-2019 peaceeducation的形容词 poster contest.

Through this activitphasery, we hope to help outstanding students who really need help, bring posifuture翻译tive energy to the studentdream怎么读s who participate in the acfuture4200tivity, and hope that the students can grow up under the same blue sky.

[Text] Correspondent Zeng Litalent是可数名词还是不可数名词jun

[Photo] Hong Shenglongfuture翻译, Shenshi Publicity Codream是什么意思mmittee

[Edit] Ma Hutalents怎么读ijuan, Tang Haozhi Office, Shenshi Publicity Committee

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[Issued] She桂林疫情nzhen Lions Club Office

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