Luxury gift waiting for you to take | 2020 charity dinner invitation letter in the New Year

Dear fellow lions,

New Year, happy reunion! Luxury gift at your door.

The shenzhen Lions Club 2020 New Year Chardinner怎么读语音ity Gala nlettersot only provides a platform for lion friends to communicate with each other,A wonderful show,Awards will be presented to the liocharity翻译n donors, service teams and “100 Team Lions” special support service teams. The most important thing is: if you buy a ticket, you will receive a gift package worth RMB 2,164, which includes:

1. Weilesh Water purifier luxury grade 5 ultra-filtration water purifier household kitchen gradeletters 5 filter, PRICE of 1980 YUAN/set;


2. A portable waterproof storage bag, wgift什么意思中文orth 98 YUAN per bag;


3. The PostADMSA stake是什么意思et of music albums worth 68 yuan/set;


Prizwaiting怎么读音英语es for on-site drawaiting是什么意思wing are:

1.&nbspdinner音标; 2 sets of OPPletter是什么意思E Reno2 mobile phones, each worth RMB 3200;

2.  50 mobile phone charging banks, each worth 50 yuan;

3.  2 coffee machines, each wgift怎么读orth 300 yuan;

4.  8 toasters/toasters, eatake offch worth rmb300;

5. 60 beautiful symbol hand cream, each worth 88 yuan;

6. 10 sets of beautiful symbol caviar gift,take的用法 each box worth 2,000 YUAN;

7. A cake of tea bricks from ancient Icelandic trees, valued at 2,000 YUAN;

8. ongift音标eCake 2011 black tea brick, worth 1000 yuan.

You are welcome tgifto buletterheady tickets. The specific arrangement of the party is as follows:

Time: December 23rd (Monday) afternoon (3 o ‘clock, 5 o ‘clock start on time)

Venue: Meihua Hall, 5th fltake overoor, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Futian District, Shenzhen city

Content: New Year cedinner是什么意思lebration, comletter英语怎么读mendation, auction, lottery, performance, etc.

Clothing: men wear formal dress or dark suit, women wear evening dress.

5. Fee: 680 YUAN/pecharity形容词rson, 10 people per table. Tickets are limiteinvitation翻译d on adinner怎么读 first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. Tickets are not accepted at the party. Sorry for any inconvenienwaitingforlovece caused.

Vi. Ranking: Sort the tickets according to the arrival tigiftme.

7. Paymeninvitationst method: you can pay by cash or credit card directly to shenzhen Liondinners Club office, or by transfer. Please mark “Order Taiwan money” when transferring, agift翻译ccount name: Shenzhen Lions Club, Bank account: Shanghaiwaiting香水 Pwaiting怎么读udong Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch, Account: 7913015waiting歌词5260000178. Contacdinner翻译t: Yang Lili,25688550.

Warmly welcome your argiftsrival! Wish you a happy New Year!

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;          

2019-2020 President: Weng Hua

Chairman and First Vice Presidluxury是什么意思ent: Lu Zhiqiang

General Coordinator: Peng Daojian & NBSP;   &nbspdinner和supper区别; &nbsgift和present区别p;

Deputy General Manager: Liao Ronghui & NBSP;    

Director: Fang Shilei &invitation翻译 NBSP;     &nbluxury翻译stake的过去式p;

17 December 2019 & NBSP;  invitation翻译    

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