Oriental Rose Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2018-2019

Oriental Rose Service Team:a2018The first – 2019 academic yearninemeeting


In 2019,regular什么意思On May 17th,Oriental Rose Serviteamsce TeamThe ninth regular meeting of 2018-2019 was held in Bao ‘an DistrictInder Industrial ParkMeeting room on the 5th floor of Building D. Oriental Rose, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club lion Care Committeninthly翻译eserviceregular是什么意思英语Wei Xinxin, the last team leader, Wang Yibingteamviewer, the former team leadoriental怎么读er Yang Haixiong, Li XianzhenEtc.Thirteen people attended theheld中文 meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Yongri and Yang Haixiong.

P2 The bell tolls for a meeting

willBefore,Yang Haixiong and Lteam什么意思i Yongri shi Brother respectively introduced their own enterprises.Brother Yaservice怎么读ng hninth翻译aregular什么意思ixiong invited everyone to visit the assembly line of the factory and sservice翻译hare their experience in developiregularizationng the industry.

P1 Visit the factory.jpg

During the meeting,Captain designate Chen XiaoxueintroduceFor the training of lion Friends for 2019-2020,service的名词I hope our team stands byTeam leader team memberSign up.

P3 Training. JPG

Captain Wang YibingnotificationThis year,finanorientalismcialBalance of paymentsThe situation and introductionIn the near futureThe lion serviceWorose照片rk arrangement.

P4 Captain explain.jpg

Subsequently, we carry on the matter of changregularlye ofservice和serve的区别 termThe discussion,proposmeeting的音标edinHeld in Augusttransitiheld的原型onThe party.andInvninth的基数词ited to Southoriental和east的区别 KoreaThe lion friendsTo partiteam什么意思cipate in.The partyWillmeetingtencentcom developFundraservice的名词ising and don’tThere are two ways to raise money. The participatingThe lion friendsThey said they would donateThe auction,Fully support the transition.

P5 discuss the change of leadership

After the meeting, we took a group photo happily. &oriental有歧视东方的意思吗nbsp;  

 P7 Group photo of participating members. JPG

 wen/ Zhao Lina

fimeetinggure/ Wang Yi soldier

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