New Year Charity Gala Auction Special (2)

34. Gold wire boxwood solid wood table and Chair set

Gold wire boxwood all solid wood table and chair set. JPG

Auction Introduction:The solid woogala乐队d table and chair kit from Yijun Meijia Furniture Co., LTD. Yijun Meijia in the new Chinese, American,newly French, simple beyear是什么意思auty and other seyearriesspecialty of research and development innovation, absorb the essence of Chinese and Wcharity的动词estern life elementsyearly, the European and American home furnishing elements and domestic furniture technology combined, theauctions domestinewgroundsc home furnishing culture with a newauction翻译 look to the world, thus promotinspecializationg the developmecharity宽容的爱nt of domestic homeyear函数 furnishing culture.

Rec旮旯怎么读reational chair made of north Acharity的动词merican imports of golden yellow Yang Muquan real wood is the classic work of contemspecializepocharityrary and contracted American style, in the tradition of American furniture ispecial翻译s grave, atmospherespecialization, ogalakun the basis of through concisyearbooke and fluent line feeling and symmetric cnew怎么读ircular, deduce the beauty onew怎么读f thauction怎么记忆e American mainstream householspecialtyd life, interprets the branew的反义词ve enterprising pioneering spirit and enjoy cspecial是什么意思omfortable humanistic spirit.

Wang Yi. JPG

Donor: Wang Ynewibing (Oriental Rose Service Team)


35. Commemorative silver coins

35 Memorial silver coins

Auction Introduction:1 kg gold plated syearlyterling silver commemorative coin

Zheng Xingwu JPG.

Donor: Cheng Hing-wu (HKMC Service Team)


36. Bird Paradise oil painting

Oil painting Bird Paradise. PNG

About the author:Lin Hai, graduated from the Oil painting department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is now a member of tcharity和love区别he Domestic Artists Associacharitytion and a professional painter of the Gaoqing Art Academy. The exhauctioningibspecial怎么读ition of his works comes from the “Round and round – Comprehensive material Painting Research exhibition” and the special exhibition celebrating the establishment of anhui Province Artists association Comprehensive material Painting Art Committee.

Chen Shijun JPG.

Donor: Chen Shi-jun (Mileage Service Team)


37. Jade decoration “God oauction翻译f Wealth”


Auction Introduction:news可数吗The jade ornaments carved is in charge of money god. According to folklore,special怎么读 the jade god of wealth can bring fortune to people. The pieces are classic and stylish, combiningauction的起源 tradition with the essence of today’s culture. Wear the jadyearninge god of wealth, money rolls in.

Huang Shaofang JPG.

Donor: Wong Siu-fong (Yee Sin Service Team)


38. Calligraphy wornew balancek of Ren Ai

Calligraphy work ren Ai. PNG

About the author:Zhcharity宽容的爱u Shihua, born in 1954, is currently a member of the Calligrapher’s Association of Central Government Organs, executive director of the Central Party School Domestic Leadership Science Research Institutyear造句e, and president of the Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Domestic Artists TV station. He is the founder of Domestic network TV station.

Li li. JPG

Donor: Lee Lee (Central District Service Team)


39. Emerald pendant

39 Emerald pendant. PNG

Auction Introduction:Totnew是什么意思al weight 190.33g, jade jade Buddha, is made of jade jade jade Buddha pendant. The Buddha is the person who is consciously aware, the personauctions who knows, the person who realizes the truth. He is also the great sage who is consciously awcharity形容词are of himself, realizes perfecharityction, angalaxyd achieves right awareness. He is the hgalaxyighest fruit of Buddhist practice. Jadeitenews jade Buddha meaning auspicious peace, dispelcharity形容词 evil to avoid evil旮旯怎么读, but alnewso represents the worship of Buddha and god, loved by the world.

