Epidemic Prevention Briefing of shenzhen Lions Club Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (IX)

By 17:00 on 18 February 2020, Shenzhen Lions Club and 111 service teams had raised a total of 5,254,352,263 yuan for novel Coronavirus infelions翻译ction prevention services, with a total value of 764,800 yuan. Among them, the district committee raised 2.03124 million yuan for epidemic prevention, and actually received 1.6674 million yuan.

At present, a total of 3.4802153 million yuan has been investe深圳大学d in epidemic prevention ser深圳天气vices, mainlyprevention翻译 including: 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yualion是什么意思中文翻译n, resnovelty是什么意思pectively, to the Domestic Lions Association, hubei Wu深圳大学xiu Charity Associepidemic和pandemication and Wuhan Caidian Charity Association, totaling 250,000 yuan; The value of donated epidnovelupdatesemic prevention matlions翻译erials was 3,2202,15lions怎么读3 million yuan, including 4,307 pieces of isolation clothing worth 479,000 yuan; 9,816 goggles, worth 262,857 yuan; 367,380 masks, worth 528,088 yuan; 120 tcoronavirus音标emperaturpneumonia怎么读e guns, wortnovelupdatesh 11,880 yuan; 678,000 medical glovlion是什么意思es, worth 523,195 yuan;clubman 3380 masks深圳大学, worth 74511.3 yuan; 7,580 pieces of disinfectant, wo深圳大学rth 154,564 yuan; 1 hand washing robot, worth rmb1980; 24 bottles of hands-free disinfection gelbriefing, worth 1320 yuan; 424 bpneumonia怎么读ottles of hand sanitizer, worth 12,432 YUAN; Double carbon steel uv sterilization lamp car 20, the vdebriefingalue of 9000 yuan; Ultraviolet dislions是什么意思infection car (including ultraviolet lamp) 12 sets, worth 10320 YUAN; 6 aiepidemic怎么记忆r disinfectioprevention是什么意思n machines, worth 3coronavirus读音4,800 yuan; 16 ventilators, worth 150,800 YUAN; 6400 medicalcoronavirus翻译 hatsnovelty翻译, worth 22,200 yuan; 84 100 barrelscoronavirus读音 of disinfectant, worth 24,000 yuan; 616 bottles of chlorine dioxide disinfecting wapneumonia怎么读ter, wortclubsh 66,528 yuan; 50 barrels of alcohol disinfectant, worth 20100 YUAN; 40 sets of ozone stecoronavirus音标rilization air purifiers, valued at 32,000 yuan; 8 tons of chlorine dioxide disinfecting water 560,000 yuan; 700 s深圳风险等级elf-heated meals, wo深圳疫情最新动态rth 21,000 yuan (inspirational materials); 1020 pieces of medicine, worth 105,000 YUAN (inspirational materials); 1000 bottles of ethanol disinfectant, worth 40,000 YUApneumonia怎么读N (inspirational materlions读音ials); Disinlionsfection powder 30 pieces 11040 yuan (inspirational materials); Chemical defense clothing 15400 pieces 73600 yuan (inspirational materials).

At present, the special expenditure of the District Council for epidemic preventionnovelty翻译 is 1,241,深圳市最新疫情356 yuan, as follows:

1prevention是什么意思. Support the Association to carry out epidemic prevention serviceepidemic是什么意思s of Hub深证指数ei RMB 150,000 (RMB 50,000 purchased masks, and aclub翻译nother RMB 1epidemic品牌00,000 has been transferredclub用英语怎么说 to the Domestic Lion Association);

2. Purchase 180,000 disposable medical gloves, subtotal 119,280 yuan;

3. Purchased 10,000 N95 masks, subtotal 150,000 yuan;

4. Purchased 100 barrels of disinfectant, suepidemic怎么记忆btotal 24,000 yuan;

5. 3500 pairs of goggles, 69,lion是什么意思000 yuan subtotal;

6. Pulions读音rchasenovelty翻译 13 uv stericlubman是什么牌子车lization lamp vehicles (including UV disinfection lamp), subtotal 11,118 yuan;

7. Purchase 1000 bottlclubman是什么牌子车es of chlorine dclubsioxide, subtotal 108,000 yuan;

8. Purchase 8 tons of chlorine dioxide, subtotal 560,000 yuan (bougainvillea Service group urged Fenda Technology Co., Ltd. to make a directed donation);

9. Purchased 4,620 bottles of 75% alcohol disinfectant, with a subtotal of 49,896 yuan;

In addition, the materials collected and delivered by the District Cepidemic品牌ouncil are as foll深圳地铁线路图ows:

1. He Jianhao donated 2000 Korean KN94 masksnovel的名词 (inspired by Guo Yongyong);

2. Lion friend LAN Xiangyong donated 150 importecoronavirus翻译d masks (30 N95 and 120 N94) (Wu Jinzhi inspired);

3. Lion Friend Li Xia donatcoronavirus读音ed 1000 self-heated mclub翻译eals (inspired by Wu Jinzhi);

4. Shenzhen Jiatai Pharmaceutical深圳地铁线路图 Donated 3000 boxes of Zangjiefeng soft capsulenoveltys and 6000 boxes of Huoepidemicsxiang Zhengqi capsules (Jinming Service Team, Wu Jinzhi inspired);

5. Shiyou Ye Ning donated 180 hand creamslions翻译中文.

The district Council has completed three batches of donated supplies, and willprevention翻译 now stockpile epidemic preventinovelson supplies apreventionnd organize service teams to carry out community epidemic prevention services.
















Hatsclub翻译 off to the lioepidemic和pandemicns! Thumbs up forlion是什么意思 lions! We firmly believe that in the near future, spring will usher in flowers, everything will recover, and the Sons and daughters of the Chinese nation will unite as one and win this to深圳风险等级ugh battepidemic和pandemic的区别le against the epidemic.



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18 February 2020


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