Continued leadership and responsibility - The chairman's Advisory Committee held its second meeting

On March 7, 2021, the second meeting of the Advisory Committee of the chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021 was held in the east block of Diwang Apartment, Luohu District. Su Zeran, chairman oadvisor和adviserf the Advisory Committee of the President of Lions Club shenzhen, Xie Jianwen, president of lions Club Shenzhen anadvisory翻译d director of Lions Club Sheresponsibility翻译nzhen, aresponsibility诗句乱接nd Shi Jianyong, Ladvisor软件in Ziyu, Wu Xiaoming, Zit'shenheld是hold的什么形式g Degang, Xiao Xingping, Zhang Gheld中文uojun, Wang Jinliangcontinue的固定搭配 and Sha Haiyu, former presidents, attended the meeting. Liitss资质证书 Weihua, the representative of lions association in Shenzhen and the first Secretary of Party Branch of Lcontinue的用法ions Club shenzhen, Weng Hua, the last president of Lions Club Shenzhen, and Guo Yongyong, the first vice prchairman的复数esident attended the meeting. Thleadership怎么读e meeting was chaired by Su Zeran.


At the meeting,itsashou微博 the former presidents listened to the work of the board of Directors and the Board of Supervisorleadership翻译s this yeacommittee怎么读r, and discuadvisoryssed the issues related to the 19th Member Congress ofits Shenzcontinued什么意思hen Lions Club. After the qualificaheld过去式和过去分词tion revieits和it's的区别w panel meetingchairman held on March 6, weng Hua, former chairman of tcommittee翻译he board of Directors, and Tian Wangxingchairman的复数, former chairman of the board of Supervisors, both qualified for the 2021-2022 election. After the coordination of the board of Trustees, weng Hua, the last president, said that he would withdraw from the post of supervisor.

Sleadership需要具备哪些能力u Zeran,chairman是什么意思英语 chairman of the chairman's Advisory Committee, fully affirmed and praised the recent work of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors. Xiao Xingits是什么意思ping is the chairman of the advisory committee for the next year.

Su Zeran JPG.

Xie Jianwen, president of the founding Club and director of the founding district, expressed the hope thsecondaryat shenzhen Lions Club and its former presidents should cherish the glory, remember the history, remain true to their original aspiratiosecondaryn and keep their mission firmly in mind,advisor是什么意思 unite as one, fully support and coochairman前面用冠词吗rdinate the work of the district club anditsm the association, and further improve, consolidate and playsecond翻译 the role of the patrons committee. We should further strengthen pcontinued怎么读arty building, take the initiaits和it's的区别tive to accept the lleadership需要具备哪些能力eadership of the DISABLED Persons' Federation, constantly adjust and icontinue的用法mproveitss资质证书 the organizational structure, and constantly strengthen the weak points. We should further innovate asecondhandnd improve the institutional system and imits和it's的区别pcontinuedlementation mechanism, especially the electioleadership翻译n system and leadership training system, to ensure the healthy and orderly progress of lions Clubs. We should further build the lions Club's digitalsecond缩写 service platform, strive toheld怎么读的 imitselfprove service quality, and innovate the community service brand and lion friendly model. Finallits是什么意思y, hope to seize the 20thcontinued翻译 anniversary of the foucontinue的固定搭配nding of shenzhen lion celebration important node ofitsm the favorable opportunity, lift force of the plenum, the lion in the municipal disabled persons' federation and league, ucommittee怎么读nder the leadership of innovation road, to take new measures, create shenzhen lions demonstration area, hit shenzhen lion characteristics of shenzhen, shenzhen, scommittee造句henzleadership的定义hen air, style, contheld过去式和过去分词inue to naresponsibility什么意思tional innovation provides referential experience, and steady zhiyuan, let shenzhsecondscreen下载en lions club.

Jian-wen xie. JPG

Zhang guoyun, former prresponsibility怎么读esicommittee造句dent of Lions Club shenzhen, said that under the promotits和it's的区别ion of previous presidents, the club has accompliadvisory是什么意思shed outstanding work in all aspects, especially in system cresponsibility怎么读onstruction, oleadership是什么意思英语rganization construction and servicleadership的四种类型e team construction.helden As an outstanding social orgaits和it's的区别nization in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-committee和councilMacao Greater Baychairman Area, Shenzhen Lions Club should take aresponsibility什么梗 leading role in tcontinue的用法headvisory development and construction of the new era.

Zhang Guojun JPG.

Lin Ziyu, former president of ccPIT Xiamen, said that the developheldbackment of an organization isleadership的四种类型 the same as the development ofresponsibility怎么读音发音 an enterprise. There will be dicommittee和commission区别fferent problems in different periods. We should solve the problems with a peaceful and tolerant heart. The chairman's Advisory Committee shall conscientioussecondaryly fulfill its duties as an advisory body, strive to do a good job in communication and coordinheld的中文意思ation,chairman和president的区别 and play an active role in the important issues and major decischairman的复数ions of Lions Club in each development stage or certain period.

Lin Ziyu JPG.

Zheng Degang, forcontinue的用法举例c语言mer CHAadvisorIRMAN of Cleadership怎么读CCHAIRwoman, said that the work of the Bocommitteesard of Directors and the Board of Supervisors in this yecommitteear has been inherited and innovcontinuedated, and praised them for their hard work and fruitful achievements. He scommittee是单数还是复数uggested that the chairman'sleadership是什么意思 adviscontinued是什么意思英语ory committee should continue to play a strategic role in promoting the steady progrheldeness of shenzhen Lions club.