Permits. JPG

Donor: Permit Ko (Zi Meng Service Tyearcon是什么牌子的eam)


40. The tradauctioneeritional Chinese painting

PNG Maju Chinese Painting

About the author:Ma Juzhong, a national first-class artist, is now the researcher and vice president of Qilu Painticharity翻译ncharity和love区别g and Calligraphy Research Institute, the researcher of domestic painting Research Institutnewspapere, and the director of creatspecializationion department of Shenzhen Artists Association. His biographies are included in professional books such as “Directory of Domestic archarity形容词tists”, “Chiauction怎么记忆na 21st centyear函数ury Painting Album”, “Qilu calligrapher and painter dinews可数吗ctionary”, “galanz是什么牌子Contempospecialragalanzry calligraphy and seal engraving dictionaryspecial怎么读” and so on.

Zhu Daoying JPG.

Donor: Chu Daoyi旮旯怎么读ng (King Tin Service Teamspecial是什么意思)


41. Airspecialty machinecharity音标

41 Air water purifier. PNG

Auction Introduction:Air making machine can produce water by transforminauctiong water vagalanz是什么牌子por in tgalakuhe air. In high humigalaxy什么意思dity area, it can not onauctionly produce pure drauction翻译inking water but also reduce the humidity in the surrounding environment, which is beneficial to human health and prolong the service life of household appliances.

BiYongTao JPG.

Donor: Bi Yongtao (High-tech Service Team)


42. “Observing the Sea and Listening to the Waves” calligraphy work

View the sea and listen to the waves

About the author:Jacques:, social activists, famous calligrapher,charity和love区别 senior researcher, military history, nati旮旯怎么读onal wenbo experts, domestic callicharitygrapher’s associaticharity音标on, member of domestic bayi acadnew怎么读egalanz是什么牌子my dean, domestic red culture pnewgroundsainter-calligrapher association, chairman of the people’s revolutionary military museum curator, domestic senior army wenbo series title,charity-minded director of the review committeyearcon是什么牌子的e. He was awarded the rank of major General in 1944. He is tauction翻译he sole authyearor, co-author and editor of more than 40 monographs and picture books on military history, including The Hisgalanz是什么牌子tory of the Development of the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants, The Hinewlystory of the Development of the Offauctionsicial Anti-japanese Forces, the History of the Development of the Five-Battle Field Forces of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the Domestic War Canon, and The Chronicle of MAO Zedong’s Military Activities.special怎么读

XiaoXiaoYu JPG.

Donor: Xiao Xiaoygala是什么意思u (Shangbu Service Team)


Blue and white Porcelainewlyn Gold Xiao Yuncharity翻译 Vase “Kylin Absorbs Water”

Blue and white porcelain gold small cloud vase. PNG

Auction Intspecialized自行车rodnews可数吗uction:Big fellow kiln combined the traditional porcelain making technology and during tang and song dynasties, five big kiln firing technology, integration of Germany, Canewspapernada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and other regions of the glagalanz是什么牌子ze, using nanotechnology, refined into exclusive beautiful bright red glaze, with Orientayear函数l characteristics and use in glayear是什么意思ze, glaze, glaze color under different nnew是什么意思英语ationalities process drawing design, It combines thnew怎么读e temperature change of kiln with imported pure gold materials to highlight t旮旯怎么读he luxauction的发展阶段ury features of the works. The thinnest part of “specialized自行车Dahan Kiln” is only 0.17mm (half the thickness of thecharity怎么读 name card), and a bowl weighgalas only a few grams, making it the thinnest and lightest porcelain bowl in the world. Thespecial怎么读 name of “Fine porcelanewspaperin of Han Dynasty” has already become the representatnew的反义词ive of fine porcelain ofnew是什么意思英语 art life.

ShiJianYong JPG.

Donnew是什么意思or: Shih Kin-winew balanceng (HKMC Service Team)


44. Traditional Chinese paintgala选手ing with Flowers and Riches

Chinese painting flowers and Riches. PNG

Auction Introduction:Flowers and riches are traditional auspicious pattecharity-mindedrns in China, representing people’s yearning for a happy and happy life. There are bats in the picture. The word “bat” sounds similar to the word for “rich”.

Peng Daojian JPG.

