The 2018-2019 Inaugural Ceremony of huaming Service Team and the Activity of Caring for Sanitation Workers was held smoothly

The 2018-2019 Inaugural Ceremony of huaming Service Team and the Activity of Caring for Sanitation Workers was held smoothly

On August 26, 2018, the inaugural ceremony and carinserviceg for sanitation workers of Shenzhen Lions Club Huaming Service Team for 2018华民股份股吧-2019 was held in Sservice是什么意思中文翻译hunde Lao Restaurant, Nocaringly.183 Taning Road, Luohu Distactivity怎么读rict. Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 President Ma Min, Deputy Supervisor Zhang Hongserviceablexiang, Chairman Jing Miajun of Zone 5, Chairmen Ru Chunxu, Sun Mingxia, Zhao Yunpeng of Zone 5, Supervisors Chen Zteamoong, Hactivity的形容词e Xinru, More than 100 people attended the ceremony, including h花明楼uaming serviteams手机版ce team capcaring和careful区别tain Zhan Minghua, former team leader Chu Xinlan, first vi花名大全图片ce captain Yang Weidactivity翻译ong, team leader Zhang Jian, secretary Liu Qixiang, financial yucaring翻译an Yuan, general affairs Zhong Xuebiao, picketing Wen Baoshcaring怎么读eng and other lcaringlyion f花名册模板riends, lion friends' families and social caring personage. Each of the 25 sanitation workeservice和serve的区别rs received 200 yuan as condolence money and gifts, and 20,000 yuan as service funds.serviceable The ceremony was chaired by Yanservice是什么意思g Weidong and presided over by Jiang Guowei and Pan Xiaolan.华明装备股吧

Team leader Zhang Jian introduced the guservice和serve的区别ests. Chu xinlteams手机版an, the last captain, reported the work ofservice怎么读 the year 2017-2018. He thateam是什么意思翻译nkeactivity怎么读d the leaders of the district council, the teachers group, tceremony的音标he lion friends of Huaming Service team and all the lion frieactivity的中文意思nds and friends who gave support and heceremony用什么介词lp to him. He also thanked the enterprises and social caring pecaring怎么读ople who generouceremony翻译sly doncaring怎么读ated to the pucaring是什么意思英语blic wactivity复数elfare cause of Huaming Service Team. He pointed out that last year, huaming Service team tookservicebio "Care of sanitation workers" as the key serviceceremony的音标 activity of the year, put forward the slogan of "loveceremony和celebration的区别 Huaming", carried out three service ainauguraladdress课件pptctivities, and maceremony翻译dteamse a positive contribution to the sactivity的中文意思ociecaringty. Held 10 recaring翻译gular meetings aservice是什么意思中文翻译nd team leader meetings, visitedservice是什么故障灯 mcaring是什么意思ore than 2service和serve的区别0 shiyou enterprises, anserviceabled participated in 4 diabetes publicity services. He wished the Huainaugural翻译ming Service team, under the leadership of Captain Zhan Minghua, to build on the past and forge ahead.

Financteamproe Liu Qixiang made the financial report for 2017-2018, and introduced in detail the financial income andinaugural address expenditure of Huaming Service Team in 2017-2018.

Captain Zhan Minghua introduced thcaring是什么意思中文e 2018-2019 work plainaugural翻译n and put forward four key work directions: first, the power of culture; Second, theservice是什么意思 power of development; Tserviceablehird, the power of service; The fourth is quantification and praise.

Under the witnescaring怎么读s of the lion friends, Chu Xinlan handed over the captain's ribbon and scepter to Zhan Minghua.

Presidentinauguraladdress课件ppt Ma Min gaveceremony怎么读 a speech, thanking hceremony复数形式uaming Service team foactivity复数r its contribution to lions Club and public welfare, praised the two leaders for their pragmatic work style, and called on everyone to take an active part in the service activities. She wished huaming Servactivity的动词ice team to make further efforts and reach a hig花名册模板her level in the New Yearteam是什么意思翻译.

Yang Weidong gave a speech of thanks to all the lion friends andactivity的形容词 guests present. He wished huaming Service team every daactivity工作流y ainaugural address翻译nd a new chapter on the road of public welfare!

Photo by Liu Qixiang/Wceremony同义词ang Hahuamingibin

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