Serving Peace -- The 2019-2020 Peace Poster Award Ceremony and the 2020-2021 Launch ceremony of The Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held

On September 19, 2020, the 2019-2020 Peace Poster Award ceremony and the 2020-2021 launch ceremonypeace是啥意思 of The Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Xinghe COCO PARK, Futian District.launch

Shenzhen lions firspeaceful是什么意思t vice President of 2020-2021 Guposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文o Yongyong, secolauncher启动器nd deputy chairman Peng Daojian, long Tpeace翻译an Fei deputy secretaaward和reward区别ry-general, deputy secretary-generalaward怎么读 Fang Shilei, chairman of the second zone Wpeacefulei Xin new, domespostertic lion federation peace theme service teawardingam consultant with keven hsiehawarded, deputy team leader, peace committee chairman Cui Xianfeng poster, executive chairman of jian-bo li, liu jianming, Wei Qiaozhu, More than 30 people attended the meeting, includceremony怎么读ing Qiu Hongying, chairman of the peace Poster Committee for 2019-2020, and representatives from varioupeaceminusones service teams. The meeting was chaired by Cui Xianfeng anservingd meng Chun.

President Qiu Hongying introduced the guests and extended a warm welcome to all of them.ceremony复数形式

Qiu Hongying, Chairman

Chairman Cui Xianfeng introduced thlaunchinge theme and purpose of this year's peace poslaunchter campaign. In 2020-2021, the peace Poster campaign will focus onlaunch翻译 the theme of "Peace in Seceremony的音标rvice" and lay the foundation for peace by building diverse services to serve more peopceremony同义词le in need. Its purpose is to let the childraward是什么意思英语en express their peace ideas and good wishes with the brush,award怎么读 sow the sepeacebird是什么品牌衣服eds of peace in tlaunched的中文意思he children's helaunch什么意思arts, help them to cultivate public welfare ideas, cultivate global concepts, and provide an opportunity forpeaceminusone the children who are extremely talented in the field of art to gain recognition from the international comaward是什么意思英语munity. In adawarddition, the peace posterceremony和celebration的区别 campaign aiceremony怎么读ms to call on all countries and regions in the world to make efforts to create a harmonious worpeace翻译ld and spread the concept of peace. Later, Chairmanposter模板 Cui Xiaserving怎么读nfeng gave a brief explposteranation on the work plan anlaunch怎么读d organizposter翻译ational structure of the Peace Poster Committee, as well as the selection and award setting of the peace poster collection. He highly praised and affirmelaunchd the preparation team for conscientiously, responsiblaward是什么意思英语y and efficiently compleobservingtaward的用法ing the preparatory work.

Chairman Cui Xianfeng. JPG

Guo Yongyong, the first vice president, pointed out that the peace poster is an international project, which is of great significance to cultivate children's lofty aspirations and enhance theposter中文翻译ir vision and pattern. He said that over the years, Shenzhen Lions Club has attached great importance to the peace poster project, hoping to providposter模板e an internreservingational stage foposter英语r childrenaward to show theirposterity talents and realize tlauncher安卓版下载heir dreams of peace through the development and inheritance of the project.launcher启动器 At the same time, he pointed out that in 2019-20, The Lions Club of Shenzhen won the International "Global Award of Excellence" for its great aceremony翻译chievements. He thanked the members of the peace Poster Committee for 201award翻译9-20 and all lions for their joint efforts.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

Fonlauncher启动器g Mansong, the consultant of the peace Theme Service Group, explained the background of the activity around the significance of the peace poster to children, lion friends and society. Focus on explaining time nodes, important rules, key points of evaluation, award Settings and preposter翻译vious works.

Chairman Fang Mansong. JPG

On behalf of the Peace Poster Committee, Chairman Liu Jianming thanked the lion friends for their trust and dedication, as well as all the sponsors for their great support. He believes that with everyone's efforts, this year's peace poster project wilposterl reach a new high, create morpostern下载e meaningful paintings and add a strong contributionpeaceful是什么意思 to world peace.

Liu Jianming, Chairman

During the activity, children painted peace in their hearts on a 15-meter-long scroll, depictpostern下载ing kindness and innocence one stroke at a time. At the same time, the children from tposter海报he co-organizers brought wonderful singing aaward的用法和搭配nd dancing performances, demonstrating with practical actions the children's expectations and yearning for peace in times of peaawardsce.

Iceremony造句n the exciting awaposter是什么意思rd ceremony, the leaders of Lions Club shenzhen prelauncher3sented the certificaaward什么意思teawards of honor to the winning uniabservingts and individuals in the 2019-2020 National Childrenposter中文翻译's Peace poster Contest. All theposter翻译 staff took picturespeacemaker with the scroll.

[Text] Qiu Peng

[Photo] Qiu Peng

[Editor] Maservings是什么意思 Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaward的用法aoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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