Help dream sail for love — Shenzhen Lions Club’s activities for the disabled entered Shenzhen Longgang District Sports Center

Help dream sail for love — Shenzhen Lions Club’s activities for the disabled entered Shenzhen Longgang深圳大学 District Spodream我的世界rts Center

On March 6, 2019, Ma Miactivities翻译n, prdream我的世界esiddisabled造句简单带翻译ent of Lions Club of Shenzhen, led the lions friends to longgclub是什么意思ang Sports Center of Shenzhen to visit the disabled athletes of the National telions翻译am who will participate in the 2019 Para深圳风险等级lympic Track Cycling World Championships, and presented them with Lunar New Year’s greetings and condolence money. The service fund was 20,000 YUAN.

Shenzhelovely翻译n disabled persons’ federation Song Rui, group xuan (right), vice didisabled造句简单rector of department researcher Dong Lanzhi, shenzhen association for the disabled sports Zhong Xiaoyuan ldisabled造句简单带翻译ee ka ho, general secretlove直直播appary, Presidelove is gone英文翻译nt of shelovely什么意思nzhedreamn lions in 2018-201clubman是什么牌子车9, Ma Min, secretary-general Du Hengkun, dean of general affair Guo Yongyong, chairman of the zone Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, yun-peng zhao, chairman of the partition, Luo Junping, assistive commit赛乐赛tee chairmalove直播手机版app下载n Luo Guanqihelp是什么意思英文翻译 for povertyactivities音标 alleviation, Executive chairman Chen Xuanbin, Ssailu Jianhua and more than 60 people attended the evhelplessent.

Song Rui, vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lions Club of Shenzhen, expressed h塞来昔布is gratitude to the lion friends of Lions Club of Shenzhen, and acknowledged the work of Liolion是什么意思中文翻译ns Club of Shenzhen in sup深圳市最新疫情portin深圳天气g the disabled for a lon塞来昔布g tihelpfulme. Hlions是什么意思e hoped that more caring people i深证指数n the colion是什么意思中文翻译mmunclub用英语怎么说ity shoulshenzhend take the initiative to care for the disabled peoactivitiespclubmedle around them, truly understand their needs, and make their own contributions to the disabled people. Finally, he mobilized the athletes who participated in the Paralympic track cycling World Championships.

Thank Song Rui Ma Min chairman, deputy director of the support, she said, very honored to come into contact with such a group of excellent athletes, they each pay, each bactivities和activity的区别ehind a st塞来昔布unning achievement, has huge perseverance and persistencdreame beyond imagination, because of their strong and hard, to complete a lot of ordinary people can’t do, they are the real dreloveam catcher, is the pride of the motherland, Expect better results from them.

At the scene of the event, lion friends ddisabled造句istributed cdisabled电脑ondolence money and gifts to the athletes. Iactivities用英语怎么说t is reporlovely什么意思ted that the presence of nearly 30 disabled athletes, almost all world-class champions. The 2019 Paralympic Track Cycling World Championships will be held in The Netherhelp怎么读lands. Vice Director Song Rui will lead the athletes to participate in the competition and win the honor for the motherland.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

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[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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