Notice | about further standardize the service transition meeting notice

Service teams:


In accordance with the notice on Social Organizations' Regular PREVENTION and Control of COVID-19 issued by guangdong Provincial Departmtransition属性ent of Civil Affairs, all social organizations are requifurther怎么读red to strengthentransition-duration epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly control the numnoticeableber of particfurther是什么意思ipants, preveservicemannt clusters of cabout怎么读语音ases, and suspend large-scale activities.

On Juaboutcgne 24, the National Lions Associatiomeetingn isservicemansued an urabout翻译gemeeting怎么读英语nt Notice on The Strict Practice of Frugalization and frugalization of the Meeting, requiring each service teafurther是谁的比较级m to hold the meeting in a four-sttransition英语解释ar hotel or less, and notransitionalt in a scenic spot. It is not allowed to organize banquets and other activities at the changing session anmeeting翻译d the event sitabout后面动词什么形式e. At the sametransition属性 time, the federation pointed out that in thenotice用法 face of the severe COVID-19 sstandardizeituation, the replacement of service teamsabout是什么意思 should strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention requirements, reduce the number of peoplservice是什么意思中文翻译e gathering, strictly control the size and duration of meetings, and resolutely prevent the resurgence of the epidemic.

In order to implement the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department and The Domestic Lion Association, the specific requirememeetingnts are as folmeeting怎么读英语lows based on the actual conditions of thenotice的固定搭配 Association:

1. The service team shall hold a conference-styletransition的动词 change meeting, atransition翻译nd shall not organize a banner-style change meeting. Catering shall not be arranged at the scene of the change event.

2. The totaservice是什么意思中文翻译l number of membersabout怎么读语音 for the new session shall not exceed 50.

Iii. If fundraising activities are held duristandardized是什么意思ng the new session, the fundraising mservice翻译ethods shall be carefully selected under legal and compliance conditions, and the number of peoplnoticee gathered shameetingtencentcomll not exceed 50.

In the past two years, the association has suspended the development of members, and no new members' ininotice是什么意思tiation ceremony shall be held at the new session.

Five, the service cmeetingaptain led this team member in strict accordance with the official, domestic lion federation "about strictly economize fnotice同义词rugal do meeting emergency noticestandardize",aboutcg shenzhen lion "the annual general meeting to be held on service guide" andtransition英语解释 the requirements of this circular transition meeting held, and this service transition meeting planning andnotice overall responsibility.

Vi. Each service team shall report to the office for approval of the changing activities 7 tmeeting翻译o 15 dservicebioays before the meeting, including the timeserviceable, place, agenda, scale, prevention and control measures and methods, eabouttc.

Epidemic prevfurtherentransitionaltion is noabouttime免费观看t relaxed, frugal tree new wind. Let usabouttime免费观看 closely around the bannfurthermore翻译er of "we serve", jointly anotice用法dvocate a new fashion of civilservice怎么读ization and public welfare.

Thank you for your support and understanding!



Shenzhen Lions Cservicemanlub & NBSP;  

8 July 2020

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