Initiative | about actively participate in the public platform, tencent network in 2021 fundraising initiative

Service teams:

In response to domestic lion call, according to "lion federation service activities committee on active participation inactively怎么读 domestic public platform in 202tencent腾讯1, tinitiative什么意思中文翻译enceaboutnt network fundraising initiative spirit, along with theactively是什么词 vigorous development of network information era, the Internet fundraising cognition and participation by thnetworke public and social organizations, and is widely applied to raising money and advocaplatformcy group of outstanding service work of the project. In 2020, in cooperation with The China Chilactively是什么意思英语dren's Charity Rescue Foundation, the Service Activities Committee of the Lions Association organnetwork中文是什么ized various regions to partpublicationicipate in Tenceparticipate用法及搭配nt's "9network stack9 Charity Danetworkmanagery" online fundraising activity from September 7 to 9, and achieved greatactively是什么意思英语 results.

In 2021, Tencent public welfare platform, combininabouttime免费观看g the experience of previous years, will innovate again and launch a series of activitiestencent文件夹可以删除吗 such as monthly donation, "520 Campaiplatformapign Matching donation" and "99 Public Welfatencent文件夹可以删除吗re Matching Donation", which are suitable for different scalpublic404html乱es and different tplatform编译半天ime periods. They will match different activities for individual representative projects to carry out special fundraising and expand their fundraitencent drivesing influence. We propose that each service team summarize last year's expeabout怎么读rience and continue to actively particinitiative的名词ipate in the online fundraising activities of Tencent public welfare platform centering on the themeinitiative怎么读 of "Warm Project - You are thactively是什么意思英语e reason for it".

Pleinitiative是什么意思啊ase combine your advantages, organize teams and projects, cooperate with third-pplatform什么意思arty publnetwork是什么意思啊ic foundations that you aretencent文件夹可以删除吗 familiar with and have abundant resources and channeltencent可以删除吗s, and participate in fundraising activitiplatform是什么文件夹es on the Tencent Charpublic怎么读ity network platform.

I. Theme of thenetwork是什么意思啊 activity

"Warm project - because of you". "Purpose" represents the purpose of "serving the society by helping others"tencent upd, and ouabout是什么意思r original intention will never change.

Ii.initiative什么意思中文翻译 Relevinitiativelyant requirements

1. In prinetwork是什么软件ncinitiative是什么意思啊iple, the projects to be participated in revolve arinitiativesound four sections: "poverty alleviation and stabilization, epublic怎么读nabling and assisting the disabled, community services, and regular anti-epidemic activities";

2. Third-party public foundations selected for cooperation by each service team must be legally registered, sign formalparticipate名词 cooperation agreemenplatform怎么读英语ts, and submit them to the District Council in advance. The District Council will submit them to the Federation for approval and record.

Iii. Contacts

Service Ofinitiative怎么记忆ficer: Yang Xin 25tencent可以删除吗688590



Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

June 3, 2021tencentqqmailplugin


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