Lions Club of Shenzhen stays true to its original aspiration and starts again -- Red Lion costume enters South Park to help fight poverty

On September 24, 2020, the signing ceremony of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation's "One-to-one" Connection with Nanyuan Street project was held in thestart是什么意思中文 conference room on toriginal和initial的区别he second floortrue是0还是1 of Nanyoriginal是什么牌子uan Street Office in Futian District. At the signing ceremony, Shenzhen Lions Club unveiled the "Red Lion clothing Disabled Station" in Nanyuan Street, and donated a batch of materials to the impoverished Party members in Nanyuan street.


Yin Kui, member of the Leading深圳疫情 Party Group, Party Secretary and vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Luo Nianchun, President of Futian District Disabled Persons' Federation; Lin Zhiping, Secretary of The Party Working Committee of Nanyuan Subdistrict, F深圳大学utian District; Wang Yonghong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Workinitsg Committeoriginal和initial的区别e; Lu Zstay三单hiqiang, preaspiration和ambition的区别sident of shenzhlions翻译en Lions Club for 2020-2021; Peng Daojian, second vice President; Secretary General Lai Zhuoni, Chairman of the Disabled Committ深证指数ee Su Jianhua, Chairman of the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Committee Dai Linhua and llions是什么意思eaders of the Muits和it's的区别nicipal Disabled Persons' Federation, Futian District Disabled Persons' Federaitss资质证书tion and Nanitsmyuan Street attended the ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Wang Yonghong.

Deputy Secretary Wang Yonaspirationalghong delivered the welcome speech and introduced the guests.


Secretary Lin Zhiping introditsyou是什么意思uced thestart是什么意思中文 work si深圳风险等级tuation of Nanyuan Street, and expounded the bstay三单asic situation, history and culture, caring for the disabled in the community, and the shantytown renovation projelions翻译ct of Nanyuan Stre深圳et, so that everyone could深圳疫情最新动态 unaspiration什么意思derstand the situatclub用英语怎么说ion and problems encountered in the development of Nanyuan Straspirational翻译eet.


Luo Nianchun, chairmanitsyou是什么意思 of the board of Directors, was honored to pair up with the Mlion是什么意思unicipal Disabled Persons' Federation and Nanyuan Street. He said that under the leadership of the party secretary and the Party Working Committeeaspiration翻译, maclubmedny livelihood projects in Noriginal什么意思anyuan Sub-district have won unclubmed官网预订animous praise from thestay是及物动词还是不及物 people and destrueloveerve further promotion. He hoped that throoriginalugh pairing, he could sort out t深圳地铁线路图he list of docking problems and service projects, anstartswithd take advantage of the CDPF's advantageous projects to do a good job in pairing constructiontrue的副词.


Secretary Tian Wangxing made a speech. It is my honor to witness the signing ceremony of the pairstay三单ing project. He said tlions是什么意思hat the Shenzhen Lions Club actively responded to ttruelovehe call of taspiration是什么意思英语he Shenzhen Disablaspiration怎么读ed Persons' Federation's Party group and council, and activelytrue的副词 participated ioriginal和initial的区别n the official Oclubsrganizlion是什么意思ation Department ostart是什么意思中文f the Shenzhen Muits翻译nicipal Party Committee on the "one to one" point深圳疫情最新动态 to contrue是什么意思nect withlions的音标 the streets to promote partitstimefor和to区别y membeitsashou微博rs and cadres to contact the massclub怎么读es. According to the actual demand of Nanyuan Street and in cshenzhenombination with our own brand service projects, we took the initiative to formulate a series of service activities program of "Red Lion Clothing entestay是及物动词还是不及物rs Nanyuan and helpsstarts怎么读 fight poverty". Hope that ttruelovehrough a series of activlion是什么意思ities, canaspirational翻译 provide practical help for the south Parkoriginal翻译 street, solve practical problems.


Vice Chairperoriginallyson Yin Kui made a speech, and on behalf of Chairpersostart是什么意思中文n Hou Yisha wished everyone a happy Mid-Autumn and National Day festival. He said the historical changes of the Nanyuan street witnessedtruelove the development of Shenzhen in the past 40 years. Tstarts怎么读his time, the shenzhen federation official response to the arrangement of the shenzhen municipaspirationalal party committee organization department, and "one to one" hanging point contact sstay是什么词性outh street, city, disabclub是什么意思led persons' fedaspiration的中文意思eration will mainly from supporting the construction of professional health centstaystrong中文翻译er south street, sets up "the red lion, assistive standing" and to barrier-free renovation three aspects of colions翻译中文mmunity service, as melancholy bail-out, the well-being of the masses at the grasslions翻译-roots level. He put forward three roriginal的名词equirements for joint construction poriginal翻译rojeclubcts: first, to improstay是什么意思ve the political standing and imtruely和truly区别plement alclub用英语怎么说l work; Second, do a good job of public opinion survey, will serve the masses on the heart; Thoriginal什么意思ird, an effective linkage mechanism should be formed between the Citclub是什么酒y's Dilions是什么意思sabled Persons' Federation, Futian District's Disabled Persons' Federalions怎么读tion and Nanyuan Street to do a good job iitstimefor和to区别n normalizing the work.


Wang Yonghong, Deputy Secretary, read the joint construction agreement. The leaders of the three parties shall sign the agreement on joint construction of the pai深圳风险等级ring.


At the event, The Lions Clstarts怎么读ub of Shenzhen held the opening ceremony of "Red Liooriginally形容词n Clothing Helping the disabled" in Nanyuan Street. Deputy Secretary Wang introduced that: Thstay是什么意思e Lions Club of Shenzhen has carried out social servicstart什么意思es in the fields of communitstay三单y service, hits是什么意思elping the disabled and poverty alleviation, which has been highly recognized by all walks of life and even the intrue是什么意思中文翻译ternational community. Among thaspiration的所有变形em, "Red Lion Clothing Disabled深圳疫情最新动态 Support Station" is a disabled comlion是什么意思中文翻译munity service project innovatively launched by Shenzhen Lions Club under the promotion of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatiitss资质证书on. Currently, it has covered 71 streets in Shenoriginally形容词zhen and carrieaspirationald out more than 800 service activititsmies over the years.

Later, a donation ceremony was held for materials for poverty alleviation, and 66 bags of rice,深圳疫情 33 barrels of cooking oil and 132 pomelos were donaaspiration的用法ted to 33 families of impoverished Party members in the Nanyuan Sub-district Office in Futian District.


Recently, Shenzhoriginal是什么牌子en Lions won the fifth Pengcheng Charity awarstay是及物动词还是不及物d "Pengcheng深圳市最新疫情 charity 40 years salute unit", this honor can not be separated from the competent unitlions翻译中文 of Shenzhen Disablestay是什么词性d persons federation party group, the council of guidance and support, can not be separated from the care and love of all sectorlionss of society. Now standing at a new historical starting point, it is an opportunity for the City Disabled Persoriginallyons' Federation to contact Nanyuan Street to promote the work of partylionsgate members and caspiration翻译adres to contact and serve the masses. Theitsm Lions Club of Shenzhen stays true to its original aspiration and hopes to actively promote the development of public welfshenzhenare undertakings through the series of service activities of "Red Lion Costume entering Nanyuan to help fight poverty". It will contoriginal什么意思rclubmed官网预订ibute to the construction o深圳天气f new social organizations with domestic characteristics and the construction of a htrue的反义词armonious socistarts怎么读ety.深圳疫情最新动态

【 Text 】 Huang Xinran

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Lin Yanfen ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

Shenzhen Lions Cloriginalub

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