To meet the challenge, The Teachers’ Group of Shenzhen Lions Club started to prepare lessons

Beat the drum; Meet the challenge

— Shenzhen Lions Club lecturing Group started centralized lesson preparation

On the afternoon of April 11group的用法th, the Lioteachers翻译ns Clu深证指数b of Shenzhen prepared for the upcoming “2019-2020 Leadership Lion Club And Lion Service Seminar” in Roomchallenger 906, CAI Wu Wai Development Building, Luohu District.

Time flies and the new Lion year is coming. The annual opening eclubmanvent of the seminar is the “Lion Club Leadchallenge读音ership Seminar”. The training is the largest number of深圳地铁线路图 participants in the annmeet是什么意思英语ual group training organized by the Shenzhen Lions Club, with more thameeting是什么意思n 700 participants last year. With the developmeeting是什么意思ment of Shenzhen Lions Club, the numberlions翻译中文 of participants is incremeet的过去式asing year by year, which is a severe test to thgroupe organizational ability of the district club and the professional level of the instructor gprepare是什么意思roup. Therefore, the preparatory wstarted英语ork for the training is alslions是什么意思o started early.

The training fchallenge的名词or 2019-2020 wichallengerll be coordiprepare是什么意思nated by Rong Jing and Wu Zhijian, and the former leaders Huang Yiqun and Yi Dongsheng will serve as the course consultlions的音标ants. Rong Jing made a silions英语怎么读mple opening mobpreparedilizationclub是什么酒, Wu Zhijian, deputy head深圳疫情 of the training introduced in detail the organizational form, job responsibilities, selection principles of lecturers, currimeet是什么意思英语culum arrangemteachersday前面要加the吗ents, etc. This training wilmeet翻译l be the first practice of the cadre training system of Zhongshi Public Welfare Institute. Co深圳疫情最新动态mpclub翻译ared with previous sessions, a considerable part of the content has been adjusted. Huanchallenge形容词g Yiqun explained the new course scheduteachers’officele and courseware for the lstartedecture深圳疫情rs.

The training instructors are divided into 8 groups, with the combination of old, Chinese and young. There are some senior lecturers, some intermediate lecturmeet是什么中文意思ers, and some junior lecturers are full of vi深圳地铁线路图gor and vitality. Each group of lecturers appeared olion是什么意思中文翻译n stage and expressed the same belief wclub怎么读istarted怎么读英语th their own language and different styles: please rest agroup是什么意思ssured that the leaders of the district will, please rest assured that we will fight this battle beautifully.

This integroup的用法nsive lesson preparation mclubman是什么牌子车eeting was highly valued by district lemeet是什么意思英语aders. President Ma Min, Ficlubsrst Vice President Weng Hua, second vice president Lu Zhiqiang, and Executive vice President Xiao Xingping of Zhongshi Publicstarted是什么意思英语 Welfargroupe College sent their earnest expectations and importstarted怎么读英语ant suggestionteachers’offices. Ma Min, chairman of the Board, spoke highly of the admeeting是什么意思justment of the training content and courseware and praised Shenzhen for alwchallenger是什么车ays standing in the fomeet的过去式refront of innovation. Weng Hua, the first vice president, hopes that the training wchallenge形容词ill not only make lion friends understand the annual work plan and implement it, but also add special links so that lion friends canprepare pay more attention to the training and deepen their impression. Lu Zhiqiang, the 2nd Vice President thank深圳天气ed the lecturers fostarted翻译r their hard work and continued to improve their professional skills to provide better service for lion friends anclub用英语怎么说d be a good communicator and leader of lion cclubmedulture.club是什么酒 From the perspective of the training system of Zhongshi Public Welfare Institute, Executive Vimeetsce President Xiao Xingping gave her own professional suggestions for the training objectives and coursewarstarted是什么意思e content. President Nie Xiangdong and President Wen Yaoli attended the meeting as the executive chairmen of the traclub翻译ining. They will organize the resourteachersces of the districgroup翻译t council to seamlchallenge的用法搭配essly connect with the lectustartedrers, anlions翻译d do a good job of coordination and strong backing for the training.

Theteachers 2018-2019 Lions Club Shenzhen President Ma Min, the first vice President Weng Hua, the sstarted英语econd vice president Lu Zhiqiang, the former president and executive vice President xiao Xingping, the chairmanteachersoffice怎么读 of the second Zone Nie Xiangdoclubmedng, the chairmalions翻译中文n of the fifth Zone Wen Yaoli, the lec深圳疫情最新动态turer group leader anmeet是什么中文意思d GLT Shenzhen Coordinator Rong Jing, and 32 lteachersday前面要加the吗eprepare的用法cturers attended the meeting. The meeting wlions英语怎么读as chaired by Rong Jgroup的用法ing.

Eastechallenge读音r Egg: 100,000 whyslions

1.  Do you knowstarted用法 the focus and slogan of the New Year?

2.  Do you know who is the chief lecturer and head teacher of the training group?

3.  Do you know what make深圳疫情最新消息s this training different from prstarted翻译evious training?

4.  Do you know what the new courses of this training are?


More discoveries will be made in the “2019-2020 Training for Cadre Candidates”. We look forward to working wi深圳疫情th you to reveal the secrets!

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency jiang Xie Zhen

[Photo] Shenshi News Agency

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