Red Licheng Service Team: hold the second team meeting and regular meeting of the year 2019-2020

The red August brings together the color of fire, expresses the feelings of soldiers, is permeated with the breath of youth, and flows the thick family affection…… On August 25, 2019, the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lioyear是什么意思ns Club Red Litchi Syear是什么意思ervice Team 2019-2020 wreduceas held in Longhua Hall of Guohui Hoteholdingl, People’s Building, Futian District. Shenzhen Lions Club Vice supervisor Zhang Jian, GLT executive Chaihold键是什么功能rman Rong Jing, Red Li service team leader Long Yali, last teaservicem leader Liu Xiaoning, first vice captairegular的名词n Wu Guicheng, second vice captain Liang Yidong, third vice captain Zhang Ying, secretary Liang Wenjuan, finance Yang Li and other 2teams会议4 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jian and Zhong Yun.

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At the team meeting, Long Yali, the team leader, arranged the service funds set for 2019-2hold020, and the lmeeting翻译ions reached a consensus on fun里程碑draising.redundant

At the regular mereductionetihold过去式ng, Lomeeting的音标ng Yalredi first reported the publicity and training of “721” District Meetinsecond怎么读g, “730” districyear翻译t meeting changing activities,secondhand “810” second and fourth district lion training and exchange, “811” “Ssecondscreen下载henzhen Lion Fusionhold Cup” joint assistance activities for the disabled and visit the red Li Service team lion friend Zhang Ying’s five-bodmeetingtencentcomy ball company and other recent lion affairs. At the same time,meeting怎么读英语 she informed the membserviceers of the next work focus of the red Li Service team in Oyearningctober, shservice怎么读aanxi educatregularizationion activities and shenzhen Lions Club “100 teamsecond怎么读 lions” plan, and urged the lion friends tmeeting翻译o actively particiyearpate in the service activities. Captain Long Yali awarded the lions International Medal to zhang Jian,hold是什么意思 Yang Li, Yao Xiaozhong, Chen Meihua, Rong Jing,teampro Huang Yiqun, Ran Xiaofeng and other lion friends of the Rregular什么意思ed Li Semeeting翻译rvice team.

Wu Guicheng, the chairman of the general Assembly at the inauguration ceremony, made a summary of the changinghold过去式 of the Term of The Red Li Service Team and commented that the changing of the term of theregularity red Li Service teregularam had set a new record in terms of form, scale and number of participants. He thanked the preparation group for the changing of the term and all the lion friends for their strong support. Subsequently, Liu Xiaoning, Long Yali for the lion friends issued a thank-you note.

The strong growth of honhold过去式g Lai Service team is inseparable from the dedication and generosity of lion friends. Fregular什么意思inance Yaredundantng Li reported the funsecondarydraising plan of this year’s activities, and the conference presidents Zhang Jian and Zhong Yun actively mobilized. Under the leadership of long Yali captain, lion friends enthusiastically donate love, the scene atmosphere is warm.

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After the meeting, the participants celebrated the birthdsecondlove日剧ay of the lion friends that month, and everyone was immersed in joy and happiness. I would like to express my gratitude to all the red Litchi fans for theirlicheng great love and dedication, and to the lions Club of Shenzhen and other service teams for their support. In the New Yearregularity of the Lion, let’s make persiredmi是什么手机stent efformeetingtencentcomts, continue to prameeting是什么中文意思ctice the spmeetingsirit of “Four out”, and make a contributiolichengn to public welfmeeting翻译are.  

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Article/photo & haveteamwork shold翻译pent Contributed by Hong Lai Service Teaservice的名词m

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