Students with low vision get Special textbooks — The Ceremony of donation of “large-character textbooks” by Shenzhen Lions Club to visually impaired students was successfully held

On the morning of December 4, 2021, as one of the activities of “I do Practical things for the Masses” of the Party Branctextbook是什么意思英语h of Lions Club, the cerstudents是单数还是复数emony of donati哥谭市ng “Big-character textbooksspecialization to visually impaired students was successfully held in the multi-function hall on the 4th floor of Shenzhen Eye Hospital. This ac个体营业执照年检tivity wasdonation是什么意思英语 organized by Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Eye Hospital, Visuaspecial的名词l Rehabilitation Branch of Guangdong Medical Association of Rehabceremony是什么意思ilitation, andtextbook是什么意思英语 guided by rehabilitation and Employmenttextbooks是什么意思 Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federatiolargelyndonation动词 (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation) and Student Financial Aid department of Shenzhlargelyen Education Bureau. Song Rui, former vice Chairman of the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Zspecialistheng Yongbiao, director of the Educaticeremony用什么介词on Secceremony同义词urity Center of the Municipal Education Bureau, Chen Xiangrong, Deputy Director of the Rehabstudents英语怎么读ilitation and Employment Department ospecialized自行车f the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Huang Wenspecialtong, Chief of the Department of finanlow的比较级cial Assistance for difficulties of the Municipal Educatio个体工商户网上年检n Bureau, Zhang Guoming, vice presidenlarge的反义词t of Shenzhen Eyceremony的音标e Hospital, Liang Ping, Lolow的反义词w vision rehabilitation Outpatvision翻译ient Department, The donation ceremony was attended by guo Yongyong, prespecial的名词sident of shenzhen Lvisionary翻译ions Club in 2021-2022, Xiao Xingping, presceremony的音标ident of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Setextbookscretary General Lai Zhuoni, Director genervisionariesal Tan Fei, Deputy Secretary General Li Li, Chairman of The Third Zone Li Xiaofeng, retextbooks什么意思中文presentatives of the service team, caring people from all walks of life, and reprelowersentatives of visually impairedonation动词d sdonation翻译tudents and parendonation什么意思ts. The donation ceremony was presided over by Liang Ping. The event donated 1,200 “big-charspecializedacter textbooks” to visually impaired children, with a slargest是什么意思ervice fund of 101,100 yuan.

Dr. Liang Ping introduced the guests. On the scene, Professor Zhang Sget是什么意思啊haochong, president of Shenzhen Eye Hospital, sent a congratulatvisionstreetwearory lettvisionstreetwearer to all the visually impaired students and their parents, andlow爆了 expressed heartfelt thanks to thdonations是什么意思e people from all walks of life who made selfless contributions to the project of “Bispecializeg-character textbook”.


On behalf of Shenzhen Eye Hospital, Vice President Zhang Guoming expressed heartfelt thanks to the caring people from all walks of life for their great support and dedication to the low vision rehabilitation project. He introduced the relevant knowledge ofstudents visceremony同义词ual health and called on more caring people to carevision什么意思 for visually impaired children.


Guo Yongyong, chairman of CFAC, saidspecial是什么意思 that the donation of “Big-character textbooks” project aims to help vislowe玻璃ually impaired children overcome learning difficulties caused by vision, so that they can learn like normal children. He then introducedget是什么意思啊 the contributvisionpro是什么软件ion of the Shenzhen Lions Club in the rehabilitatitextbooks什么意思中文on olow的比较级f low vision since its establishment. In rstudents英语怎么读ecent years, the “Bright Action” cataract rehabilitation project carr个体工商户ied out by Shenzhen Lions Club has spread all over Chinstudents英语怎么读a, bringing light to many cataract patients.


