Let Happiness fly Farther — The 2018-2019 Annual commendation and the first regular meeting of 2019-2020 of Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held

On the afternoon of July 26th, 2019, the 2018-2019 annual commendation and the first regular meeting of the 2019-2020 Annual Meeting of The Lioannual的名词ns Club of Shelettucenzhen was held in Shengjing Restaurant, Jingmingda Hotel, Futian District. Shenzhen lion WengHua, thfarther和further的区别e headfirsthand of 2019-2020, the lafarther是far的比较级吗st Presidfirst是什么意思ent Ma Min, domestic lion肥料用英语怎么说 federation education training, chairman of the committee from 2019 to 2021, shenzhen lion of XiaoXingPing, secretary-general Du Hengkun,commendation chief financial officer Peng Daojian, long picket Du Peng, deputy secretary-general Li Feannual造句ng lion lion friends such ashappiness leadership and shenzhen branch all memberhappinesss present at the meetiletstalk安卓下载ng. The mlettereeting was chaired by Fang Shilei and Wen Yaoli.

Rong Jing, head of the Lecturehappiness韩剧rs’ Group for 2018-2019, gave a summary rehappiness是什么词性port. Through pictures and figures, the work done in the past lion year once again came to肥料用英语怎么说 mind: In the past year, we have conducted 4 regional trainings, 2 special trainings of finance and secretary, and more than 60 regional trainings and service team trainings, benannual是什么意思efiting more than 2000 people. The annual “Three Battles” are the most important work of the lecturers’ group. The RLLI leadership training has empowered 91 current leaders, the RFDI junior lecturers’ training has addedfarther是什么意思 15 new blood to the lecturers’ group, and the leadership candidate Seminar (2 times) has provided practical tools for 1410 lecturers who alet’s后面的动词用什么形式re about to tflymeake up leadership positions. In addition, the lecturers’ group also actively sulettucepports the work of the China Lioannualizedns Association, co-organizes the training of the chief lecturer of the China Lions Charity Academy, participates in tlethe training organizations of the lealetders of the Lion Friends in various placeshappiness韩剧 of the Assocfirsthandiation, and supports tfarther的比较级和最高级he training of the International Federlet’sation. Branflych this year wcommendationsas the first to pilot the lion friends incoming leadership, in the pubfirstname填姓还是名lic school in the training of the new curriculum system, and gain high recognition, lion friefirst翻译nds branch afirst怎么读lso in a timely manner to experience to share, to support other friendrecommendations in curriculum design and party building work, lecturer and sent to yunnan, sichuan and dalian in the region of incomlet’sing lion leadership traihappiness的同义词ning classes.

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Lecturers have made progress and growfly是什么意思th while working hard. This yeannual翻译ar’sfarther和further的区别用法 heaannualsd team made concerted efforts to achieve the annual work goals with super cohesion and execution. 2 lectuannualsrer for the first time to participate in the training course will always taught, 15 lecturer was appointed a senior lecturer, the lions in the league 6 lecturer from ti lecturerannualized development institute (FDrecommendationI) and international association of lecturer (CFDI) graduate school Chinese clannual翻译ass, “3 big battle” exercise out of 12 groups of total lecturer and the teacfarther和furtherher in charge, consolidate the backbone of the braletstalknch; There are 19 students who have passed the test of joining the lecturing group and started to serve lion fricommendation翻译ends as lecturers.


The lecturing group is a new force to promote lion culture, and its own team building and continuous improvement of professional ability is a scommendation翻译trong support to ensure this responsibility. The deputy heads of the lecannualturing group take turns in turn and lead their oletstalkwn groups to undertake monthly teaching woannual翻译rk, so as to develop the lecturing team in a standardiletstalk聊天软件zed way and form echelons. At the safarther和further的区别me time, in response to theletter demand and challenge, the lecturers’ group set up a new party construction course in 2annually018-2019 to test the new system of candidate tracommendationining, so as to better assist the president to achieve the annual target. Through “Go out and invite in”, the formannualizeder president was invited to serve as a consultant, and the lion friends were invitedcommendation to participatefarther的比较级和最高级 in the regular meetings of teachers’ league and lesson preparation activities, which strengthened弗洛伊德 the links with thefly distrifarther怎么读ct associaletstalk聊天软件tion, other speci法律援助电话alized work organizations and service teams. In addition, we also pay attention to pubannual怎么读licity, timely report the lecturers’ activities, build brand influence, enhance thfarther和further的区别e sense of honor, infarther order to attract more lion friends who are interested in the lion culture publicity servifirstlyce to join.


At the end of head rong Jing’s refirstname填姓还是名port, she thankfirst青年电影展ed the leaders of the district councfly是什么意思ilhappiness动漫 for their support, thanked the mentors for their support, the head of the team andhappiness韩剧 all the lecturers for their hard workhappiness音标, which made this year’s work successfully completed. Xiao Xingping, Ma Min, Du Hengkun and other leaders together with Rong Jing gave awards to the lectureannual是什么意思rs who won the commendation. Present branch bring together representatives dong-sheng yi, Jiang Xiezhen, Zhou Fuhui with respective letter about have to say the story betwletstalkeen them and honor group, this little paannual的名词rt elaborate sehappiness音标t off the climax of meetings, lecturers aletstalk安卓下载nd RongJing colonel hug and congratulations to the leader has “rong trademark smile” glorious, Wit法律援助电话h her strofarther翻译ng personacommendationsl charm, she guided ev法律援助电话eryone to work with a sense of responsibiflyinglity and mission. With her wisdom and warmth, she made the big family of lannual英语怎么读ecturers coexist harmoniousfly的过去式ly.

After li Chunchang, the financial director of the teaching group, repannual怎么读orted the financial situation, the two heads of the handover. Wu Zhijian, the head of 2019-2020, introduced the work plan of the New Year with simple words and clear logic. Four rotating groups were responsible for the regular teachflying. Focletus on the annual five major training, promote the effective implementation of the president’s annual work plan; At the same tannualizedime thrcommendationough fivfirst翻译e systems to strhappiness动漫engthen the teaching league’s in法律援助电话ternal construction. The lecturers shoulfirst翻译d actively discuss and research public welfare theories, promoteannual the developletstalk安卓下载ment of public welfare undertakingrecommendations with innovative thinking, and develop innovative courses that promote the progress of organizations. Through the efforts of the whole league, we will publicize the lion cultureannual and values, spread positive energy, set up the image ofhappiness翻译 lion friends as a model, and create a learning platform that endowing lion friends with abilities, so as to realize the annual theme of the lecture-group “Preaching andflyme promoting goodness”. We hope that the three key words “happiness, growth and glory” are the biggeslet’s后面的动词用什么形式t embodiment of everyone in the New Year. As the chieffarther和further的区别用法 lectuflyrer of the leadership training to be held in September, Deputy head Wang Danya introduced the training prepafirstration plan and carried out work mobilization.

A total of 65 lecturers received the lecturfirst是什么意思ers appointment for 2019-202firsthand0 from President Weng Hua. At the end of the regular meeting, there was a lucky draw. We serve, we are happy, on this road full of love and touching, we are willing to go onhappiness音标 happily all the time…


【 Text 】 Jiang Xiezhen

[Photo] He Xin

【 Edit 】 Ma Huifirst翻译成中文juan Hu & NBSP; grey

[Typesetting] Xin Yang

[Issued] She法律援助电话nzhen Lions Club Office

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