Tai 'an Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

Tai 'an Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

On July 10, 2018, thewasn't inaugural ceremony of lceremony翻译ions Club Tai 'an Service team for 2018-2019 was successfully held in Xiangmihu Hao World Seafood Restaurant in Futian District. Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Lin Ziyu, President of shenzhen lions in 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last Pinaugural addressresident ofteams会议 tian wang, vice President of the first WengHua, former President of ShiJianYong, wu xm, secretary-general Zeng Shi breeding, dean of gteamviewereneral afinaugural addressfair Guo Yongyong, loinaugural address翻译ng pic泰拉瑞亚ket Peng Daojian, deputy secretary-general Zheng Hehua, deputy secretary-geninaugural address翻译中英对照eral Li Feng, chairman of the zone Liao Ronghui, NieXiangDong, Xu Qiubin, scene MiaoJun, Disservice是什么意思trict chairmen Tan Fei, Wan Yao-li, special assistant zhelectionou Ting,ceremony用什么介词 tai 'an service team lion friends, lion friendinaugural address翻译s family members and all walks of life cteamoaring people and other 260 people attended the party. The eteamvening was hosted by Liao Zhongxteams手机版in and Yang Qianyi.

Accompanied by the warm applause太乙 of the gu太乙ests, the lion friendsteams of Tai 'an Service team, dressed in red lion clot泰山hes, entered the venue in a bright and energetic manner. Their neat steps aceremonynd energetic faces showed the spirit of Tai 'an Service team.  

Jiang Zhaopeng, chairman of the conference and the first vice captain of Tai 'electionan Service Team for 2018-2019, delivered a welcome speech, expservicebioressing the warmest welcome and sincere thanks to the leaders, guests and lion friends who attended the ceremony. To the successful graduation oservicebiof Capt台湾ain Chen Guangxi expressed higceremony是什么意思h respect; Congratulations to captain Liu Jianye and the new team! Tian Jing, executive chairman of the conference andservice翻译 the third vice captain of tai 'service怎么读an泰剧 Service teaminaugural address翻译中英对照 introduced the leaders and guests ainauguralttending the conference.

In the past year, tai 'an service team under the leadership of Captain Chen Guangxinaugural address翻译i, in all tai 'an service team lion friends support, actively carry forward the spirit o太平洋汽车网f "we servinaugural address翻译中英对照e", successfully completed theelection work objectives, We have mateamviewerde gratifying achievements in the lion service work, such as member development and retention, inheriting brand projects, deepening community service, promotielection中文ng system construction, standarinauguraldizing lion service management, inheriting lion culture, and prserviceomoting communication and fellowship. At the same time, the government has actively carried out such service activities as helping students and the disabled, correcting and helping台湾 them with education, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and commteamsunity services泰剧.

In order to promote the spirit of lions, Captain Chen Guangxi praised the lion friends who made outstanding contributioservicebions in 2017-2018: Meng Xianzhuang, Zelection怎么读hao Quansheng, Chen Maoniinaugural address课文pptng and other lion frieceremony翻译nds were awarded the Loving Lion Friends award, and Zhang Jiawas怎么读n, Zhu Yuan, Tan Xiaoqin and other lion friends were awarded theteam什么意思 Excellent Lion Friends Award; For Huanceremonygceremony和celebration的区别 Jianli, Tia太乙n Jing, Xia Yu and other lion friends issued Jie Zhu lion friend a太乙ward, for Lin Ziyu, Zhou Ting, Zhou Xiaoyang, Lu Jinshang, Feng Yuan, Chen太乙 Zhidong, Du Peng and other lion friends issueservice是什么意思d spinaugural address翻译ecial contribution ateamproward, for Liu Jianye,wash Du Peng, Jiang Zhaopeng, Liang Longzceremonyhceremony复数形式ou, Wu Guanqiong and otheceremony同义词r lion friends issued diamond gold award, silver award.

Captain Chen Guangxi gave an emotioninauguralal speech about the lionteambition work activities in the paswassupt year and shared his feelings and harvest during his tenure. The last president tian Wang presented a commemorative medal to Captaelection怎么读inelection中文 Cwash怎么读hen Guangxi. Under the witnesstai of leading lion friends and all g太乙uests, Chen Guanteambitiongxi handed over thservice是什么意思中文翻译e team leader ribbon to Liu Jianye. Captain Liu Jianye delivered a warm inaugural speech anelection中文d described in detail the work plan of the New Year, which included both the inheinaugural是什么意思ritance of excellent projects and the expansion of new projects. Captain Liu Jiany台湾e led thserviceablee new team members to solemnly promise to take office.

President Ma Min congratulated Captain Chen Guangxi on the achievements he had made in the previous year, and gave affirmation to the new team led by Captain Liu Jianye and placed greater expectations on it. He hoped that Tai 'an Service Team could deteamworkvteambitionelop steadily and get bettewaster and better in 2018-2019!

The eelection是什么意思xecutive chai泰拉瑞亚rman of the conwashedferinaugural address翻译ence, the second vice captain of the Tai 'an service team Huang Jianyi gave a speech of appreciation, hope that the lion friends and guests in the future lion road can continue to support and guide the泰版流星花园 Tai 'an service team, letwas the Tai 'an service team advance with The Times, better serve the society, win glory for the soceremony造句ciety. At the same time, he expressed his sincerinaugural address课文ppte gratitude to the liceremony的名词on friends and sponsors for theirwas怎么读 special cinaugural addressontributions to the gala.

This ceremony is low-key andceremony复数形式 simple, solemn and warmteams, the scene is full of laughter. The humorous performances of the foinaugural address课文pptrmer captains of the Tai 'an service team and the wonderful folk songs and dances of the teateamschers and students of tai 'an Wukong Lion Primary School added to the hinaugural address翻译appy and peacefulinaugural address翻译中英对照 atmosphere.

Articlservice翻译e/Xia Yutu/Tai 'anservicebio Service Team

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