Standardized procedures for the changing ceremony of The Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team

Standardized procedures for the changing ceremony of The Shenzhen Lions Club Serviceceremony Team

&nbclubmed官网预订sp;           I. Basic tips:

            1. Confirm the venue an深圳地铁线路图d cchanging怎么读英语eremony time:teamwork please communicate with the shenzhen Lions Club officlionsgatee in advance to confirm the time schedule of the executive directors and select the corresponding date to ensure the深圳疫情 attendance raceremony怎么读te of the directors and executive directors;

&teamviewernbsp;           2. Make invitation letter andceremony复数形式 send notice: please send notice at least 10 days iceremony怎么读n advance (written invitation, email or SMS), and arrange special personnel to follow up the situation of the invitedprocedure是什么意思英语 participants onchanging怎么读e week in advance. Details of the time and venuclub是什么意思e of the ceremony;

    &nbchanging是什么意思英语sp;       3, material preparation a深圳天气nd venue layout: according to the number of particip深圳市最新疫情ants to determine the number of seatstandardized是什么意思s three days in advanc深圳e, and appropriate reservation of seats (it is suggested to add one or two in the booceremony和celebration的区别king base). Arrange acoustics (must深圳风险等级 not make do, acoustics is the prerequisite for the success of the ceremony), ready funstandardizedor the projector, computers and data of photographic camera equipment, two days in advance of the cservice是什么意思eremony made cerprocedure是什么意思英语emony backceremony的名词ground banner, and six hoursprocedures是什么意思 before the latest installteamsation in place prior to the ceremony, arranged at the same time the natichanging是什么意思onal flag, flaclub是什么酒g, speech, gifts, MEDALS and putceremony同义词 the position;

        &nceremony造句bsp;   4, seaticeremony同义词ng arrangement and matters for attention: acclub用英语怎么说cordteams会议ing to lions convention, if there are official officials present, consider domestic cusceremony造句tom (i.e. invited gceremony翻译uests according to “ Left for honour & throughout; Seating arrangements); If no official is present, the ranking goes tteam是什么意思翻译o “ Right for honour & throughout; ;

            5. Check and confirm the ceremochanging用英语怎么说ny suppliteams手机版es: national flag (national anthechanging翻译成中文m preparation), conference flag (lions英语怎么读conference song preparation), conference bell, bell hammer, background banner, audio, backgrounchanging是什么意思中文d music, wireservice的名词less mic, projector, computer, information, gceremony复数形式ifts, MEDALS, etc.;

            6, meeting chair and personnel arrangement: the chairman of the conference, executive chairman, host and lines preparation (pay special attention to the accurate and sequencceremony是什么意思e ochanging用英语怎么说f guest introduction, before the opening must ask the host to submit the guest list to the chairman oceremony怎么读f the conference for its unit, poteam什么意思sition, name audit).

  &nbteambitionsp; &ceremony用什么介词nbsp; Ii. Basic Process:

      1. The host took the stage to make his opening remarks

  &nservice翻译bsp;   2, The chairman of the meetteam什么意思ing tolled the bell

 深圳大学     3, The National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China

      4, Play the Lions Club song (omitted if official)

      5, Invite the chairman to the stage [Entrance music]

      A, the chairman of the conference deliverelionsd A welcome speech

      B. Introduce the guests according to lions Club etiquettclub怎么读e ruleteams会议s (the new first Vice President will be the president of the convention, if the change iceremony的名词s joint, all the firstlions怎么读 vice presidents are required to appear on stage)

      6, Summary of the work of the current president

      7, Make financial report for current finance (administclubration and service expenses)

    (If several will be jointly changed, each wiceremonyll be in order)

    &procedures怎么读音发音nbsp; Eight, Honor: & hservicemanave slion是什么意思中文翻译pent

      A, Member recochanging用英语怎么说gnition;

      B, Thanks to the Brothers Service team and the rest of the community and businesses

      (The position of the group photo: pay attentioclubman是什么牌子车n to the right side of the platform, facing the platform)

      (Signed name of the thank-you note: Shenzhen Lions Club *** Service Club, signed by the current president)

      9, Speech by the Current Governor

      10, Handover Ceremony & NBSP;

      A, the first ribbon, the second bell hammer

    &standardized翻译nbsp;   (The current achanging翻译成中文nd next presidents take office at the same time; Both the current and the new director come to the stage to witness)

       teamo (Group photo position: on the left of the platform of the current governor and the currentservice是什么意思 president, on the right of the platform of the new governor深圳地铁线路图 and the new President)

&nbspteams;     B. Work handover ceremony of the service team: signing handover forms of personnel, financiteamvieweral, material and service activiceremony的音标ties

         ceremony怎么读 (Group photo of the director aservice的名词nd the current president, on the lelions读音ft side of the platform, and on the right side of the platform of the new director and the new president)

    &nbspservice是什么故障灯; C. Pceremony的名词ay tribute to the last president and all council members: applause, flowers and gifts

      11, New President’s speech: Work plan andceremony和celebration的区别 outlook; Introducing the new members of the Council; Statemenchanging是什么意思英语ts by council members (representatives); Leo constandardizegratulations.

            &nbslions翻译中文p; (Group photo: The new director takes a group photo with the new members of the board)

      12, New members pledge: under the leadership of the new (waiting) deputy dirservicebioector, under the supervision of the new (waiting) director and the previous director, old memberschanging翻译 to wclub用英语怎么说ear the new members badges

           teampro     (Standing position: the new member faces the audience, on the right side of the platform, the leader promises theclub翻译 new (waiting) to the left of the dprocedure是什么意思英语eputy directoclubmed官网预订r station, and the supervisor station to the rightservice的名词)

    &nprocedures翻译bsp; 13, The new (waiting) governor speaks

      14, Leader深圳大学s of other units, enterprise representativesstandardize, etc

&nbsteambitionp;     15, Members take phceremony的名词otos with guests

      16, The president oclub是什么酒f the conference gave a speech of appreciation, rang the bell and adjouceremony同义词rned theclubmed meeting (all the presidents of the conference took the stage tstandardizedogeclubman是什么牌子车ther with the change of term)

     lions怎么读 Tipclubmed官网预订: A. If the term is changed jointly, all projects shall be completed in turn according to their respectivteam什么意思e servicteambitione teams.

                B, stage hosts and speakers stchanging怎么读andardize language: Domestic Liolions翻译ns A深圳疫情最新动态ssociation, Shenzhen Lions Club, se深圳天气rvice team and so on.

         ceremony怎么读       C. Unified text and logo of background bservice是什么故障灯anner and meeticeremony是什么意思ng agendprocedures是什么意思a.

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