The money collected was donated to the children in the mountain area

The money collected was donated to the children in the mountain area

Shenzhen Business Daily: (Reporter key) Shenzhen Lions Club Baoqing Servicemountains team was established in Shenzhen on The 11thmoney图片, and held a charity party. All threcollectede money raised on the spot was donated to the poor children in Hunan Longhui mountain area to remountain怎么读alize their dream of going to school.

Baoqinarea在c语言中的意思g, hunan Sharea怎么读aoyang city today. Baoqing service team captain Chen Xiaoan made a speech, said that Baoqing service team will always practice the purpose and cmoney是什么意思oncept of the team, owas是什么意思ut of heart, effort,money的复数形式 money is committed to carry out educational action, red action, community elderly semountain是什么意思rvice projecchildren后面加is还是arets. The ceremony was officially launched on the site. Baoqing Service Team will focus on fulfilling its promise to help stuchildren的名词所有格dents: contiarea怎么读nue to help students for 10 years; 200,000 yumountainsan per year; Every year for 100 poor students todonate的意思 help; Started to raise 1 million crecollectedharichildrentable donations; To mobilize 1 milliwash怎么读on people to participate in lion Clumountain翻译b chmoney怎么读英语arity activities within 10 years; All donations are 100% naked; 100%money图片 of all charitable donations go directly to the recipient.

On the charwashity party, the auction items doarea怎么读nated by members of the Baoqing service team are more thadonate的固定短语搭配n 30 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, arts and crafts, among which there are some masterpieces.

Original link:The money collected was donated to the chilmoneydren in the mountain areareasa

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