Songgang Service Team: The inaugural ceremony for the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

Songgang Service Team: The inaugural ceremony for the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

On Awashugust 26, 2018, the iceremony的名词naugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Songgang Service Team for 2018-2019 was held at Wanhua Horeelectiontel so松岗核酸检测点nggang. More than 300 gueinauguraladdress课件pptsts, guests and family membeinaugural address翻译中英对照rs attended the ceremony, including Tian Xingwang, former president Wang Jinliang and Dai Tongxin, Deputy Secretary-general Zheng Guoping a松岗属于深圳哪个区nd Deputy Secretary-geneceremony造句ral Deng Yi, District chairmen Li Zhou, Li Xserviceiang and Cui Weiying, supervisor Cao Haihonceremony和celebration的区别g and Advceremony的音标isor Li Wenqiu. The ceremony was presiservice是什么意思中文翻译ded over by Lai Cuiping asinaugural翻译 the chairman of the coteambitionnferenceelection是什么意思, lai Cuiling, Wen Junhao.

Conference presidservice和serve的区别ent Lai Cuipingwas怎么读 delivered the welcome speech. Under the witness of leaders lion friends and guests, Li Ying will be team leader ribbon and scwashingtonepservicemantreelectioneservice翻译r handed over to Qiu Jinyong. Li Ying, the last ca松岗核酸检测点ptaiservice和serve的区别n, gave a detailed report on the work of 2017-2018. Qiteambitionu Jinyong, the captain, also delivered an inaugural speech and reported the work plan for this year.

Li Ying, the last captain, commended the lion friends who made contributions to the Songgang Serviservice是什么意思ce team last year. Captain Chiu Jinyong appointe松冈祯丞d the team captain of the year.

Inceremony同义词 the end, Tian Xingwaninauguralg, the former president, delivereceremony的名词d a warm speech, highly appraising the work done by Li Ying and the achievements made by songgang Service Tea松岗祯丞m under the leadership of Captain Qiu Jinyonceremony复数形式g. He also wisinaugural翻译hed songgang Service team morewashed achievements under the leadership of Captain Qiu Jinyong.

By Qiu Yuanzhai

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