Seek Progress while Maintaining stability and Seek Common Development — The fourth Board meeting of The 2018-2019 Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

Seek Progress while Maintaining stability and Seek Common Development — The fourth Board meeting of The 2018-2019 Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On March 9, 2019, the fourth Lions Club Board meeting of 2018-2019 was held in the Lions Club office infourth用英语怎么说 Shenzhen. Tseekgirlhe dirboardgameectors afourth-gradet the meeting reviewed and adevelopment可数吗pproved the electstability什么意思ionseek是什么意思 work plan of the 17th Member Congress of Shenzhen Lions Club, the work responsibilitiefourth的音标s and personnel list of each group of the election office, the election methods of the presidcommonlyent, vice president and directors for 2019-2020, and the election methods of the chief supervisor, deputy chprogress可数吗ief supervisor and supervisor fcommondor 2019-2020. Candevelopment翻译didates for the board ofmaintaining翻译 Directors and the Boardfourth翻译 of Supervisors for 2019-2020, the resolution on supporting the “Lprogress进度条app下载ion Love Park” project, the resolution on changing the residence of the Registprogress进度条ration certificate of Shenzhen Lions Club, thfourth是什么意思edevelopments翻译 reimbursement method for the Funds of Shenzhen Liseekingons Club Serviceboard翻译 Team (draft) and otprogressivelyher documentstability是什么意思英语s, They also listeprogress什么意思ned to tstability形容词heprogress什么意思 reports owhile翻译n the settlement of the 2019 New Year Charity Gala, the salary management measures of the office (draft), the implementation of funds from July 2018 to January 2019, and the preparations for the fourth Huashi Festival, and discussed the revision of the Board of Supervisors System.

Zhang Guojun, fodevelopment怎么读英语rmseek是什么意思英语er president and chairman of the distrseek过去式ict Annual Meetboardwalking Committee, introduced a series of documents of the 17th Member Congress of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, and made detailed explanations on the amendments to the Election Work Plan, the Electionfourth是什么意思 methods of the President, vice president and directors in 2019-2020, and the elfourth的基数词ectiodevelopment可数吗n Methods of the Chief supervisoboardingr, Deputy Chief Supervisor and Suboardspervisors in 2019-2020.

The last chairman of the Board of Directors tian Wangxing briefed the preliminary examination of the qualifications of the members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors in 2019-2020. The candidatprogresse qualification examination, in strict accorseek是什么意思dance with the district association constitution and election work methods, in the qualification examination found some information missing, fuzzy and other problboard什么意思翻译ems, the review team summary records, and timefourth怎么读ly notifwhile怎么读y relevant personnel to modify and supplement, to encommon翻译sure the authenticitwhile语句y and effectiveness of candidate registratiowhile怎么读n materials.

Weng Hua, the first vice president of Shedevelopment的用法和搭配nzhen Lions Club, briefed the settlement of the 2019 New Year charity gala. Through thprogressdrawablee jointmaintaining efforts of all lion friends, the New Year charity party was a complete success. Party financial settlement balance.

Zhang Hongxiang, deputy supervisor, briefed the directors onmaintaining什么意思 the revision of the Shenzhen Lions Board of Supervisors system and explwhile引导什么从句ained the revised provisions. Revision of the “shenzhen lions of the boacommon怎么读rd of supervisors system”, this year is one of the key work of the boardprogress可数吗 of supervisors, icommonalityn order to strengtfourth缩写hen the system construction, improve the supeboardrvision mechanism, Zhwhile用法eng Defourth-gradegang supervisors and members of the board of supervisors before and after three months, aftprogressdrawableer dozedevelopment可数吗ns of timefourth缩写s of discussion and revision, finally complcommonly翻译eted the refourth翻译vision of the “shenzhewhile语句n lions of the board of supervisors system”.

Du Hengkun, secretary general of The Shenzhen Lions Club, briefed on the salary management system of tboard什么意思翻译he office and the change of residence address of shenzhen Lions Club registratprogressive是什么意思ion certificate.

Luo Jinsong, Chifourth用英语怎么说ef Financial Officer, briefed the reimbursement method and implementation of the service team funds, and introseekingduced the service and administrative expenses of Shenzhen Lions Clubfourth怎么读 from July 2018 to January 2019. As of Januastability是什么意思英语ry 31, the service expenses and administrative expenses of Shenzhenfourth造句 Lions Club were normal. In order to strengthen the fund management of the club and standardize the reimbursement procedures, the meeting deliberated and approved the “Shenzhen Lions Club Fund reimbursement Method (draft)”, hoping to improve the fund reimbursement work from the system, so that the financial work of the Club is more standardized and efficient.

President Tan Fei briefed on the prepmaintaining怎么读acommonlyrations for the fourth Huashi Festival. “We are all Dream pursuers” The 4th Lions Festival of Shenzhenwhile循环语句用法 will be held on March 31 in Lianhuashan Pfourth-gradeark, featdevelopment的用法和搭配uring healthy activities such as mountaineering, tug-of-war, kitcommonnesse flying and sseek怎么读quare dancing. At the samecommonwealth time, diabetes education, free diagnosis, and oseekgirlfog1完整攻略ther community services will be carried out. We hope you will actively support the Festival and mobilize the lion friends to participate in it.

Onseekgirl behalf ocommonplacef the Board of Supervisorstability是什么意思英语s, Supprogressdrawableervisor Gao Ling expressed his opinions on supervision and praised the rigorous, efficprogress什么意思iendevelopment是可数名词吗t, harmonious and pragmatic process of the whmaintaining怎么读ole meeting.commonplace He informed the Council of its attendance and gave supervisorboard是什么意思y adcommonnessvice on the contents of its meetings.

President Ma Minstability summed up the meeting. First of all, she thanked all the council members for their support to the 17th Meboard翻译mber Congress. In the yeardevelopment怎么读 of cleaning up and reorganizing, the council members set an examplestability翻译 and spread the ideas of lions Club with their positive ability, and effectively voted through the items undfourth造句er considerafourth翻译tion at the board meeting. Secondly, she thanked thedevelopment翻译 members oprogress进度条f the Board of Supseek是什么意思ervisors for their support of the wocommon翻译rk of the board of Supervisors this year and completed the rcommon怎么读evision of the board of Supervisors system, whicprogressiveh enabled the valuable experieseek翻译nce of the boarfourth-graded of Supervcommonplaceisors to be passed on and laid a foundation for the future development ocommon是什么意思f liprogress可数吗ons Club.

The meeting was attended by 34 directors including President Mfourth怎么读a Min, former President Tian Wangxing, First Vice Presidfourth的基数词ent Weng Hua, Secretary General Du Hengkun, Finance Chief Luo Jinsong, Chief Exeprogressdrawablecutive Guo Yongyong, Chief Inspector Peng Daojian and Deputy Secretarboardwalky Zheng Guopiboardng. Mr. Zhang Hongxiang, deputy supervdevelopment是可数名词吗isor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Wang Daoming, Mr. Chen Zong, Mr. Chmaintainingen Qiufen, Mr. Gao Ling, Mr. Cao Haihong, Mr. He Xinru, and Mr. Zhang Guojun, foprogress翻译rmer prestability翻译sidefourthlynt and chairman of district Annual Meeting committee, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Genfourth的基数词eral Affairs Director Guo Yongyong.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

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