Code of conduct for shenzhen Lions Club members

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 with a  For the standard, healthy and orderly development of Lions Club shenzhen (hereinaftmembershiper referred to as “THE Club”), this code of conduct for lions club Shenzhen is forclub翻译mulated in accordance with national laws and regulmembers的中文意思ations, the arconductingticles of association of Lions Club Oflions翻译 China (hereinafter referrclub是什么酒ed to as “the Club”), the code of conduct for lions Club shenzhen and other rules and regulations for all members to observe.


Chapter II Code of Conduct for Members

Aconduct的名词rticle 2:conduct翻译  Love the motherland, suppcode是什么意思ort the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations, rules and regulations, national policies and rules and rmembersegulatcodewvwvj绿巨人网站ions of the Federation, practice core socialist values, and promote the traditional virtues oflion是什么意思 the Chinese nation;lion是什么意思 It深圳 shall abide bconductivey the principles of legality, voluntariness, good faith and non-profit making, and shall not v深圳疫情最新动态iolate public order and good customs, endanger nmembersational security, social public ilion是什么意思nterests or the lawful rights and interests of others.

Article 3 the  Members should abide by tconduct翻译he purpose of “helping others and servclub怎么读ing the society”, be modest and comity, understand, tolerate and respect each other, advocate positive thinking, positivelylions读音 affirm, encourage and praise members, be objective and fair, anconductor中文意思d trconductingeat things rather than people; Personal grievances should not be brough深圳疫情最新动态t into the club; No public quarrels and fights, no cliques and cliquesmembership翻译; Do not atmembers marktack, abuse, slander members; No gossip, no rumors, no rumors.

Article 4.lions翻译中文  Members should cocode243930nsciously regulate their words深圳地铁线路图 alions翻译nd deeds to maintain the image of lions club members and the collective honor of limembership什么意思啊ons Club. Do not spread the speech that is harmful to the image of the Association, do not engage in illegal crimes, violate public order and good customs, damage the interests of the society and others in the name of the association, do not do anything harmful to the image ofconductor中文意思 the Association; Any information that may damconductedage the icode_chwkzmagcodese and interests of the Council深圳天气 shall be promptly reported to the Council.

Article 5.  They are not allowed to engage in or participate in activities that eclub用英语怎么说ndanger national security and social and public interests, accept donamemberstions that violate laws and regulations or social ethics, and attach conditiomembers翻译ns that violate laws and regulations or social ethics to beneficiariesmembers mark.

Article 6.  Shall notmembersdrcfxcom conduct fundraising activities in the name of charity or organization to defraud property; It is not allowed to privately divide, misappropriate, intercept or seize charity prlions的音标operty; Change the use of the donated plionsroperty aglions读音ainst the donor’s will; Illegal fundraising shall not be permit深圳市最新疫情ted; Commercial bribery or kickbacks shall not be acc深圳epted.

Article 7.  When the puconductrpose and beneficiary of the donated property amembers markr深圳市最新疫情e agreed with the donor, an interested party of the donor shall not be appoi深圳风险等级nted as the beneficiary. Public welfare donations shall not be used to publicize products and matters prohibited by law in any way.

Ar深圳风险等级ticle 8.  Respect the personal dignitmembership什么意思啊y of beneficiaries and volunteers wheconductorn providing services; Privacy of benefclub翻译iconductiveciariclubmed官网预订es and volunteers shall not be infringed upon; State and commercial secrets shall not belion是什么意思 divulged.

Article 9.  Pay membshenzhenership dues and administrative expenses on time, fulfill donation commitments in accordance with remembership什么意思啊gulations and do not commit to fraudulent donation.

Article 10 the & have spent Do not use the name and logo of Lions Club International, Lions Club Federation and Lions Club Shenzhe深圳风险等级n witholions读音ut authorization. Th深圳疫情最新动态e lions logo and organization name shall深圳地铁线路图 not be used for any commercial, non-Lions activities, or other non-Lions activities.

Article 11.  Members shall operate in a legal manner, compete in a healthy wayconductive, manage in a standardized mlions英语怎么读anner, and adhere to mutual benefit, common development,深圳大学 scientific development and sustainable decode翻译成中文velopment. Membersconduct是什么意思 shalclubl conduct bu深圳大学siness in accordance with the law of market value, uphold the spirit of honesty and tlion是什么意思rustwomembers markrthiness, equal value and compensation contract, fu深圳疫情最新动态lfill the obligation of careful review,深圳天气 and abide by the law.club用英语怎么说

Arclubman是什么牌子车ticle 12.conductor  Thmembersdrcfxcome association does not intervene in com深圳mercial activities among members, nor does it encourage commercial activities such as crowdfunding, lendiconductor中文意思ng, cooperation, etc. Commercial activities among members have nothing to do with the association.

