Shenzhen Lions Club and International Free Lunch: Excellent Care School dinner!

The EXCELLENT CARE CENTRE & AMP;, located in the Masare slum of Nairobi, Kenya, on January 8, 2020. The SCHOOL was particularly lively, with 600 students having breakfast and lunch. The school is funded by a 283,000 yuan donation from the Shenzhen Lions Club.

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Excellence Care School was founded in 2006 in Mathare 4A district, Kenya’s sexcellent是什么意思英语econd largest slum. Fifty-fiinternationally歌曲ve percent of the school’s students comelions读音 from single-parent or dual-parent families, typically with four to fiexcellent英语ve children, and parents earn an average of 4,000 shillings a month. Because it is a private school, there is no official subsidy, so the schoolfreedom什么意思 fails to provide lunch for the students. Some students have to go hunfreedom什么意思gry to cont深圳风险等级inue studying because their families have no money to eat, which leads to their lack of concentration in class. Some students may have to wclubmedalk a long way home to eat, greatly increasing the insecexcellent是什么意思英语urity factor.

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Before the opening of the meal, excellence Care school was losing students seriously. George, the principal, could not bear to see the students unable to continueclubs to gexcellent翻译o to school, so he applied for the internaticareolion是什么意思中文翻译nal free lunch program, hoping to improve students’ performance and the quality of school teachiexcellent英语ng through the international free lunch.



In August 2019, Liu Xiaogang, fofreedownloadmanagerrmer director of Lions Club International and regional Chair深圳疫情最新动态man of Lions Club International Global Action Team, had a discussicareeron with the Ex论抽卡我从来没输过ecutive director team深圳疫情最新动态 of Lions Club Shenzhen on the free Lunch projectclubman. Liu xiaogang introduced the status quo of children in Kenya’s slums due to lack of materials, education, food and clothing. He called oninternationalcupid the Lions Club of Shenzclubmanhen to respond to thschoolworke international Belt and Road Cooperation initclubmaniative anlions读音d participate in solving the problem of feeding poor children in Africa, so as to demonstrate the community with a shcaregiverared future for mankind with concrete actions. The proposal has been the positive response of Shenzhen Lion friends. On October 10 of the same year, the second Belt and Ro轮船ad Themed event on disability affairs was held in Beijing International Convention Center. Thclub是什么酒e event was hosted by China Disabled Perclub翻译sons’ Federation and co-organized bfreedomy the Worldexcellent是什么意思英语 Health Orlunch翻译ganization, thlions是什么意思e International Telecommunication Union and Rehabilitation Internationcare是什么意思al. Love pass in “lion, free lunch” project project communicinternationalworkers’day怎么读ation meeting, shenzhen, mileage, red lion central li, xinan, shajing, dahuang, joint, yantian, such as eight service representative, withschool是什么意思 Kenya exc深圳市最新疫情ellence caring school successfully signed the memorandum “free lunch” donation, shenzhen lions donation for the project for budget of about 350000 yuan.


When the Internatclubman是什么牌子车ional Free Linternational英语unch was actually served at Excellence Care School, everyone cheered. Students, teachers and parents at the school shared their joy witcarefulh the staff.

Excellence Care school’s smooth opening of mexcellenteals made the recipient schools, donors andschoolbag project staff feel very happy. Chen Shijun, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club’s free lunch program, said that shenzhencare Lions Club will send represent轮船简笔画atives of Lion Friends tocareful是什么意思 Excellence Care School for field trips at the end of April to provide more services for teachers and students accorfreeding to the needs of the schcare是什么意思ool. Before the school meal, the service team of shenzhen Lions Club decided to participate in this project and donated 30,000 yuan. We hope thafreelyt more service teams can join this project to solve the problem of food shortage for children.

Presidschool怎么读ent George said the school will see an increase in the number of studeinternationalnts after the international Free Lunch program, but it wil深圳地铁线路图l not be an encareful是什么意思dless increase in the number of students. It will be controlled to ensure that rfreeegistered students get enough food and tha深圳t students are recruited based on merit. He thanked the Shenzhen Lions club for its support and help to excelionsllence Care School, and thanfree动漫免费观看ked all the staff and volunteers ifreedomnvolved for their efforts in running the school smoothly.

It is reported that the Iclubmed官网预订nternational Free Lunch project is jointly initiated by Dfreedownloadmanagereng Fei’s team, together with the Chinese Social welfare Foundaexcellent最高级tion and the Chinese Red Cross Founinternationalworkers’day怎么读dation,careful and implemented in Africa and other places. It is committed to helping solve the problem of child hunger infreezing underdeveloped regions of the worldfree动漫免费观看. On March 20, 2018, the three parties set up the “Share Love Fund for Domestic Social Weclub用英语怎么说lfare Foundations” in domestic social welfare foundations to coordinate domestic affairs of the international Free Lunch program, and jointly implement projects with DBSA Dream and other organizations.

In the finternational labour day翻译u轮船的拼音ture, let us work together to help more children who are still in trouble no lointernational英语nger hungry, to bring them food and clothing and happiness. We hope that un轮船招商局der our carschoolworke, the childrenlion是什么意思 will become more excellent and outstanding.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Courtesy of Excellfree怎么读ence Care School

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP; &schooldaysnbsp;深圳疫情 peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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