The inauguration ceremony of the 2020-2021 president "Cloud" of Lions Club shenzhen was held successfully

Due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the 103rd Lions International Convention could not be held as scheduled. In order to unite liopresidentns around the world on this special occasclubman是什么牌子车ion and build a dream for the future under the theme of "harmony and Diversity", Lions Club Intepresident翻译rnational hosts the inaugupresident是什么意思ral ceremocloudchat安卓下载ny of lions clcloudvivocomubcloudchat directors/presidents around the world through its online inaugural ceremony. On July 1, 202president什么意思中文翻译0, lions ushered in a new lion year. Tclubshe inauguration celion是什么意思中文翻译remony of "Yun", president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2lions怎么读021, was successfully held in the office. Witnessed by the lion friends on site and online, President Lu Zhiqiang took office.


Domestic liceremony用什么介词on f深圳ederation supervpresidentialisors Lin Zicloudyu long, President of shenzhen lions in 2020-2021, zhceremony的名词i-qiang lu, supervisors XiaoXingPing long, focloudvivocomrmlions翻译er President of tian wang xing, ShiJianYong, wu xm, vice supervisor long Tan Fei, dean of general affair Deng Yi, deputy secretary-general Cai Min council, member of the board of supceremony造句ervisors,inauguration翻译 special assistlions怎么读ant to President, service on behalceremony复数形式f of a total of more than 40 people attended the ceremony at the scene. The ceremony was presided overpresident是什么意思中文 by Menglions Chun.



Deputy Secretary-General Fapresident是什么意思ng Shilei introduced the gulions翻译中文ests and thanked the lion friends focloudcampusr witnessing t深圳his historic moment together.深圳市最新疫情


In the exciting online oath ceremony, liclubsons club members learned aboutpresidential是什么意思 the theme alion是什么意思nd slogan of lions Clions怎么读lub International this year and listened to the work plan of Lions Club International this year. Roh Chi-keung, chairman of ccPIT Noh, and Dr. Choi Joong-yeol, president of ccPITpresident什么意思中文翻译 Nlion是什么意思oh, both raised their right fists and took office.


President Lu Zhiqiang deliveclubsred his inaugural speech, thanking the lion friends for witnessing this exciting "Cloud" inaugurationcloudchat ceremony. He said that the ishenzhennaugural ceremony is simple but meaningful. He wilclubsl do his best to abide by the constitution, rules and resolutions of Lions Club shenzhen in the future. I will try my best to build this organization with the 3845 lions of Shenzhen. He also hoped that in the coming days, lion friends can support the workceremony用什么介词 of the new council and specialized work organizations, and togethceremony和celebration的区别er make more contrib深圳天气utions to the people in need of help in society.


Supervisor Xiao Xingping delivered his inaugural speech, saying that he would lead the Bolions是什么意思ard of Supervisors to do their job well and live up to the expectainauguration是什么意思tions of all lion friends. At the same time, sheclouds怎么读 intrpresidential是什么意思oduced th深圳天气at the Board of Supervisors would humbly learn from other regions, introduce good expericlubsence, and constantly improve their working a深圳疫情最新动态bility, striving to acclub是什么意思hiinaugurationeve "zero complaints" in tpresidenthe new Lions Clions是什么意思lub year, and escort the smooth developmclub是什么酒ent of lioinauguration翻译n affairs of Shenzhen Lions Club. She firmlpresidential是什么意思y believes that under the leadership of the Nationlions怎么读allions翻译中文 Lion Acloudvivocomssociation and with the support of all lion friends, the board of Supervisors will be able to do a bettclubmeder job.


Former president Ma Min and Tian Wangxing respectively shared their anecdote about their inauguration at the international Conference. Meanwhile, they congratulated President Lu Zhiqiang on his honorable inauguration. They hoped that lions friends would never forgetclubs thcloudchateir original aspiration, practice their social responsibilities as minauguration翻译astclubmaners, provide assistance to vulnerable groups and do whlion是什么意思at they can forclub怎么读 the soclubmanciety. I also fi深圳疫情最新动态rmly believe that in the new Lion year, under the leadership of the board of directors led by Lupresident是什么意思 Zhiqiang and the escort of the Board of Supervisors led by Xiao Xingping, Shenzhen Lions Club will give full play to the spirit of "joy, responcloudchat安卓下载sibility and goodinauguration是什么意思 deeds", show the unique clions翻译harm of lions Club and create a new chapter.



Supervisor Lin Ziylions怎么读u深圳疫情最新动态 also shared her inaugural ceremony at the convention. She said that this was the first online inauguration ceremony in the 100 years since the flionsgateounding olions翻译中文f Lions Club International, and the wonderful deployment of the president of Lions Club International on the lion work benefited a lot, anclubd the inceremony复数形式auguration of President Lu Zhiqiang encouraged thelions英语怎么读 lion friends深圳风险等级. It doesn't matter how you take office, she said, bu深圳疫情t thpresident造句e mission and recloudvivocom查找手机sponsibiceremony的名词lity will be etched in everyone's mind forceremony用什么介词ever. She hoped that President Lu zhiqiang would take this unique inaugural ceremony to start a new journey of Lions Club shenzhen, and lead the lions to meet the opportuniticlubmedes and challenges of the new era, foclubrge ahead and reach new heights.

Wechat picture _20200703200547.jpg

Zhang Guojun, director of Lions Club International and past president of Lions Club Shenzhen, sent a congratulatory message online to Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of Lions Clubcloudy翻译 Shenzhen for 2020-2021, for taking office in such a special way. Lions in the country, hinaugurationelions怎么读 believes, shenzhen, under the guidance of the lion federation in the new zhi-qiang lupresident是什么意思中文 and director of the team undpresident和chairman区别er the leadership of President, in a long XiaoXingPing supervisors and supervisors team under the escort of innovatiinauguration翻译on in the pass,深圳地铁线路图 forge ahead in innovation, actively play a leading roceremony的名词le in the national lion, make its own contributions to the development of the lion.


Finally, lion friends both online and offline shouted the slogan of "Take responsibility and do goinauguration翻译od", which was exciting. The memorable inauguration ceremony of preslions英语怎么读ident "Cloud" was a success. Locloudy翻译ok forward to lu Zcloudhiqiang leading all lions club members to promoclubman是什么牌子车te shen深圳zhen Lions clublionsgate to move forwclubsard steadlion是什么意思ily and draw aceremony同义词 new blueprint!



L深圳疫情最新消息iang Wenjuan, Shenshi News Agency

Wang Haibin, Chen Weiming & NBSP;

&ceremony同义词nbsp;         &inauguration翻译nbsp;   Office Zhou Wen-guang

[Edit] Annie Zhao, Shenshi News Agency

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Ofcloudfice

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