Zhenhua Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

Zhenhua Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

On November 18, 2016, the fiftfifth翻译h regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Zhenhua Service Team for 2016-2017 was held in Wuhua County, Meizhou Cityteams会议. Zhenhuregularizationa service team captain Dong Haoqing, first deputy captain zuo-hua liu, second deputy captain Ding Qing shang,fifthly financial hai-ching liu andserviceable so on more than ten lions friend to attend the meeting, the domestic famous children’s literatureservice是什么故障灯 writer Huang Yu, c振华集团hief Chen Yu teacher, Zhang Cservice的名词hun teacher, five county hedong xiao wu shi zhong principals, hedong second bird mheld的中文意思ale principals, Presmeetingyou是什么意思ident li sai van was invited to attend the meeting. The meservice翻译eting was chaired by Ding Qingshang.

Atregularity the meeting, Captain Dongzhenhua Haoqing talked about the feeling of cmeeting腾讯会议arrying out educ朕怀了摄政王的崽ational activities. He said that this is his fifth trip to Meizhou Wuhua, and he has forgeteamd a demeeting是什么意思ep frienheld的意思是什么dship with the principals and teachers oteams会议f the local schools. With everyone’s joint efforts, great changes have taken place in the reading teaching and the spiritual outteams会议look of the children in the aided schools. This trip also focused on the needs of schools, including the “Smalservice是什么故障灯l hands holding small hands, read a book together” activservice是什么意思中文翻译ity in 10 scfifth什么意思hools, theservice是什么意思中文翻译 reading growth lectures held by Huang Yu in 5 schools, and donated books to 7 schools.

In particular, we recognize the positififth基数词ve effecservicemant of reading growth lectures andfifth基数词 reading teaching on teachers and students in readinservicebiog. Liu Linquan shared the important role of distance education network system in modern educationafifth怎么读英语l technology. Teacher Huang Yu expressed her gratitude for participating in this activity and looketeamsd forwardmeeting的音标 to going to the mregular的所有形式ountain area again next time and telling interesting stories to the children.

Principal Wu Shizhong and prheld是hold的什么形式incipal Zh甄嬛传电视剧免费版全集ang Yuanxiong respregular翻译ectively introduced the reteam什么意思ading development of their schooheld的原型ls to everyonservicee. Due to the excellent reading teaching development of the two schools, they have beservice怎么读come demonstration schools in the whregular的所有形式ole county.

Ding qingshang concluded his speech by thanking all of you for coming to Wuhua for manheldy times and hoping to inspire more carinheld怎么读的g people to join in.

Article/Photo Provided by Zhenhua Servififth的缩写ce Team

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