Mileage Service Team: Hold the seventh captain team meeting of 2018-2019

Mileage Service Team: Hold the seventh captain team meeting of 2018-2019

On January 1service2, 2019, the sevenseventhmonth是什么意思th captain’s team meeting of Lions Clservice的名词ub Of Shenzhen was successfullycaptain的意思 held in Yantong Vegetarian Restaurahold不住nt, New Plum Garden, Tairan Road 9, Chegong Temple, Futian District. Shenzhen lion Yang Hankun, chairman of the partition, 15 miles service captain shhold的过去式和过去分词ui-jin Yang, first deputy captain Xiong Qihold过去式, second deputy captain Jonaservice和serve的区别than wong, vice captain Wang Shu third, secretary wang tingting, financial hsiu-hua tsai and 25 people were present at the meeting, longhua service first vice captain wang jing, xinan GFS second deputy captain Li Jun attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Shuijin.

Wang Tingtteam什么意思ing briemeeting的音标fed the attendance of the reservicegular meeting and introducedteamo the guests. CAI Xiuhua makes monthly financial income and expendcaptain翻译imileage什么意思ture report.

Yang Xiaowei summarized the three red actions choldarried out by the milestone service team this year and announced the arrangements for thteamoe next red action. He hoped to make full contact witmeeting的音标h Sinopec Shenzhen Branch in all stations in Shenzhen and contribute to the red actiteam是什么意思翻译on. Hou Xiaopeng expseventh是什么意思reteambitionssedhold on his willingness to take responsibility and pay in the red action of the milecaptain什么意思中文age Service team. The third vice captain wang Shu summed up the New Year’meeting是什么中文意思s carnival night of the service team and thamileage是什么轮胎nked the lions for their active participation and responsibility. Li yongmeetingtencentcomjunservice翻译 said that the mileage sseventhervice team is like a big warm family, and the lion friends love each other like relatives.

Chang Hongliancaptain缩写g and Li Jianchun shared the disabled and health integration actiseventh的基数词vity, summarized the activity of climbing the tallest building in Shenzhen in the New Year,service翻译 and planned the 2019 Yuanxiservice和serve的区别ao Activity. Thanks to the active partimeetingyou是什么意思cipation of Shiyoteamprou, WE hope that through climbingcaptain缩写 the tallest building in Shecaptainnzhseventh翻译en, we can help foD realize their dreams. Mr. Lo summarized the development of the special school ceremony and service projects and said that he would learn more about the development of the special school.

Wang Tingting briefly introduccaptain翻译ed the route design for the 102nd Anmileage怎么读nual Convention of Lions Club International and encouraged everyone to sign up. Second Vicserviceablee Captain Huang Weiqiang shared the situation of joint service with other service teams. He thanked Captain Yang Shuijin for his support and truteambitionst. He called on the team members of mileage Steamworkervice team tohold过去式 visit singlmeeting翻译e parent fholdingamilies together with the lion friends of Jiangshan Service Team to experience difteamsfcaptainerent services. Peng Zhou introduced the progress of yunnan Zhaotong Student aid program, saying that they have established wechat groups with prteamworkincipals and smileage是什么轮胎ubstitute teachers to unmeetingderstand the basic situation of the childmileage怎么读ren andmileage是什么轮胎 distribute subsidies. Tteamshey plan to distribute 500 yuan worth of clothes and school supplies to each assisted student before the school starts next year.

Wuhold键是什么功能 Sizhou introduced tservice怎么读he attendance of lion members in the mileage Service team frmeeting腾讯会议om July to December 2018, hoping that the team leader and the carteambitioning group would pay attention to those lion members with low attendance rate and guide them to integrate into the big family of mileage. Xiong Qi, first vice captain of the team, said tmileage翻译hat regarding the prseventhmonth是什么意思oblem of low attendance of team members and members, the relevanhold是什么意思t system of team leaders should be strictteams会议ly implemented.

Li Jun, the second vice captain of xin ‘teamvieweran Service Team, shateamviewerred the “Blue Action” Marseventhmonth是什么意思ine envirmileage怎么读onmental protection project, hoping that thold onhe joint mileage Service team can promote the project together, so that more people care for the Marine environment together. Wang Jing, the first vice captain of longhua Service team, praised the lion activities of the mile Service team, thanked the lion friends for their invitatseventh翻译ion, and said that she would bring the excellent experience learned back to the service team.

Chairman Yang hankun said that the service should not be limited to the Lionmeeting的音标s Club, but also to serve their families and education. He hoped that evserviceableeryone wouldservice是什么故障灯 have a philanthropic heart and spread positive energy to the peservicebioople around them and those in need of help.

After the meeting, everyone celebrated shimeetingyou是什么意思you’s birthday in January.

Photo by Wang Tingting/Zhou Caishuang

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