Spark Service team: hold the inauguration ceremony of the 2019-2020 annual election and assist the disabled activities

On August 17, 2019, The Spark Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club held the “Caring for the Disabled, Passing on the Warm Love” and the inauguration ceremony of the 2019-2020 annual lehold是什么意思adership change iceremony怎么读n The Vocational Health Center of Meilin Community, Futian District, orgahold过去式nizing the disabled to participate in professinaugurationional cooking training, with a service fund of 6,000 YUANspark和hadoop的区别.

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More thsparkan 80 people attended the ceremosparkyny, including Weng Hua, the preservice是什么意思sident of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lu Zhiqiang, the first vice president, Zhao Hui, the chairman of district 9, Shen Xiaoqin, the captain of Spark Service teannual怎么读am, Lin Qiang, the last leader and Wceremony的音标ang Shouliang, the foundceremony的名词ing leader. Witness in the leaders lion frspark和hadoop的区别iends, Lin Qiang will be ribbon andceremony是什么意思 hammer handed over to Shen Xiaoqin. Chen Jing served as the chairman of the cosparkle翻译nferenannualizedce.

Three blind friends of Merlyn Career Health Centre opened the changinannual翻译g ceremony with a performance of “Home in the Hearinauguration是什么意思t”. Lin Qiang, the former leader of spark Service team, made a summary of the worceremony同义词k of 2018-2019, and commended many lion friends who insisted on participating in publichold是什么意思 welfare activities and made selfless contributions in the past year.

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Undannualser the witness ofteamviewer leaderceremony用什么介词s lion friends, Lin Qiang handed ovceremony同义词er the ribbon and hammer to Shen Xiaoqin, and the two captains exchaholdernged giteams会议fts and took photos. On behalf of Shenzhen Liholdingons Club, President Weng Hua presented gifts to the two captservice翻译ains to congceremony同义词ratulate them.

Shen Xiaoqin delivered a passiannuallyonate speech. She pointedhold的过去式和过去分词 out that in the six years since its estasparkyblishment, the Spark Service team has been actively engaged in community service. This year, the Service team will strive to complete the work entrusted by the district Council, and inherit the outstanding projects of the service teamannual翻译, and strive to reach a new peak. Then, under the leadership of chairman Zhao Hui, members of the spark Steams手机版ervice team were formally sworn in.

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Theholding firceremony同义词st vice president lu Zhiqiang affirmed the work of spaceremony怎么读rk Service team in the past year, and wished that spark service team could achieve more outstanding achievements in tservicebiohe New Year undservicebioer the leadership of Captain Shen Xiaoqin and the joint effoannualsrtspark大数据s of all lionservice是什么意思中文翻译 friends.

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After the ceremony, representatives of the disabled from Merlyn Occupational Health Centrinauguration是什么意思e went on stage to show their talents to tteamshe lion friends. Dozens of zhikang center friends sang a chospark大数据rus ofceremony怎么读 “Gratservice是什么意思中文翻译eful heart” to express their gratitude.

Although the ceremony camservice翻译e to an end, theceremony复数形式 lion friends never stopped their journey for loteams手机版ve. On the road of charity, the lion friends of spark Service team will open a new chapter with a bigger dream.

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Theceremony的名词 text/zhao

Photo/Li Nansen

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