Central District Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2019-2020

On August 18, 2019, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Central District Serservice的名词vice Team for 2019-2020 was held at the 4th floor of Xinhua Insurance Building, Futiadistrict翻译n District. Xiao Xingping, forregular翻译mer president of Shenzhen Lions Club and foundiheld怎么读的ng teamsecondlove日剧 leader of central District Service team, Xu Qiubin, deputy secretarmeetingsy general ofteamo Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Li, chairman of the seventh district, Chen Qiufen, advisor Cao Yan,second什么意思 Zhang Xuwen, leader of central District Service team, Yao Jie, picket Mo Jianfang, general afteam是什么意思翻译fairs Xue Zhizhong and other 28 people attended the meeting. Liu Xiaogang, former director of Lions Club International, Jian Wenhua, lecturer of Lions Club International, and Wang Danya, deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club lecturers were present at the meetingupheld. The meeting was chaired by Lili.


Liu xiaogang introdumeetingced the “free lunch” prcentral是什么意思odistrictinggram to the lion friends. Captain Zhang Xuwen summed up the experiencdistrict缩写是什么e and shortcomings of thmeetingyou是什么意思e ceremony on July 28 and the 15th anniversary of the foundingupheld of the team, and made arrangementsservice是什么意思中文翻译 for the “Bright Heart” educational activities of Hongya fservice怎么读rom August 2secondly3 to 30.

The meetcentral和center区别ing also celebrates lions’ birthdays in August. Li Li and Wang Xin, executive chairmen of the regular meheld的中文意思eting, prepared fresh and delicious fruits for everyone. The mregulareeticentral parkng ended in a peaceful and happy atmosphere.


Article/photo contributed by Central District Service Team

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