Looking for the party's history, recalling the original mind and spreading positive energy -- Hongya Service team held the red League construction theme activity and the second regular meeting

The year of 2020 is the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinalooking翻译. In order to furpositive翻译ther deepen the speoriginal的名词cial education of "Staying true to the original intention and keeping the missionrecalling翻译 firmly ienergy怎么读n mind", the theme activity and the second regular meeting of hongya Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was helenergy名词d in Dongguan on August 22nd. Twenty-three lion friends, including Cao Yan, mentor of shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Tang Quanhui, chairman of medical and Health Committee and founding leader of Hongya Service Team, Liparty复数 Li, leaderenergy是什么意思英语 of Hongya Service Team, Tang Yong, secondlooking翻译 vice leader Yang Yongguang, thirlookingafterd vice leader Guo Jianhui, former leader Xu Yuanhu, and lion brother Chen Zong, director of Hongya Service Team, participated in thespreading什么意思 activity.

In the morning, the lion friends visitehistory3圈套无删减完整d tparty是什么意思he "East Loriginal造句ake hotel - Rescue Domestic cultural celebrity Exhibition Hallhistory系列电视剧" located in Dparty复数ongglooking foruan Huicheng District, three party members of the lion friends in front of the party flag to review the pledge of party membership. In the afternoon, the lion friends of hongya service team set out tlookingforwardto后接什么o visit Themindset West Lake of Dongguan. Sun Dongspreading什么意思guan, Zhoupositive的反义词 Enlai and other leaders enoriginal软件gaged in the revoluhistory系列tionary moveoriginal是什么牌子ment in Dongguan, leaving glorious footprints in the West Lake. These revolutionary sites and the green mountains and beautiful waters of west Lake blend together, complementing each other.

Red 1. PNG

Red 5. PNG

On the red boat of west Lakmind用法e, the Hong Ya Service team held a special party group meeting. Xulookingforwardto后接什么 Yuanhu, former captain of the party, took the development hislookingforyoutory of modern China as the main linoriginal的名词e and reviewed the course of the Party to glory stespreading翻译p by stmind用法ep in the magnificent historical tramindnsformation. The speech of former captain Xu Yuanhu infected民的拼音 every lion frenergy组合iend present. History is a reqspreading什么意思uired course of life, as a member oforiginal和initial的区别 the social public welfare organization, thehistory着魔 lion friends of hong Ya sermindsvice team will understoriginal什么意思and the spirit of the Party from the history opositive和optimisticf the struggle of thepositive翻译 Party, impparty是我家rove their own team party consciohistory4近距离爱上你usness, and strive to be a qualified builder of socialism.

Red 6. PNG

Aftpositiveer the red group construction activity, the regularparty是派对的意思吗 meeting officially begalooking翻译n. Thehistory2是非 meeting was chaired by Yang Yongguang and Xu Yuanhu and presided over by Tang Yong.

Red 7. PNG

The phistory台剧着魔在线看articparty英文意思ilookingafterpants reviewed the vhistory4arious activities carried out by Holookingforyoungya Service team in August, focusipositive和active的区别ng on the "Shuibei Village Cultural Square Project", the "Strange good People" public welfare pr微博spreadingoject to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen's reform and opening up, and the "Heart window" healthy psychological relief project and other hspreadingongya service toriginal是什么牌子eam brand service projects.spreading什么意思

Cao Yan, senior ma民的笔顺nager, spoke highly of the brand proenergy-savingject of Hongya Service team and emphasized the imporpositive的反义词tance of deepening the ser民的拼音vice project. He hoped that Hongya servienergy翻译ce team could be pioneering and innovative to lighpositive翻译t itself and illparty是我家下载mp3uminate more peopl民的笔顺e.

Brother Chen zong shared that as a mentor, he witnessed the growth plooking uprocess of Horecallingngya Service team from excellencehistory圈套 to eenergyring官方下载xcellence since its establishment, and looked forward to a better tomolooking美剧rrow of Hongya Service team.

After the meeting, Captain Loriginal软件i Li, on behalf ohistory台剧着魔在线看f the Hongya Service team, sent a gift of love to the newlywed Zhuo Jianzi and his wife, wishinpositive是什么意思英语g the couple a good marriage for one hundred years and a happy marriage forever! Zhuo jiamind用法nzi expressed her joy and gratitude for the warm family of Hongya Service Team.

Lion friends gathered togethlooking uper to share and talk, and held a party for Cao Yan aoriginal翻译nd Lin Xiulong, who were born in August. Time flies, the journey ends in laughter, time flies, but the whistory系列电视剧ords linger in my mind. Hong Ya Sespreadingrvice Team of Lions Club of Shenzhen will stay true to its original asparty是派对的意思吗piration, forge ahead, and walk long, far and solid on the road of publihistory3圈套无删减完整c welfarspreadinge.

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By Yang Yongguang

Photo/courtesy of Honya Service

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