Xiao Xingceremony用什么介词ping introduced the origin of the donation project of “Big-character textbooks”special翻译. Thilower什么意思中文s proceremony用什么介词ject is the first non-disaster relief grant applied by lions Clubs international frceremony同义词om a domestic district. Lions Club International has allocated nearly $180,000, and Lions Club Shenzhen has aspecialized自行车llocated over 500,000 yuan over three years (170,000 yuan pelarge的反义词rceremony怎么读 ytextbooks是什么意思ear). The chairman of the project is Xiao Xingping, former President odonations怎么读f the Clubspecialization; the financial director of the project is Fan Jiajin, direcstudents是单数还是复数tor of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation Assistive Equipment Center; the technical directorvisionary翻译 is Llarge和big的区别用法iang Ping, chief physician of Shenzhen Uspecial翻译niversity. After three years of implementation, the project has been accepted and completeceremony翻译d by the Lions Club International Expert Group. Accord哥谭第一季ing to the provispecialsions of the project, after the completion of acceptance, the technical part of the pvisionroject team will continue to work to provide services for visually disabled people, and continlowue to use the special funds of the project if necessary. The 101,100 yuan of the project service funds donated by “Big-character textbooks” wlarge翻译as disbursed from the spdonationsecial service funds of the project. She expressed her gratitude toceremony的音标 all the leaderlargests, lion friends个体营业执照年检 and people from all walks of life flargestor their support and dedication to the projestudentsct. Second, the achievements of Shenzhen Eye Hospital in tstudents是三单吗he low vision rehavisionstreetwearbilitation program and the efforts made by parents of children with low vision in respecial翻译storing their children’s vision; Third, it is expected that “large-character textbooks” will be included in the printing range of textbooks to help more children with low vision.


Chen Xiangrong, deputy directceremony和celebration的区别or of the rehabilitation and employment Department of the Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federstudents’dormitory翻译ation, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the caring pevisionstreetwearople from all walks of life for their efforts in the low vision care prolarge的比较级ject. Then he introduced the planning of the Shedonationnceremony复数形式zhen Disabled Persons’ Federation ostudentsn the low vision project.


Song Rui, former vicvisionproe chairman of The Disabled Persons’ Federation of Shenzhen, shared the process of getting acquainted with the Lions Club and stories about children with low vision arouvisionariesnd himvisionpro, and introduced the development of the Lions Club in Shenzhen. He hopes that the low vision rehabilitation program will receivevisionpro sufficient attentiotextbooks什么意思中文n frolarge-scalem the society and be actively promoted by all sectors of society.


Then, the recipient representlarge函数ative Zheng Kaijun and herlarge parents went olow的反义词n stage to accestudents’unionpt the donation, and preceremony和celebration的区别sented a certificate of appreciation to The Shenzhen Lions Club on behalf of the visually impaired students and their parents. The parents of the assisted student Zheng Tanfei gave a speech and shared their own and their child’s personal experience and heavision怎么读rtfelt journey. Tvisionarieshey expressed their gratitude to Shenzhlarger什么意思en Eye Hospitalvisionstreetwear, Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and Slowerhenzceremony是什么意思hen Education Bureau, and shared the warm and touching scene.

Dr. Liang Ping introducdonation怎么读ed the project of “Big-chlarge和big的区别用法aracter textbook” in detail, from the communication in the early stage of the project to the book making, and finally donated to eceremony的名词ach student. She said thatvisionaries visual ivisionary翻译mpairment can lead to obstacles iceremony的音标n life and learning, among which the inability to successfully study ispecial翻译n ordinary schools is one of the biggest pain points for schoolowerl-age visutextbooksally impspecialtyaired people and their parents. Most of thtextbooks是什么意思e low vision students attend regulardonation怎么读 school, the school ispecialssued ordonations怎么读dinary textbolowestoks for visually impaired students word is too small, can’t see, reading is difficult, is one of the important obstacles in the process of studying visually imceremony翻译paired groups, “big book” can help children to a certain extent, to better see the words on the texlowtbook, daily learning bring convenienctextbook是什么意思英语e to the visually impaired children, greatly reduce the financial burden on the child’s vision, It’s a very rewarding project.

To truly hevisionary翻译lp those in need is the original instudents的中文tention of social caring peovisionary翻译ple’s selfless dedication, and it is also the belief that the lion club of Shenzhen has always adhered to.

【 Text 】 Liang & NBSP; Wen-guang zhou ping

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clubspecial的名词 Office

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