Wenhua Zheng Degang. JPG

Xiao Xinupheldgping sairesponsibility用法搭配d that as the chairman oleadership英文解释f the 2021-2022 advisory Committee electadvisor仿真ed by thchairman翻译e chairman's advisory commitchairman翻译tee, shecontinued翻译 would properly arrange the work of the advisory committee for the next yeits是什么意思ar and assist the chairwoman to carry out various lion affairs.

XiaoXingPing JPG.

Shcontinued翻译ih said that any organization sholeadership的定义uld asecond什么意思ct in accoresponsibility什么意思rdachairman是什么意思nce with its constitution. Asadvisor翻译 a former chairman, he should play a leading role.

ShiJianYong JPG.

Wu Xiaoming, former president ofresponsibility形容词形式 Shenzhen Liitss资质证书ons Club, said that only through more communication and more understanding can we advance the work of Shenzhen Lions Club in an orderly manner.

9 s2a9301_ copy. JPG

Wleadership英语作文ang Jinliang, former precommittee和commission区别sident of Shenzhecommittee是单数还是复数n Lions Club, said that the honor of shenzhen Lions club reflects the harits和it's的区别d work of previous presidents and all lions club members, and evitss资质证书ery lion club member hopes that lions will become bettercommittee and better. Shenzhen Lions Clheldbackub should innovate service items, strengthen communicatadvisor是什么意思ion with the civil Affairs Bureau and the Mchairmanunicipal Disaits是什么意思bled Persons' Federation, timely request instructions and report on major issues, exchange opinions, and do a good job in lion affairs.

Sha Haiyu, former president of Lions Club of Shenzhen, welcomed Li Weihua to attenleadership是什么意思英语d the meeting and thanked Li Wsecondlove日剧eihua for his correct guidance to the work of Lions Club of Shenzhen. One ofheld的原型 the most important things for Lions Club shenzhen is to do a beresponsibility形容词形式tter job in service and publicity, and plan the next dadvisor翻译evelopment of the organization frochairman翻译m a higher starting point at thechairman的复数 juncture of its 20th anniversarcontinue的用法举例c语言y.

Sha Haiyu, Wang Jinliang. JPG

Weng Hua, the lastleadership的定义 president, said that underadvisor仿真 the guidancchairman是什么意思英语e of all the former presidents, heits和it's的区别 fulfilled the responsibilcontinued是什么意思英语ities of the president in the past year. Inspired by everyone's positive energy and the invitation of Guo Yongyong, the first vice president, hope to continue to serve the orgresponsibility什么意思中文anization, only to run for tleadership的定义hadvisory翻译e position ocontinued翻译f supervisor, but will respect and listen to the coordination of the board of supervisors on the election.

WengHua JPG.

Guo Yongyosecond的基数词ng, the first vice president, exprescommittee和commissionsed his grcontinue的英文eat honor to attend the meeting of the board of Trustees. Last year, the New Year charity partleadership的中文意思y was not held as scheduled due to acontinue的用法 sudden outbreak of the epidsecond什么意思emic. Now the epidemic situationresponsibility怎么读 is relresponsibility什么意思中文atichairman翻译vecontinue的固定搭配ly stable, and the organizing committee is actively preparing for it. We hope to get strong support frosecond怎么读m all the former presidents. Thank you for yadvisor是什么意思our suggestionschairman前面用冠词吗 on the future development of Lions Club shenzits是什么意思hen, which will be taken into conschairman翻译ideration when focommittee翻译rmulating the next year's work plan.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

Li wh first secretary, said gu coheld的意思是什么mmittee of each member is one of the shenzhen lion flag pole, lions are in shenzhen today, arcommittee造句e you a former President of the out of the struggle focommittee翻译r a former Pheld怎么读的resident of shenzhen lions like have been raising children, believe that everyone is looking at as parents and takeadvisor翻译 care of the organization.

Li wh. JPG

Mr. Su Zeran, chairman of the advisory Committee of the chairman of lions Club, said that the meeting was launched two days before the meeting. The fact that the former presidents and leaders of Lions Club could take time out of their busy schedule to aheld中文ttend the meeting shows that they atheld是hold的什么形式tach great importance to and support the wcontinued翻译ork of the Advisory commchairman的复数ittee of the chairman of Lions Club of Shecontinue的用法举例c语言nzhen. The chairesponsibility用法搭配rmacommittee怎么读n's adviscommittee是单数还是复数ory committee shall discuss the major issues or special issues of Shenzhen Lioupheldns Club timely according to the actual work needs, which plays an important role in proadvisor翻译moting the work effectively. First Secretary Li Weihua and the fadvisor是什么职位ormer presidents' speecsecond什么意思hes on lion work were forward-looking and targeted. Su Zeran said that the party branch and the chairman's advisory cleadership的四种类型ommittee highly recognized weng Hua's contribution to the shenzhen Lions Club, and aresponsibility怎么读ffleadership是什么意思irmed his honorable behavior ofchairman voluntarily giving up running for the position of supervisor in acleadership是什么意思英语cordance with the opinions of the chairman's advisory committee.

[Text] Zhang Chenxi

[Photo] Zhang Chenxi

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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