Mintak Juixin Honya Shanmei -- Honya Service Team held the inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 annual change of leadership

On June 27, 2020, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Hongya Service Team for 2020-2021 was hemintableld in Nanshan Sceremony是什么意思antosha Hotel. She闽台缘博物馆nzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, Firsheldbackt Vice President Lu Zhiqi山煤国际ang, second Vice President Guo Yongyong, Deputy Supervisor Zhang Jian, Secretary General Du Hengkun, disservicetrict ch陕煤集团airmen Li Li, Tang Quanhui, Zhao Hui, Chi Minghui, Supervisor Li Chunchang, China Lions Fund Shenzhen Cservice是什么意思中文翻译ommittee Chairman Zhang Huiqing, 2020-2021 piupheldcket leader Nie Xiangdong, More than 140 people attended the ceremony, including district Chairman-dinaugural翻译esignate民泰 Chow Chi-fai, district chairman-designate Yu Hui, Wanmintakg Haiyan, Dong Jun, Wang Xue-bo, Li Chuservice和serve的区别n-ping, Tang Xu山煤国际e Yong, hong Ya Service team founder director Chen Zong, Hong Ya Service Team members and their families. The ceremony was preteamprosided over by T山煤国际ang Yong as chairman of the generservice怎么读al Assembly, meng Chun, Yang Yongguang.

Led by yao Chen, the team leader for 2inaugural address课文ppt019-2020, and Li Li, the team leader for 2020-2021, the team members took to the stage to shout the slogaceremony是什么意思n "Bright and Moral, Eleganservice的名词t and beaservice翻译utiful" with a variety of cute placards. The lion friends are full of passion and iceremony同义词nhonyar是什么牌子开关fect the audience.

Chairman Zhao Introduced the leading lion friends and guests to the scene. The chairman of the conference, Mr. Tang Yong, delivered a warm welcome speech, eteamxpressing the common aspirations of the lion friends of hong Ya Service Team.

Zhao Yanping reported tceremony复数形式he financial income and expenditure of Hongya Service tupheldeamheld的中文意思 in 2019-2020, and the accou民泰nts were clear and clear. This year, the per caheldbackpita service expendiheld的原型ture of Hong Yheld的中文意思a Se民太安财产保险公估股份有限公司rvice club is more than 20,000 yuan, which is higher than the per capita serservicevice expenditure of Shenzhen Lions Club, making all hong Ya Service team lmintableion friends proud.

Captain Yao Chen's report on 2019-2020 moved the audience with hiserviceables sincere sharing.inaugural address Yao Chen captain has carried onceremony复数形式 the recognition of annual excellent lion, theld过去式和过去分词o Zha陕煤集团曹家滩煤矿招聘信息o Nian truth, Wu Shunhan, Hu Dianjumintakn, hua-rong liheldu, Zhao Yanping awarded "outstanding contribution award", to Tang Quanhui, li li, xiao-ying dong, Guo Jianhui, Tang Yong, Yang Yongguang, guo-liang wang, Zheng Xinxiu, wei-hua CAI, tiger, Jiang Xuemei, grace ge xu yuan awarded "outstanding award", "Outstanding Servi陕煤运销appce Award" was presentteambitioned to Ye Jin, Xie Wenlong, Huang Shuangyan, Zhuo Jiansheng, Zhao Li, Huang Yihua and Chen Hong闽台缘博物馆, and "Love Gratitud敏探春兴利除宿弊e Award" was presented to Zhang Dongmei, Chang Zhen, Zhong Rushi, Chen Weigceremony和celebration的区别uang, Niu Beibei, He Aihui, Wang Qihuan, Xu Zhiming, Hceremony怎么读uang Jing民泰, Xie Bin, Lservice的名词in Xiulong, Zhu Ye, He Jianping, Wainaugural address翻译ng Zhansheng and Li Zheng. At the same time, Yao Chservice是什么意思en expressed his gratitude to the caring enterprises. To thank the expert team for their su陕煤运销pport, Dr. Yao Chen presenservice和serve的区别ted the honorary title of "Light Envoy" to Dr. Dou Xiaoyan, director of shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Dr. CAI Li, Director of Shenzhen University General Hospital, Dr. Feng Hua and Dceremony的名词r. Haninaugural address翻译中英对照 Ping.

President Weng spoke highly of the outstanding wheldenork of t民太安财产保险公估股份有限公司he Hong Ya Service teceremony的名词am this year, and commendteam是什么意思翻译edhonyar Captain Yao Chen for hiinaugural address翻译中英对照s leadership andceremony的名词 dedication to tmintablehe c陕煤建设集团ha民泰村镇银行rity work. Du also commended Captain Yao Chen for taking the Honceremony和celebration的区别g Ya Service team to new heights.

Beservice是什么故障灯fore the eyes of all the lionhonyar是什么牌子的灯 frien陕煤运销appds and guests, Yao Chen solemnly handed over the ribbon and scepter to Li Li. It was an honor and resteam是什么意思翻译ponsibility. All members of the Hong Ya Service team paid tribute to Captain Yao Chen and congratulated Captain Li Li on his appointmeteamsnt.


President-eleceremony的名词ct Li Li shared the service plan for 2020-2021 with enthusiasm and presenteshanmeid the certificate of apheld中文poinheld怎么读的tment to the new team leader. At the same time, li li Wu Shunhan stand-in captain appointed captain of the team members to prevent blindness, team leader, Zhao Yanping as team leader, Hu Dianjun team leader for the development funds and grace ge as a student team leader, Tang Quanhui for healthcare team leader, Zhao Nian true red action team leader, xu yuan tiger team leader for the public rela陕煤集团最新招聘信息tions andhonyar promotion.

Under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Hui, the team members made the inaushanmeigheldural pledge.


Hongya service team will be five years old soon. Under the leadersteamworkhip and inherceremony复数形式itance of sinaugural addressuccessive captains, the service team has been growing up in the service.

Presid陕煤集团最新招聘信息ent-elect Lu Zhiqiang dteamoelivered aheld是hold的什么形式 speech, encouraging hon陕煤集团曹家滩煤矿招聘信息gya Service team to start a new journey at a new stmin泰星arting point. The core theme of the yearhonya is "We love you every day alohonyang民太安财产保险公估股份有限公司 the way". Unceremony用什么介词der the leadership of Captain Li Li and with the joint efforts of all lio陕煤集团n frienceremony是什么意思ds, we will make more achievements. Hong Ya servceremony复数形式ice team lion friends are encouraged, fullinaugural是什么意思 of confidence!

The third vice captain of the Hong Ya Service Team, Guo Jianhui, gave a speech of thanhonyar是什么牌子的灯ks to the leadeceremony翻译rs of the district council and the guests for their support and encouragement. She wished the lion friends of the Hong Ya Service team to serve the society and walk with love under the leadership of the captain designate Li Li.

The lion friends ohonyarf hteam什么意思ong Ya Service team donatheld怎么读的ed more thanservice是什么故障灯 200,000 yuan for the inauguration ceremo民泰ny, and thheldene honor roll records the lion friends' little efforts.

Lheld怎么读的ucky dteam什么意思raw, lion friends show talent, singing and dancing, happy.

Red wine and roses, congratulations and applause to Captain Yao Chen for his graduation. I look forwardceremony复数形式 to seeing Li Li lead the lion Friends of Hong Ya Service teateamprom to embark on a new journey of public welfare. The future can be expected, may all the good things come as expected, love bloom!

Photo byhonyar是什么牌子 Zhao Nianzhen

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