100 Baoan “blue collar” sleeve donation love efforts

100 Baoan “blue collarsleeve donation love efforts

Crystal News (reporter Li Jing correspondent
Ss) yesterday, spcollar是什么意思onsored by the lions club in shenzhen, baoan district center blood stations,保安招聘 the seventh shenzhen lions “red” into the industrial zone, baoan songgang liaocheng in shenzhen overseasefforts Chinese cloud electronic co.,lovely什么意思 LTD., chairman of thbluetoothe board of directors, shenzhen lions under the calleffort什么时候加s of the second director tian wang xing, more than 100 “blue-collar” roll ubluemingp sleeves to participate in unpaid blood donation, blood donation love 43600 ml.

It is undlovely什么意思erstood that the activity for the company’s fifth consecutive organization of collective bloodonation动词d donation activities.collar是什么意思 To this end, Baoan Center blood station deputy chief Chen Xin awarded tdonation翻译he enterprise “enthusiastcollarnote下载ic public welfare, support voluntary blood donation” red banner. “We participate in shenzhen Lions Club’effort是可数还是不可数s blocollarboneod donation every year. It was a little difficuleffort什么意思中文t to organize at the beginnilove直播软件安卓下载ng, but with the deepen保安ing of publicity, the enthusiasm of the staff is gradually increasing. Voluntary blood donation helps to create a corporate culture of dedication and care. Although the donor and user do ndonation动词形式ot know each other, love binds two people together.” Tian said.

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