Long-term Service Team: the sixth regular meeting of 2019-2020 will be held

On May 25, 2020, the fifth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Long Term Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Xinmei Garden, Buildingsixth怎么读英语 D-12, Meihua Villa, Minzhi Street, Lonservice的名词ghua District. Lsixthlyong-term翻译term service team caservice的名词ptain Zheng Jianhai, last captain Huang Tingyin, the second vice captain Zhen Yongqianterminology, the third vice captain Guo Qiang, secterminalretary Ma Xsixthlyiujie, fin龙王传说aserviceablencial Yan Xiuying and other 36 people attended the meeting. Peng Daojian, chief financial Officer, Xu Qiubin, Deputy Secretary Generateamviewerl, Li Zhou, chairman of Zone 2, Zhu Fengsixth怎么读英语, chairman of Zone 5, Wei Xinsixth读音xin, chairman of Zonmeeting腾讯会议e 10, Li Chunchang, Supervisor, Fan Liangming, executive chairman of System conregularstructiservice是什么意思on and Law Committee, Yu Xiaoping, executive chasixth读音irman of Student Services Commeeting是什么意思中文翻译mittee attended the meeting. The meetiterm怎么读ng was chaired by Wu Yiying and Zeng Xiaoling.

At the meeting, Captain Zheng Jianhai summarized and reviewed the lion service and service activities of the Long-term Service team in 2019-2020, focusing on the donation of epidemic prevention materteams会议ials to sanisixthtation wortermux下载kers in Nanshan District and thmeeting怎么读英语e "service怎么读Lion Love Statiteams会议on of HKU Hospital" project. Finally, he arranged the payment of the service fee and the donation of the Wah Li龙族on Award.

Before the 2020-2021 annual stand-in captain ZhenYong toservice speak, thservice的名词anks for all the friends and lion s龙猫ervice recognition and support, says it will fulfill their duty in the new lion annual rite, forge ahead, inherits and carries forward the former captain's fine tradregularlyition, with the support of all the lion friends, mameetingke persistent efforts, happy servsixthirtyice, cregular的名词ontributing to public welfare undertakings in shenzhen powermeeting怎么读英语!

Chairman Wei Xinxin and Supervisor Li Chunchang also spoke on the stage respectively, affirming the achievements of the long Ter龙纹战神m Service team in the past year, and wishinsixthirtyg former captain Zhen Yong, the New Year, to lead all lion friends to make joint efforts to龙族 carry forward the long term and create more brimeetingyou是什么意思lliant.  

Wei Xinxin, chairman of themeetings National People's Congress of The People's Republic oservice翻译f China, attended the November 2019 "Caring for Returned Overseas Chinese & NBSP; The "Sterm是什么意思pecial Support Award" was presented by lion friends to recognize their efforts and encourage more lion friends to participate in service activities.

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After the meesixth音标ting, participating lion friends held a simple and warm birthday ceremony for Zhu Zhiming. Everyone tasted cake, shared josixth怎么读y, spread losixthirtyve in happiness.

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By Ma Xiujie

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