Growing in Learning — The first phase of the training for junior lecturers was successfully held

Learn to grow

— The first phase of training for junior lecturers was successfully held

From Decemberphase翻译 22 to 23, 2018, lions Club Shenzhen held the 2018-2019 Junior Lecturer training in Damei Shayalan Hotel. After an opwashen, fair and impartial collection and selection, 14 current or former tephase-downam leaders participated in thefirst翻译 trainphase翻译ing, 1 lecturer participated in the training, and 6 mewasn’tmbers from ALxa SEE Ecological Association also joined the trailecturersninjunior几年级g. Wang Danya, deputy head of the lecture Group, is the head teacher of this training, and Fang Mansong, deputy head of the lecture Group, is the chief lecturer.

Ontraining造句简单 the mjunior台湾艺人orning of 2firstname填姓还是名2nd, the students arrived at thefirst training site on time, with exlearningenglishwithgrammar翻译citjuniorement into the tense and orderly learning.

Lu Zhiqiang, thefirstly second Vice Presidensuccessfullyt of Lions Club shenzhen for 2018-2019, introduced the develolearning怎么读pment of Lions Club Shenzhen, extengrowing upded a warm wtraining翻译中文elcome to alashan members, and highly praised thewas怎么读 preparatory work and course arrangement of this training. Fang Mansong, deputy head of the delegation, introducedgrowing是什么意思 in detail the two-day course arrangement, the division of labor of the lecturers and the learning tasks of the sfirst nametudents. Rong Jing, depujunior怎么读ty secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen and head of the teacher’s group, and Wang Danya, head teacher of this traininlectures是什么意思g,lectures gphase电机ave a pep talk respectfirstlyively, encouraging the students to improve themselves continuously, to complete the assessment, and to become true lectujuniorhighschoolrers for the devtraining造句简单elopment ofphaser Lions Club and the teacher’s Group.

Ms. Rong Jing gave a lecture on “The Skills of Expretraining造句简单ssion”, explaining the basic speech skgrowingills that a tragrowingupwith英语作文ining lecturer should havtraining什么意思e from the aspects of eye contact, voice and voice expression, body movements and gestures. Wu Zhifirst翻译jian, deputy head of the teaching group, gave a lecture on “Using visual AIDS”, summarized and analyzed the advalearning和studying的区别ntages and disadvantwas怎么读ages of all kinds of AIDS, andlecture是什么意思英语 guided students to experience the fun of makphaseing charts and PPT in practical operation, and experience the application methods of visual AIDS.

After dinner, the studejunior用法nts’ enthusiasm for learning was still high. The lecturer, Yi Dongsheng, uses interactive gamelearning翻译s to teach students how to letraining衣服品牌ad a team through fun and laughter.

On The 23rd, the students took turns to give a trial lecture by drawingsuccessfully是什么意思英语 lots. Each student gave alecturer是什么意思 five-minute trial lecture as a “lecturer”phaser3117, with comments and guidanctraining翻译中文e from Rong Jing, Yi Dongshphase-downeng and Huang Yiqun. After the trial lecture, the students sit on the comment table and comment on the next trial lecture. One minute on stage, ten years of work off stage. In order to prefirst翻译成中文sent a more perfect speech, the stwassupudentsphase did not dare to relax, repeatjunior台湾艺人edly modify PPT before the trial lecture, seize the time to practice, and constantly find problems and solve problems. Through the teacher’s comments and the comparison with other students’training翻译 speeches, evwasheryone found their owasn’twn shortphase翻译colecturesmings and secretly decided to study harder to become a qualified instructor.

Then, Wang Danya, dtraining什么意思eputy leader of the lecture “Characteristics of Adult Learners”, from the perspective ogrowing upf adult learners, explained in detailearningl suitable fgrowinglyor adult lphase电机earniwasng requirlearning的音标ed courses aphase outnd strategies, let the studenlectures是什么意思ts understand the characteristics of aphase翻译dult learners.first青年电影展 Starting with a series of questions, lecturer Yiqun Huang iphase什么意思ntroduced interactive Learning, in which students learned the skills to make the classroom atmlearning chocolateosphlearning翻译ere and better connect wijunior翻译th studentwasn’ts through active interaction and participation. Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice presidenwast of ccPIT Xiamen, delivered a lecfirst翻译ture entitled “Basic Theory of Training”, which started from an in-depth analysis of the difference bewas怎么读tween education and training, gradually guided everyone to understsuccessfully是什么意思and the advantages and disasuccessfully是什么意思dvantages of different teaching methods, and shared valuable experience on how to maintain the enthusiasm of a lecturer, improve himself alearningngrowingupwith英语作文d improve the course in the course of continuous desigrowing翻译gn and development.

The fragrantraining怎么读ce of plum blossom comesjunior翻译 from bitter cold. Two days and one night training quicklphase电机y passed, but ttraining翻译中文hesuccessfully是什么意思 students are stilllearningmallxjtlu reluctant to part, immersed in the happy learning atmosphere. On the way back, the students couldn’t wait to express thjunior台湾艺人eir thoughts on the training, highly recognized the practicability of the training, expressed their hesuccessfully翻译artfelttrainingpeaks regrowingiospect to the lecturers, and thanked the training assistants Zhou Fuhui, Ma Feng andtraining翻译 osuccessfullyther shi Friendsjunior怎么读 for theirjunior什么意思 thoughtful service.

It is reported that the second stage of the 2018-2019 Lions Club shenzhen Junior Instructor training will be held from January 19 to 20, 2019. Students must attend both stages of the training and pass the assessment before they canwaste successfullylecturers complete the courslecturer是什么意思e. Lions friends, let’s cheer for these “would-be lecgrowing翻译turers”, wish them to keep breaking through their learning, inject new energy into the league with wisdom and love, and contribute to a more brilliant tomorrow of Shenzhen Lions Club.

【 Text 】 Shenshi News Agency zhao Annie

[Photo] Zhou Fuhui

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Xin Yang

[Issued] Shenzhen Lionjuniorhighschools Club Office

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