Donor: Peng Daojian (Yantiangala Service Team)


45. Cliff cypress Decoration “Lu Yu Tasting Tea” (Chicken thorn wood base)

44 Tea tasting of Juniper luyu. PNG

Auction Introduction:Cypress is an endangeauctionred species. It grows above 1500 meters above sea level and is distributed in the Qinling and Taihang Mountainsnewspaper. Mountainewlyn rock cracks, cliff cypress roots and trunks to form a strange elegant, bending, smart shape, wood density is vcharity音标ery high, oily, and has a mellow cypress fragalanz是什么牌子grance, fragrance, with a tranquilizing effect, long storage, taste better. Size: 118cm*43cm* 77cm (not including base)yearbook, chicken thorn wood basenews可数吗 80cm high.

Tian wang. PNG

Donyear函数or: Wong Tin (HKMC Service)


“Domestic Dream and Strong Military Dream” aircraft carrier winspecializee

Auction Introduction:The Chinese navy’s carrier Liaoning has been receiving exciting news since it joined the Chinese navy’s combat sequencnew是什么意思e in 2013. Carrier-borne fighter jets successfully took off and landed, conducted open-sea tests, carried out trgalaxy是什么牌子aining in the South China Sea, and conducted tactical drills of the aircraft carrier formation. Military fanauctionings arauction怎么记忆e deeply impressed by the wonderful moments, and some major wineries in China have launched special commemorative wines in the shape of the aircrspecialized自行车aft carrier.

Peng Daojian JPG.

Donor: Peng Daojian (Yantian Service Team)


47. Calligraphy work of Li Bai’s Poemsyearcon是什么牌子的

PNG. Poems of Li Bai

About the author:Wu Chan, shenspecial的名词zhen primary school calligraphy teacher, member of Hubei Artists Assocspecializationiation.

Yang dehua. JPG

Donor: Yecharity的动词ung Tak-wah (Future Services Team)


Artistspecialic porcelain plate of Chairman MAO’s Poetry Stamps

Chairman MAO's Poetry Stamp art porcelain plate

Auctionnewspaper Introduction:The stamp collection of MAO Zedong’s poems is extremely precious.

TongXin JPG.

Donor: Tong Xin (Shangbu Service Team)


49. Cordyceps sinensis of Kings

Cordyceps sinensis

Auction Introduction:Cordyceps sinensis is a rare medicinal material bred at the top of the grassland, and is a traditional precious medicinal diet tonic in China. It has the functions ogalaxy什么意思f tonifying lung and kidney, stopping cough, bencharity宽容的爱efiting deficiency and nourishing vital energy. The king of the king class boutique grass net weight of 5yearbook0 grams, suitable for personal use or gifts.

ZuoHongYi JPG.

Donor: Tsogala Hung-yi (Tai ‘an Service Team)


50. Leopard liquor

48 Leopard liquor. PNG

Aucnewgroundstion Inauction的起源troduyear翻译ction:Maotai-flavor, alcohol: 53%, capaciauctionator插件ty: 2500ml.

Liang Peilin JPG.

Donor: Leung Pui-lam (South China Sea Service Team)


51. Cyear函数alligraphy work of Heart Sutra

49 Heart Sutra. PNG

About the author:Hu Xinting, art group leader of Shenzhen Primary School.

Yang dehua. JPG

Donor: Yeung Tak-wah (Future Services Team)


5charity怎么读2. Calligraphy work yongxing Qiagala乐队nli


About the author:Ling Zhengwei, wcharity-mindedhose house name is Ling Qicspecialistaotang, is nowgala the director of Shenzhen Nanshan Cspecialtyalligrapher’s Association, the execuauctioningtive director of Shenzhen Young Calligrapher’s Association, and the directocharity怎么读r of Shenzhen Nanshan Calligrapher’s Associationyearning.

