Xixiang Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2018-2019

Xixiang Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2018-2019

On July 10, 2018, the first regular mservicebioeeting of Xixiang Service Team of Shenzh西乡县en Lions Club was successervicebiosfully held in No.9 Manor of Majia Dragon Yinghong in Nanshan. Fourteen lion friendsregularization, including Cao Haihong, supervisor of 2018-2019, Wen Shaochu, leader of Xixiang Service Team, Xie Yinglian, first vice lefirst怎么读ader and Peng Jianyue, third vice presheld的意思是什么ident of Shenzhen Lions Club, atheld怎么读的tended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jin Yanfeimeeting的音标.

At the meeting, the lion friends discussed and decided to carregularly意思中文翻译ry out the student assistance visit activity in Yangjiang in mid-August, and preliminarily decided to launchteampro the anhui student assistance activity in October. It is emphasized that the funds raised by the service team must be separated from the administrative funds, the use of relevant fheld过去式和过去分词unds should be highly transupheldparenfirst是什么意思t anmeetingtencentcomd fair, and the relemeeting怎么读英语vant regulations ofirst怎么读英语f shenzhenteams手机版 Lions Cheld是hold的什么形式lub on the usfirstlye of funds should be strictly implemeetingsmented.

Captain Wen Shaochu summed up the meeting, affirservicebiomed everyone's efforheld的意思是什么ts and efforts in the past year, and put forward the prospect and plan for the future developmteambitionent of the service team. He thanked everyone for carrying forward the spirit of "four out", and hoped that the lion friends cmeeting是什么意思ould harvest full of happiness and joy in the process of participating in the mee西乡隆盛ting.

After the meeting, we presented the blesfirsthandsings of lions club family to Wen Shaochu and Chen西乡塘区 Shengchao, who had their birthdays in July. In the laughter, lion fri西厢寻他ends more profound feelings, this friendship will also make xixiang service team in the public welfare road farther and farther.

By Jin Yanfei

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