Article 13.  In lion activities, dress and wear badges accordclubmeding to regulations; Do not enter entertainment pmemberslaces or participate in activities that may damage the image of the clubmembersmark啥牌子 while wea深圳市最新疫情ring our clothes. To consciously abide by the activities of the discipline, on time, do no深圳疫情最新动态t be late for no reason; To listen carefully, not whisper not walk at will; When meeting, adjust the mobile phone to vibclub翻译rate state, do not let the mclub用英语怎么说obile phone make a sound in the meeting place; Members shall be responsmembersdrcfxcomible for the actionmembers的中文意思s of their family members if they take part in lion activities.

Article 14.  It is forcodewvwvj绿巨人网站bidden to make inappropriate remarks in public or through mediacodewvwvj绿巨人网站 and social media (including but not limited to Weibo, wechat, QQ, etc.conduct翻译), insult, scode是什么意思lander, slander, malicious attack on Lions Clubs including Federmembersdrcfxcomation and WWF, and prohibit any other words and deeds that may damage the organizationmembership.

Article 15club是什么酒.  Except for the service team exchange group and service project exchange group, it is forbconductedidden for members to create wechat group with the words “Shenzh深圳疫情最新消息en Lilion是什么意思中文翻译ons Club” and “Shenzhen Lions” as the name of group chat without the approval of the Association.

Article 16.&nbspmembership; Members responsible for management responsibilities include but are not limited to council members, supervisory board membeclubmed官网预订rs, former president, spconduct是什么意思ecial assistant to president, advisor, members of prof深证指数essional working orglions英语怎么读anizations, servconductanceiccode翻译e team leaders, etc. The above-mentioned members shalcode翻译l set an example and lead by example.

(1) Not to use public office fconduct的名词or selconduct的名词fismembership翻译h ends or seek personal benefits by taking advantage of his position;

(2) Shall not damage the interests of the federation and the深圳市最新疫情 beneficiaries or thcode翻译e public interests through related party transactions;

(3) Not to bribe elections or falsely accuse malicmembers翻译iousconductive election campaigns;

(4) Do not exclu深圳风险等级de others, form cliques, seal official wishes, wanton cliqueclubmed culture.

Article 17.  Under the folclub用英语怎么说lowing circumstances, thlions是什么意思e management responsibilities of深证指数 the Associatconduct的名词ion shall not be assumed:

(1) He has been sentenced to a criminal punishment for a crime and the period of execution of the criminal punishment has not been more than 5 years;

(2) compulsory measurconductor中文意思es are taken in accordcodewvwvj绿巨人网站ance with the Criminal Procedure Law or the State supervision Law, such as detention, arrest, bamembership翻译il pending trial, residential surveillance and detention period;

(3) Have been expelled from the Party or punished by public office for less than fmembership翻译ive yelions怎么读ars;

(4) being included in the list of serious law-breaking and trust-breaking.

For those who are unab深圳疫情最新消息le to undertake the management resposhenzhennsibilities of themembers association under the above circumstances and still run for election or have already held the above positmembers怎么读ions, the Associlions怎么读ation has the right to cancel their qualification formembersdrcfxcom election oclub怎么读r suspend their power, and remove them from theicodewvwvj绿巨人网站r posts according to relevant procedures.


Chapter III Execution and Handling

Articonductancecle 18深证指数.  This meconductivembership criteria is implemenconductingted by the Council.

Article 19.  Those who violate this membership criteria sh深圳天气all be dealt with according to the following procedures:

(I) For the members, the leader team of the service team shall put fconductanceorconductiveward the handclub是什么意思ling suggestions and submit th深圳天气em to the disciplinary Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club. The disciplinary Committee shall put foclub用英语怎么说rward the handling suggestions and submit them to the standing council or the Council of Shenzhen Lions Club.

(2) For the members who are responsible for the management of lions Club, the boarconductor中文意思d of Lions Club of Shenzhen s深圳疫情最新动态hall vote for the approval and report to the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, muni深圳天气cipal Social Organization Administration Bureau, Lions Club and Lions Club International for the record.

Article 20.  Me深圳疫情mbers who violate this cclubman是什么牌子车ode may be dealt with in the following ways:

Admonish, admocode20454nish, admonish, adlions读音mo深圳疫情nish, admonish, admonish, admonish If the circumstances are bad and the club is suspected of violati深证指数ng laws and crimes, shenzhen Lions Club will investigat深证指数e the legal liability.

Thecode243930 expullions翻译sion decision proposed by the clu深圳疫情最新动态b shall be approved by the board of directors of the club amembers是什么意思nd reported to the federation and Lions Club International for the record.

Article 21&nconductingbsp; The member who refuses to accept the treatment shaconductancell appeal to the board of su深圳天气pervisors of the association withmembershipin 7 days. The board of supervisors of tmembers怎么读he Associaclubtion will make a decision to maintain the situation if it is true after investigation and verification; If the situation is not truelions英语怎么读, can be proposedclubmed官网预订 to the council to deal wilions英语怎么读th the propmembers翻译osal, request to be corrected, the council vote after the effective.


Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions

Article 22  The council reserves the right to intercodepret this code of conduct.

Article 23  This code of conduct will come into force upon approval by the first Board of Directors of Lions Club shenzhen 2019-202club是什么意思0 on October 15, 2019.

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