Shenzhen Lions Club love Service Team held the sixth regular meeting of 2011-2012

Shenzhen Lions Club love Service Team held the sixth regular meeting of 2011-2012

      &nbslions翻译中文p;     On March 5, 2012, the sixth regular meeting of Poai Service Team from 2011 tteamo 2012 was held in Yiphutian Tea Artlions翻译 House iregularityn Nanshan Disregular的名词trict. This meeting is the fclub怎么读irst regular meeting since it opened, and it is presided over by Brother Meng Chuanming.
            2011-2012 President Zhang Feng Shi brother rang the bservice的名词ell for the meeting. The meeting first summarized thsixthirtye charitable activities during the first half of 2011-2012, including the progress of the prlionsgateoject of Linzhai Lions Club nursing Home in Heyuan County,held the situation of helping 60 poheld的意思是什么or students, the changsha car accident family love prclub是什么酒oject initiated by director Chang Jing Shi Jie, the cancer patient relief project initiated by picketing Xu Chaoclubman是什么牌子车yin Shi Brother, And discussed the third vice president Lin Xiaohong shijie initiated & LDquo; Guangan Guangming Hang & RDquosixth读音; The project. At the same time, wesixth的基数词 warmly welcomed brother Yanserviceableg Chunqiu, a newservice是什么意思中文翻译 member, and listened to his wonderful speech.
&nbheld中文sp;           A total of 15 p深圳大学eople attended the meeting. The founding president Zhang Zhihe Shi, the first vice President Li Siming Shi, the secretary Su Youhua Shteamworki, the finance Li Yushi Sister, Deng Shao-bo Shi and Qi Kelin Shi made speeches and put forward their valuable osixth翻译pinions and suggteam什么意思estions respectively.
            Finally, the sixth regular melionseting of 2011-2012 of Shenzhen Lions Clovealarmlub love Selionsrvice Team was successsixth翻译fully concluded.love直播手机版app下载


By Su Youhua


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