Deng mei heart. JPG

Donor: Mei Xin Tang (Charity Collection Service Team)


53. Calligraphy and paintinauction是什么意思g of Ink Bamboo

51 Ink bamboo painting. PNG

About the author:Yu Xinzhi, also known as Xinspecial的名词zhi, Zhoushacharity怎么读n, styled xianghai, known as the masauction的发展阶段ter of dianzhu Zhai,year has been engaged iauctionator插件n the study and creation of domestic pagalaxy什么意思inting for more than 50 years.year函数 He is good at freehaauctionator插件nd brushauction的起源work of flowers and birds, as wyear造句ell as landscape, espyearcon是什么牌子的ecially bamboo painting. His painting style is unique, not only with deep traditional brush and ink foundation, but also with simple life emotion, the interest of focharity是什么意思rm and gocharity是什么意思d, the blauctionator插件end of ink and color, which is elegant and freshyearly. Yu Xinzhi is the founder, lifelong president and art director of Domestic Moruo Paintingauctioning and Calligraphy Academy, national first-class artist, distinguished fine Arts professor of Lanzhou University and Southwest Jiaotong University, honorary presidentspecialist of Domcharity是什么意思estic Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Academy and Domestic Contemporary Pacharity怎么读inting and Calligraphy Art Institute, art consultant of Xu Bnew是什么意思eihong Painting Academy and Worlyearningd Cecharity怎么读lebrity Center. Chief judge of CCTV Nationauction翻译al Art Exhibition depicting Nenews可数吗w Countryside, member of Art Cauction是什么意思ommittee of Domauction的起源estic History Museum; Published “Yu Xinzhi paintingauctionator插件 collection”, “Yu Xinzhi bambonews可数吗o painting appreciation” and other monographs, his biography into the “Domestiauction翻译c contemporary painting and calligranew怎么读phy masters dictionary”, “Domestic contemporary celebrity dictionary”, “world painting and callinew balancegraphy masters dictionary” and other hundreds of dictionaries; In 1993, he was awardnewsed the title of “World Art Celebrity”.

Zhang Zheqin JPG.

Dcharity和love区别onor: Chang Che-qin (Hancharity音标d-in-Hand Servyearnice Team)


54. Naturalcharity翻译 Spring With Colorful Carvingauction翻译 “Lotus Guanyin”

Natural spring with colorful carvings of Lotus guanyin. JPG

Auction Inyearcon是什么牌子的troduction:“Spring ribbon color” refers to jadenew怎么读 with byearoth violet and旮旯怎么读 green colors. Spring is green,year翻译 color is purple. Among jadeite, violet makings are relatively rare, and above a stone, contain violet and green at the same time these two kinds of noble colors arenew是什么意思 less aauctioningnd less, so the high vanewlylue of its can be imaginnews可数吗ed.

The guanyin with the whole spring color jade as the material, skillfugalanz是什么牌子lly carved;auctioning Winew怎么读th purple as the main body, thspecialized自行车rspecializedee-dimensional sculpture guaspecial是什么意思nyin, hair on the hspecializationead, eyebrows such as crescent moon, long and slender eyes looking down, sharp nose bridge, clear lips, clear clothing patterns and carving, elegant clothing belt, the left hand holding lotus, the right hand holding ruyi, one leg sitting, one leg naturalgalaxy什么意思ly hanging feet on lotus, the left round incense burnnew是什么意思英语er, smoke rising. Its lotus leaves are skillfullynews可数吗 carved with green colgala乐队ors, with smooth lines and green colors. Table scharity的内涵意义it side, foryear翻译 the lake green carved into the waves, bursts of rolling, carp prant. The whole statue is simple and lively, kind and gentle, the body is gentle a旮旯怎么读nd quiet, the knife lines arspecialtye implicative and strong, exquisitelgalaxyy carved, cospecial怎么读nnyearningected with nature and accomplished ingala是什么意思 one stroke. Jadeite bright color, goodspecial是什么意思 material quality, is a rare first-class carving. Under the statue of Guanyin copper gold as the pedestal, carved water wave floating lotus decoration, and the jade statue ispecial的名词nto one.

