A letter to all member representatives of the seventeenth General Assembly

A letter to all member representatives of the seventeenth General Assembly

Fellow Deputies,

In this beautiful season of spring, we are about to welcome the 17generallyth Member Congress of Shenzhen Lions Club and all the member representatives attending this congress. Hlettersere, I would like to extend mgeneralize是什么意思y warm cmember可数吗ongratulations to all lion friends for becoming the member representatives of this conference.

Time flies like a flashassembly翻译. In the past nine months of this year, all lions club membeletter英语怎么读rs have made concerted efforts to create new glory for Shenzhen Lions Club. Thanks to all lion friends selfless dedication, silently pay!

The 17th Lions Club congress of Shenzhen will be held on April 20th, which is the annual eventletterbox of lions Club of Shenzhseventeenthen and the most important thing that all members care about most. Thletter怎么读is conferencerepresentatives怎么读 will sumassembly翻译marize and review the work of the 2018-2019 Council of Directors and the Boaseventeenth怎么读rd of Supervisors, and elect the 2019-2020 Council of Directors and the Board of Supervisors to diassemblyloadcontextscusletterss major issues. This is of great signiletterficance to the future development of Shenzhen Liassembly怎么读音ons Club.

Member representgeneral翻译atiomembers是什么意思n is both an honor and a responsibility. You shoulder the great trust of all lions in the service team, and ageneralize是什么意思lso shoulder the rerepresentatives怎么读sponmembersmark啥牌子sibility to participgeneralbutchate in the construction of lions Club. I hope you will keep in mind the purpose of “lion club elected me as a representative, I will be a representative of lion Club”, abide by national laws and regulatiassembly软件ons, safeguard the authority and dignity ofassembly kit the charter of Shenzhen Lionsassemblyloadcontext Club, and safeguard the authority oletter英语怎么读f the general Assembly.

Hope every representative treasure honor, don’t forget to beginner’s mind, in line with the responsible for the lion’s club in shenzhen, responsible for all the lion friends, responsible attitude to oneself, insist on the principle, the interests, discipline, witlettersh high sense of respogeneral翻译nsibility anassembly软件d mission, on behalf of the rights seriously, on behalf of the responsassembly lineibilities, strictly abide by the disciplinesassembly general eleassembly什么意思ction, show the elegant demeanour, the newmembers是什么意思 member representatives To ensure the success ofmember the 17th Lions Club congresrepresentatives翻译s of Shenzhen.

Thanassemblyloadcontextk you for your support to trepresentatives怎么读he 17th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen! I wish you good health, good luck and prosperity!

Shenzhen Lions Club

April 1member2, 2019

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