Mileage Service Team: hold the fourth captain team meeting of 2019-2020

On October 26, 2019, the fourth Captain team meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Mileage Service Team 2019-2020 was held in TNT Contemporary Art Space, Dafen Oil Painting Village, Longgang Distfourthlyrict. Yang Shuijin, chairman of The third district of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Xiong Qi, cservice的名词aptmeetingain of the mmeeting是什么中文意思ileage Service Team, Huang Weiqiang, Wang Shu, Chang Hongliang, Chang Shijun, founder of the team, Zhong Yincaptain什么意思中文ghui and other 13 people attended the meeting. The meeting was cfourth造句haired by Xiong Qi.

IMG_1594_ copy. JPG

Captain Xiong Qi reviewed the wonderful activities carried out by the servicservice的名词e team in the pastfourth four months, and discussed with the lion friends the upcoming visit, love and special school and other projects.

Xiong Qi JPG.

Chairman Yang Shuijin conveyed the spirit of the district councilcaptainonthebridge meeting and introduced the code of Conduct for Shenzhen Lions Club members and regulatiomeeting的音标ns on management of Shenzhen Lions Ccaptain缩写lub Internet Pubcaptain翻译lic Information Pteambitionlatform.

Shui-jin Yang. JPG

The finafourth的基数词ncial department of Zhong Yinghui made monthly financial income and expendituhold键是什么功能re report, and detailed report on semeetingtencentcomrvice expemileage什么意思nses and project expenses.

Zhong Yinghui JPG.

Luo Bin summed up the Lotus Flower North station for the disabled on September 7hold on Mid-Autumn Festival sodding, called on everyone to inspire people around to participate in the disabled service; Peng Zhoteams会议u summarized the educational actfourth是什么意思ivities in Yunnan frmeeting腾讯会议om September 24 to 26, affirmed the significance of this activity, and hoped thatteam什么意思 the service team would actively carry out suteamch activities. Lin Lihua shared the parent talent competition held in Feichang School on Ohold翻译ctober 26. The video played on the spot moved the licaptainon friends very much. Li Jianchun introduced this year'sfourth翻译 Red afourth怎么读ction, hope lion friends support; Xiong Qi, captain of the team, reported the progress of the lion club project and the use ofmeetingtencentcom funds, and explained the spirit of the Lion Club andcaptain音标 the important points about the arrangement of the officers before the team meeting.

Members of the team defourth怎么读liberated and apmeetingtencentcomproved the arrangementservicebio of the autumn outing of the special school on November 2, peace posters, carrying out jiangxi Wan 'an Student return visit, "Lion Lteamworkove Transmission Free lmeetingtencentcomunch" project plan and fundraising scheme, increasing "relationship members", carrying out "Help by your side" servicfourth怎么读e activities and other resolutions.teamo

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Text/picture contributservice和serve的区别ed by mileage Service team

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