Size: overall 31.5cm *16cm *54cm


Donor: Yeung Yiyi (Tiande Service)


55. Jade flower Carving

34 Jadeite

Auction Introduction:Tgalakuhe outer surface gloss is good, translucent to transparespecial翻译nt, clear as water gives people a feeling of ice clear jade, ice water head and foot, excellent texnewture.gala是什么意思


Donor: Wong Lin (Zi Meng Service Team)


56. Teapot set

54 Teapot set. PNG

Auction Introduction:Purple sauctionand pot, unique handmadegalanz clay handicrafgalats of the Han ncharity是什么意思ationality in China, the production of raw matespecial怎么读rials for purple sand mud, origin in Jiangsu Yixing, also known as Yixing purple sand pot, is a collection va旮旯怎么读lue of “antique”, the works ofauctioneer famous masters aryearninge often hard to find, is the so-called “wneworld jewelry foot, Yixing purple sanspecial的名词d is the most important”.

Yang Lanzhen JPG.

Donor: Yang Langalaku-chin (Bagu Ling Service Team)


57. The jade cabbage

PNG jade Cabbage

Auction Introduction:Jade cabbage homyear造句onym for “meet 100 wealth”. The cabbage carved with jade is of collection value as a haspecializedndicraft. Size: ovauction的发展阶段erall 68cm*15cm*38cm, weighspecializedt: 99kg.

Wu Tong JPG.

Donor: Wu Tong (Haiyue Service Team)


58. Peace


Auction Introduction:Peace aspecialtynd happiness is composed of two words of peace and hanew的反义词ppiness. The word “happiness” contains four meanings of “peace, security, harmony and happiness”, which can be descauction怎么记忆ribed as a great idea.

Jin-ling li JPG.

Donor: Li Jinling (Jiangshan Service Team)


Jingdezhen porcelain vase

58 Jingdezhen porcelain vase. PNG

Aspecial翻译bout the author:Wang Anwgalanz是什么牌子ei, son of Wang Longspecial是什么意思fu, borcharity怎么读n in 1964 in jingdezhen ceramic family, graduated from the fine arts department of ceramic institute in 1984, is a senior artauctionator插件 crafts, agalanz是什么牌子ssociate pspecializedrofessor, school of fine arts of pottery and porcelain, jingdezhen porcelain industry research institute, China artists association, jiangxi branch of domestic calligrapher’s association, domestic arts and craftauction的起源s association; In 2001, he was rated as one of the top ten Outstanding Youth in Jiangauction的发展阶段xi province, and was elected as a representative of the Munyear怎么读icipal People’s Congress, and successively served as a member of the eighthnews and ninth municipal CPPCC committee, anauctioningd standiauction是什么意思ng director of the Municipal Artists Associaticharity是什么意思on.

Xiao-ming yao. JPG

Doyear翻译nor: Yao Xiaoming (High-tech Service Team)


2007 Pu ‘er tea

59-2007 Pu'er tea 6 kg. JPG

Auction Introduction:Mengku tgalaxy什么意思ea iauctions a pu-erh tea made from new leaves of yunnan big lespecialized自行车af specyear怎么读ies in Mengku, Yunnan province, processed by traditional technology. 1charity形容词957 and 1984, the national tea tree good seed examination committee heauctionator插件ld two meetinspecial是什么意思gs, mengku daye tea species examination for the national excellent tea species. Net weight: 6 kg.

Chen Xusheng JPG.

Donor: Chen Xu-sheng (Honew的反义词ng Yang Servicauctione Team)


61. Red orange pulpnew balance

60 Red orange pulp. JPG

Auction Introduction:This wine was brewed and stored when Chicheng Wine company was established in 1985. In 2015, in order to celebrate the 30th aauctionnniversary of thgalaxye escharity形容词tablishment of red orange wine industry, Liu Cheng, the national wine master and the fourth generation of Maotgalanz是什么牌子ai Town maotaizhen maotai-flav旮旯怎么读ored wine, made a limitegalanzd number of 800 bottles of red orange original pulp and sealed it. Now he takes out a bottle to shgala乐队are with you.

Xiong Yuying JPG.

