Reprint | shenzhen lions bianfudong donors helping xianyou 28 senior high school students

1|Xianyou county to Xiamen to carry out investment promotion activities

2|Xianyou countysenior翻译 held a special lecture on civil Code of the People's Republic of China

3|"Cross-strdonor和donator的区别ait love Harvest Ode" Xianxianyouyou County in 2020 domestic fardonor是什么意思mers harvest festival will be held in Duwei town

4|Xianyou: Chelpingothersmakesmehappyheongsam dresselion是什么意思d i深圳大学n rice fields to celebrate tlionsgatehe farmers' harvest festlion是什么意思ival

5|Xianyou: Medical po深圳风险等级pularization activities into the countrdonoraticoysidonor和donator的区别de

6|Xianyou: carry out Thanksgivin蝙蝠冬眠吗g inspirational help and education to help the delinquent youth return

7|Shenzhen Lions Club donated money to help 28 highelping.是什么意思h school students in Xianyou

8|News hi先游app下载ghlights :(1) putian'sdonor怎么读 ppreprintlay Lin lodonoratico女装品牌ngjiang won the third prize of the ninth hundsenior是几年级red flowers literary award of fuji深圳风险等级an pdonors翻译rovince; (2) Xianyou Duwei Wendan pomelo is scheduled to be mined osenior翻译n September 28! (3) Free pre-pregnancy healthy health examination and thalassemia screening is coming! (4) Everyone knows! The seventh national census was officially launched in November.

Source:Xi西安邮电大学研究生院anyou Radio and TELEVISIsenior和juniorON Station

Editor: Chbianfudongen Yefan

Original link:lion是什么意思 Xianyou News on September 22, 2020

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