Dream Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony and the first regular meeting of 2020-2021

On July 25, 2020, the inaugural ceremony and the first regular meeting of the 2020-2021 dream Service Team of Shenzfirst翻译hen Lioteamworkns Club was held in Buildingfirst青年电影展 526, Baguai Second Road,first怎么读 Futian District. Shenzceremony和celebration的区别hen Lions guide lion group leader Qi Kelin, dream service team captain Gu Daoming, last captain Gan Neng Lin, the first vice captain Li Xiadreamoyimeeting怎么读英语ng, the second vservice怎么读ice captain Zeng Dejun, the tteamprohird vice captain Zhang Jinghua, secretarservicemany Gan Neng Lin, financial Wen Lirong, general affairs Peng Chu Sheng and other 22 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Xiaoying and presided over by Zeng Dejun.


The last team leader made the work report of the previous year and reviewed the activities of the past year.

Zhang Jinghua made a financial report and introduced the servicteam是什么意思翻译e expenditure and admservice的名词inistrative expenditure of the service team in 2019-2020.

In the presence of all lion friends, Ganneng Lin hanfirstded over the rimeeting怎么读英语bbon and scepter to Gu Ddream是什么意思aoming, afirst怎么读英语nd the two sides exchanged gifts.


Captain Gu Daomiservice和serve的区别ng made a work plan for the New Yearteam, saying that he would inherit the specialceremony projects and activmeeting是什么中文意思ities of the service. He called on lion friends to startregular翻译 from the actceremonyual needs of the recipients to carry out services, improve the influence of services, and then infect thteamproe caring people arserviceound, to paservicemanss love to everyone around!


Qikelin team leader speech, hope that the service team to continue to promote the dream service team to help students, respect the elderly, let love voice and other service projects; I hope we cafirst怎么读n pool our strength and inspire more social forcesservice翻译 to jointly care for the vulnerable groups in society.


After the tribute and inauguraticeremony用什么介词on, the corps held its firsteamst regular meeting of the year. At the meeting, we discussed the service activities to be carried out by the service team.



Article/picture contributed by dream Service Team

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