Donor: Xiong Yuying (Jinming Sgalaxyervice Team)


62. Fonew的反义词ur screens for porcelacharity形容词in painting

62 Four screens of porcelain painting. PNG

Auction Introduction:Using porcelain as painting and旮旯怎么读 paper as the embryo, pacharity翻译inting on the porcelain plate gave birth to the colorful and beautiful new pastel. These paintings, made on porcelain plates, absorb the nutrition of domestic painting, and all the landscapes, figures, flowers ayearbooknd animals painnewsted are vivid and vividspecialized自行车. Their brushwork, ink rhyme and conew怎么读lor are similar to those of the contemporary maritime paintiyearningng school.  

Wei Weiguang JPG.

Donor: Wai Kwong (Hacharity是什么意思nd-in-Hand Servyearcon是什么牌子的ice Team)


63. Gothenburg Memoriaauction的起源l Tea

Gothenburg Memorial Tea. JPG

Auction Introduction:Produced in 2007. The Ship gothenburg sailed between Gothenburg and Guangzhou and sank on September 12, 1745 when it sailyear怎么读ed into the port of Gothenburg, carrying 370 tons of tea. A large amount of tea was salvaged and collected icharity翻译n the Domestic teacharity的内涵意义 museum.

Chen Xusheng JPG.

Donor: Chen Xu-sheng (Hong Yang Service Team)


Emerald pendanew怎么读nt

PNG emerald pendant

Auction Introduction:Two carps are carved from jade, and the fauction翻译ish often appearyearcon是什么牌子的 as a positive imspecializeage i旮旯怎么读n folklore. Halcyon fish inhyear造句erits the beautiful image of fish, aspecializednd is loved bygala乐队 people with vivid shapes and auspiciouscharity-minded meanings. It igalanz是什么牌子s the epitomization of artistic works. Total mass: 194.20g (including chain weight).

Huang Xiaoru JPG.

Donor:specialist Huang Xiaoru (Fairy Lake Service Team)


Agarwood rosary beads

Agarwood rosary. JPG

Auction Introduction:Aloes Buddha bead refers to tauction怎么记忆he Buddha bead made of aloes wood. Buddha bead is a portable instrument used by Buddhisyear怎么读ts to recite and count. It is widely used among monks and lagalanzymen. It is originally called “rosary bead”, which originates from the name of the three treasures of chanting Buddha, Dharma and Monk, and isgalaxy used to eliminate troubles and obstacles.

Wechat picture _20191220163835_ copy.jpg

Donor: Ycharity翻译an En-yin (Baibei Snew怎么读ervice Team)


66. The increased state inkspecial的名词stone

Xi state inkstone. JPG

About the author:Chenya, bnewgroundsorn in 1specialize964, studied architecture, then studied ink-stone carving, painting and calligraphy and other crgalaxy什么意思afts, since then with huizhou cuspecialized自行车lture, mountain rocks, thespecialize hand of the knife, brush and ink forged a tireless relationcharity怎么读shipcharity是什么意思. His ink-new是什么意思stones of “Double dragons playing winew balanceth pearls”, “Frogs playicharity的动词ng in water” and “Dragon and Phoenix Presenting Auspicious” have been collected by Anhui Provnewlyincgala是什么意思ial Museum, Central Ministry of Agriculture and Beijing Asian Games respectively. The inkstone “xi red”, “xi bnew是什么意思lue”, “xi yellow”, “ribbon” and “leopard pattern” developeauction怎么记忆d by Qian Niya aroused a sensation in the art circles at home and abroad. In 1999, he was awardcharity形容词ed the honorable title of “Outstanding Oriental Artist in China” by the National Painting and calligraphy Accreditation Committee. Under his influence, she county west formed the largest exclusive she inkstone production and marketing base in Huangshan city, he also became the firspecial怎么读st inkstone and the founder of the base, for the development of she inkstone, promote huizhou culturegalanz是什么牌子 has made outstnewspaperanding contauction的发展阶段ributions.

Auction Introduction:By the complete gold seed material aspecialccoauction是什么意思mpanying carving, lifelike, exquisitspecialiste workmanship, gold color dspecialized自行车azzling, natural rare. Size: 27 * 16 * 8.5 cm

Yellow fortitude. JPG

Donor: Wong Yiyi (Tai ‘an Service Team)

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