Yantian Service Team: Hold the inauguration ceremony of the 2019-2020 election

On August 2, 2019, the inauguration ceremony of yantian Lions Club of Shenzhen (2019-2020) was held at Donghuanhold过去式g Seafholdingooservice翻译d Restauranelection翻译tservicebio in Yantian District, marking the 13th annivservicebioersary of the alliance with Busan EXPO lions Club of Kor盐田港ea. Hou Yisha, chairman of Sceremony用什么介词henzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Lu Weiping and Peng Zhaozhong,ceremony造句 deputy directors of Yainauguration翻译nelection翻译tian Districservicebiot People’s Congress; Cheelectionn Jservicemanishun, former dep岩田聪uty secretary of Yantian District Party Committee and Secrholderetary of The Discipline Inspection Commission; Lu Xucha, former executive deputy director of Yantian District, Secretary-general of Yantian District People’s Congress and founding team leader of Yantian Service Team; Zhang Guojun,service是什么故障灯 Director of Lions Club international 2019-2021, Lin Ziyu, Supervisor of Lions Club China 2019-2021, Weng Hua, President of Lions Club Shenzhen 2019-202holder0, Shi Jianyong, Supervisor of Lions Club Shenzhen 2019-2020, Ma Min盐田虾, president of Lions Club Shenzhen last year, Guo Yongyong, Second Vice President of Lions Club Shenzhen, Tian Xingwang, Xiao Xingping, Deputy secretary-general zhang jian, chief f岩田荣庆资料inancial officer Peng Daserviceableojian, chairman of the zone 5 RuChunXu, partition chairman Fang Shilei, yun-peng zhao, shui-jin Yang, Yi Shumin, lily, Tang Quanhui, kevinbaholdles, new, li xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhhold是什么意思i Wei Xin, ChiMingHui, Ye Ning, ZuoHongYi, doelectionng-mei Cheholdern,岩田荣庆资料 deng mei heart, secretary generaelection中文l of the board of supervisors Tan Fei, supervisors dao-ming wang, such as what salary, sm long-term flash lion friends such as leadership, The ceremony was attended by nearly 400 members of the Yantian Service Team,hold键是什么功能 their families and caring personahold onge. The ceremony was presided over by Mr.

Mr. Xue Wai-ro岩田荣庆资料ng, chairman of the conference, delivered the welcome speech. Secretary General Tan Fei introduced the leaders of Shenzhen Lions Cluteam是什么意思翻译b.

Ding Hongzhe, 2018-2019 captain of Yantian Service Team, introduced the guests, summarceremony的音标ized the lion service of Yantian Service team in the past year, and commended and thanked t盐田天气he lion friends who made outstanding contributions. Peng Jinchu岩田荣庆资料an financial report yhold的过去式和过去分词antian Servicholde team in the past year of the fund raising and expenditure of public welfare projects.

Captain Zservicemanhang Hanning delivered the inaugural sp盐田虾eech ofteam是什么意思翻译 the New Year. He said that the Yantiayantiann Service team plans to lateambitionunch the “Mandarin Teacher aid to Xinjiang” project together with other service teams in early Septeteamworkmber 2019. At the same time, the service team will actively carry out assistance for盐田天气 the disabled, red action, educatiteamproon, care for the elderly i盐田天气n welfare homes, care for saniceremony翻译tation workers and o盐田天气ther services. I believe that uteamnder the leadership of Captain Zhteamsang Hanning, yanholdertiaelection怎么读n Service tservice翻译eam will continue to be brilliant.

Wechat picture _20190807170920.jpg

Un岩田荣庆der the witness of Zhang Guojun international Director, Lin Ziyu supervisor, Weng Hua President, Shi Jianyong Supervisor, Ma Min last president, Tian Wangxing former president, Xiao Xingping former president, L盐田疫情u Xuzha team leader, Zhang Hanning received the ribbon and the hammer from Ding Hongceremony是什么意思zhe, and the two cservice和serve的区别aptains exchanged gifts. After that, the members of yantian Servicservice是什么意思e team took the oath and the new members took the oath. The ceremony was solemn and grand.

Captain Kwon Young-suk of Korea Busan EXPO lions Club deliv盐田易物流ered a speech, expressing hielectionss deep friendsinaugurationhip to Yantian Service Team and sharing the interaction and love with previous captains and lions.



Hou her director, director of Zhang Guojservice和serve的区别un international WteamworkengHua President, Ma Min previous President took office address, respectively, to yantian servicteamproe transition ceremony gave high praise and evaluation,盐田天气 must successiveceremony怎么读 captain conscientiously, for the service of the lelection是什么意思ong-term develoinauguration是什么意思pment has laid a solid foundation, I hope the lion friends don’t forget the beginner’s mind, keep in mind岩田刚典 that the mission, continue tohold翻译 pass the lion spirit, We willceremony是什么意思 do more to benefit society and provide targeted assistance.

Article/photo Contributed by Yaelectionsntian Service Team

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