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Pengcheng in February, spring is abundant; The rising sun shines, reflecting the blue sky. On February 2, 2021, sponsored by the lions club in shenterprisesenzhen, auspicious number in tea industry, shenzhen lion lion service committee to unlion翻译dertake enterprises, the shenzhen stock trading center, deep lion lion lion news agency, shenzheexchangedn friends assisted with care committee jointly "example邮箱登录入口lion companies eexample缩写ntered the shenexchange造句zhen stexchange邮箱ock exchange with harmony and promote development" as the theme of the 7th lion enterprise learning exchange activities, In the shenzhen Stock exchange building 39 floor of the Sino-Ji texample翻译eahouse opened the curtaexchangedin.exchange造句 Thisinto1 activity is provided by Zhongrong Hezhong technical services.


Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tian Waexample翻译ngxinglionel, former President, Li Xuegang, chairman of Lion Enterprise Service Committee, Sheng Baihua, Chairman ofenterprise Lion Friends Care Committee, Sexchange短语u Bing, Chairman ofexchange翻译 Cultural, Sports and Friendship Committee, Jiang Guowei, Chairman of this program, Li Xiaofeng, Executiexample怎么读英语ve Chairman, Nearly 40 people, including Yalearn的过去分词ng Xinyu, general manager of enterprise department of Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange Center, Yu Haiqing, corpolearning翻译rate consultant, Hu Sinto1超话社区anming, assistant chairman of Zhongji Tea Company, staff of Zhongji Tea company and Shi You, attended the activity. The activity was hosted by Li Xuegang.learn的过去式

First of all, zhongji Teahouse will perform tea ceremony to let lion friends know about traditional tea drinking cullearn的过去分词ture.

Chairman Lu Zhenterprise支架igoodluckqiang delivered a warm and inspiring speech. He thanked zhongji for its hospitality and hoped to create more learexchange服务器怎么填ning opportunities anlearning和studying的区别d empower Shiyou enterprises through the visit and study activities organized by shienterprises翻译you Enterprise Service Committee.


Mr. Hu Sanmienterprise怎么读ng, marketing director and chairman assistant of Zhoninto1小跟班gji, madlionse a brief introduction to the company. Henterprise是什么意思英语e weexchangelcomed aintoll lion friends to visit and share tea and development. As a member of the lion entexample复数erprise, Zhongji welcgoodsomes all liogood翻译n friends to gather and exchange at any time.


  It is reportinto1超话社区ed that Mr. Yang Shihua, the founder of Zhongji brand, has the repenterpriseutation of "deep mountain tea person" in the tea industry, and always takes "tiinto是什么意思me-honored brand" as the goal to endow the products with charm and add lustintoer to the industry. Under his efforts, Zhongji Tea has been built into a "honest, modest, refined and professienterprise怎么读onal" listed compaexchange账户密码不正确ny. On January 22, Mr. Yang Shihua was offexchange账户密码不正确icinto1小跟班ially awarded the honorary title of "National Tea Craftsman • Tea Master" by the Domestic Tea Circulation Association.

Ms. Yu Haiqing, corporate consultant of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Equity Exchange Center, shared the questions that everyone cared about, especially analyzed how the multi-level capital marketenterprise是什么意思英语 drives the development of lion enterprises, and answered questions and answered quelearn的用法stions with lion friends from time to time.


Mr. Yang Xinyu, general manager of planning Delearntpartment of Shelion复数nzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange Center, made a thorough introduction of how tolearning make enterprises go public, sublearnedsidies for enterprises after financing, official control andenterprise是什么意思 supervision of financial igoodnightndustry, positioning of equity market and other issues.


At the endenterprise是什么车 of the exchanggoodnighte activity, the lion frieexchange什么意思nds who attended the meeting said that they had beneexchange用法及搭配fited a lotexample读音, which opened up new ideas for the developmelearning词性nt of the enexample翻译terprilearn和study的区别se to further change its concept, explore and innovate, realize the transformation and scale upgrade of the enterprise, and triggered more in-depth thinking.


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The text/He Gang

Photo/Lilearning和studying的区别on Enterprise Services Committee

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